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The Most Indecisive Guy That Ever Lived


Meet Eric. He wants to buy a car; however, he has no idea what kind of car he wants to buy. He has three main criteria: the car must be new (2018), reliable (at least 75 reliability), and fun to drive (based on driving experience on BeamNG rather than Automation’s “sportiness” value because I’m insane enough to do this for every single car). His maximum budget is $35000@50%.

Additional notes:

  • Cars must meet Gasmea safety and emissions standards.
  • A total magnitude of 5 quality points are permitted for both the engine and trim.
  • Images/advertisements of competing cars are to be posted in this thread and .car files are to be DM’d to me using the following naming scheme:
    • Model name: “Indecisive Guy Challenge - [username]”
      • Can use a different naming scheme if you’re recycling your vehicle from an older challenge, but your username has to be in it somewhere
    • Trim name: vehicle’s name
      • If you’re recycling an older vehicle you may want to put “(Indecisive Guy Challenge)” in the trim name
    • Engine/variant name: name of engine and variant

Entries due on 5 August 2018 at 11:59 PM UTC https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20180805T235959&p0=%3A&msg=Indecisive+Guy+Challenge&font=serif


So. What kind of driver is Eric? What’s “fun”?

  • Screaming down the autobahn at terminal velocity
  • Dodging cones and roundabouts while fighting peak hour traffic
  • Lives at the top of a mountain

Any details? What’s the Beam testing process?


He’s not quite sure himself what “fun” might be; it’ll be the job of the entrants to sell him on their idea of “fun” in terms of what their cars are built for. As such the Beam testing process will be different for each car based on its qualities.


Hrm. I wonder… :wink:


Unlike a certain CSR we all know and love, this seems to have too few judging criteria/restrictions. Fuel economy? Practicality?


I think I’ll do a modified version of my CSR 78 entry, I found it pretty fun in Beamng.


Further questions: when you say 5 tech points for both engine and trim, do you mean, in total, or for each?


For each




I need to take back my car cause I read that as “5 points for each category max”


Updated instructions for sending in cars.
(the things you don’t think of at 1 AM…)