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The Presidential Tank [November 2nd]


It’s 1996, Ross Perot has just won the election via landslide and he needs a new Presidential State Car. Cadillac just went under along with the re-contract for the Fleetwood State Car.
The contract is looking for a severely beefed up luxury vehicle, prestigious enough for the President but strong enough to get him to safety in one piece, preferably quickly.

You will designing a heavy luxury vehicle capable of transporting the President and accompanying diplomats in luxury while being safe from attacks. It needs to be comfy, but strong - quick, but reliable. Ensure the vehicle has ample cooling for the engine and brakes, and torque/power to get up to speed.
These base vehicles will be chopped, stretched, and up-armored after production by an Armored vehicle Specialist. Do not worry about making a “limo” right out the gate.


Base Chassis

Trim/Variant Year Max-Min 1996-1990
Body: Any body with 4 doors or more, Truck, SUV, Sedan, etc
Panel Material: Steel/Treated Steel/Corrosion Res. Steel
Chassis Type: Ladder or Light Truck Monocoque
Chassis Material: Steel/Galvanized Steel/Corrosion Res. Steel


Engine (Maximum 38 ET):
Loudness/Quietness: Below 32.5
Must run on Premium
Three Way or High flow Three Way Catalytic Converter Required
Emissions: 775 or lower (engine tab)


Trim (Maximum 30 ET):
Wheels: Minimum of 11.5"/292.1mm of sidewall (Subtract Rim diameter from Wheel width, ex: 30.2" total -17" rims = 13.2")
Comfort: 35 minimum
Safety: 55 minimum
Reliability 60 or higher
Top Speed: Minimum 120mph/193Kmph
Fuel Economy: 5mpg US/ 6.004mpg UK/ 47.0429L/Km / 2.126 KM per Liter
Seats: 4 Seats or more
0-62mph/0-100kph: 10 seconds or less
Load Capacity of 5000lbs/2267.97 or more
$52,500 Base with 0% Markup maximum

No PU Restrictions, there will only be 5 vehicles made, PU time is of no concern.
Anything marked no mass production is allowed.


Main Scored Criteria:
Attention to detail
Post Up-armor Capability
Advert (photos will not be graded but write up will be, be detailed on the vehicle and why it’s best suited, if you have weird designs or something notable, make sure it’s noted, if you didn’t write it, it didn’t exist)


Tie breakers/Minor score:
Fuel Economy

Unrated Factors:
Service Cost

Final date for submissions will be November 2nd. Showing designs to others for feedback and criticism is encouraged.

If any clarification is required, reply to the thread and I will update as required. I have gone through this attempting to make this as clear as possible. I have made 4 vehicles to meet the requirements to hash out any possible “game breakers” and get a decent baseline for scoring. The minimums should be relatively easy to attain. If you send a vehicle that does meet the minimum requirements I will tell you but try to keep the re submissions to a minimum if you can.

Engines created by other members are allowed, but they must be cited as the engine creator in the file and submission details.

Submission format:
Car Model: The Presidential Tank - Username
Car Trim: Make - Model - Trim
Engine Family: Username of Creator
Engine Variant: Engine Family - Variant Name

Reference Photos, not year/country specific

96%20Fleetwood Presidential, Clinton


I’m guessing that normal steel would be fine? It’s not going to be around long enough to rust, after all!

In trim or engine…there’s a huge difference.

Engine - 251, Trim 817!


Corrected! “Emissions: 775 or lower”. Engine Tab.

Yes, should you want to, you can use Corrosion Res., though it would probably serve for no real benefit.


What about treated steel? It is available by 1996, and falls somewhere between normal and corrosion-resistant steel in terms of cost and environmental resistance.


Treated steel requires more than 2x the amount of engineering time once the 15+ quality is put in, instantly instabinning whatever vehicle chooses it. I will add galvanized steel since that is available on the chassis side.

Strike that, removing the quality bumps and readjusting ET’s, adding treated steel.

Appreciate the feedback.


Built to survive the worlds toughest environments in comfort. Patriot bring you the El Salvador - El Presidente, powered by a 4 litre V12 you receive an industry leading smooth engine providing you with a standard setting level of ride comfort.

Be you the one true leader of your country or the peoples leader the El Presidente trim has everything you need. With a hand stitched interior made from the finest leathers with in seat heating you will experience the true definition of luxury. As standard this model comes with a luxury CD player and encrypted high frequency radio.

The El Salvador was chosen as the model the rise to the challenge due to its large bed which is capable of taking a load of 2314kg. The El Presidente trim can be fitted with a full rotation turret in the rear, additional seating for security or a platform to address the people from. If you don’t feel like leaving the vehicle the El Presidente trim have a retractable sun roof at the rear, allowing you to address your devotees from the comfort of your vehicle.

With fully independent suspension all around you can visit every one, no matter where they live or work, town or country.

Need to get away for the weekend? The El Salvador looks perfectly at home at your country cabin, your home away from home.

You don’t need to be worried about getting caught with your mistress when you are in the El Salvador, with a 0-100kph time of 10 seconds, a top speed of 224kph and a 1/4 mile time of 17.23 seconds you will be able to pull away from the media.

Standard Features
  • 4 Piston Vented Disks Front and Rear
  • Hand made interior
  • Luxury CD Player
  • Variable Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Seat Belts
  • Driver and Passenger Air Bags
  • Side Air Bags
  • Hydroneumatic Springs
  • 5 Speed Advanced Automatic Gearbox
  • 4x4 Wheel Drive System
  • 4 Litre V12 Engine
  • Retractable Sun Roof
  • Cooling Flaps
  • 5.76 metres long
  • 4 Full Seats
  • 139 mph top speed
  • 10 seconds 0-100 kph
  • 17.23 seconds 1/4 mile
  • 49.5 metre 100-0 kph braking distance
  • 249 horsepower
Rumored Features

There are also rumors that the El Salvador, El Presidente can fly…

If you would like a copy of the .car PM after the contest is finished :slight_smile:


@Flamers what’s the smoothness on that engine?


just a little tease cause i can




Little teaser


hmmm, a challenge aye?


Just a big V-10 that weighs half a ton. In a car that weighs three. Engineering time’s real low :us: :us: :us:

It’s a crown vic V10 truck


i mean, i just need to fine tune the last bits of mine and then i’ll be putting it on here and you’ll see the monster i built


Mine’s almost done, I wish I could scale up bodies a bit but I’ll do without.


Befitting of a President. The Zenith Crown Project Centurion offers performance, technology and the well-done American design needed to succeed in today’s world. This is a vehicle that emphasizes authority - from its tall stance, to its size, to its design.

Crown Base Sedan

Crown Centurion

While similar to the Crown Sedan used by police forces across the globe as a top-notch squad car on the outside, the Centurion Project offers unmatched technological prowess inside. [REDACTED].

Under the hood of the Centurion lies a bespoke [REDACTED] liter V-10 engine made out of solid cast iron, and equipped with heavy duty internals allowing it to generate upwards of [REDACTED] foot pounds of torque on regular, 95 octane gasoline. [REDACTED]. This engine grants the Centurion and its truck frame a top speed of [REDACTED], pushed to the wheels through a [REDACTED].



The engine, frame, body and most of the interior cost only [REDACTED]. The technology and armor featured on the presidential versions bring the cost of a unit to $1,000,000.

The V-10 [REDACTED]. The frame is [REDACTED] the weight of a base Centurion.

The graciously sized V-10 provides ample power for any occasion, with a [REDACTED] second 0-60 time and [REDACTED] top speed. The vehicle handles its weight remarkably, with a [REDACTED] rating on the skid pad even on run-flat tires.

The vehicle is not fuel efficient, but paired with its [REDACTED] gallon fuel tank, it gets the job done well. Steel adorns the body and chassis pre-upfit, a cheap and effective solution.

The Centurion is undergoing final testing and will be submitted to the Secret Service for evaluation shortly.


The Presidential Tank - Droya - Cerberus - Presidentiale - .car (27.5 KB)

The Cerberus Presidentiale, a massive rolling thunder of power and strength designed to send those commies, Vietcongs, and terrorists back where they came from!
This behemoth is the purest sign of brawny force packing over 600 horse power from a bullet proof 6 liter V16. This monster powers this rocket of a vehicle from 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds and gets up to a velocity of over 200 miles per hour ensuring that the president will be safe from any fast attacks from enemies. This engine also has a remarkable smoothness at low rpm beating out even the previous industry leader.
This smoothness also allows for a very comfortable ride atop it’s bump absorbing hydro pneumatic suspension allowing for an even smoother ride while still having the capacity to carry more than 5000 lbs of armor. The interior is of an extremely high quality coming with hundreds of pounds of sound deadening materials to provide a quiet ride to any supporter rally. The car also comes with highly advanced safety mechanisms, such as a heavy duty roll cage, bullet proof windows up to 50. BMG, and fire extinguishing devices on both the engine and fuel tanks to assure the safety of our leader.
And yes, you did hear that right, fuel tanks, two of them, each with it’s own pump and system operating independently of the other. Each can be ejected in the case of a catastrophic failure while the other takes the load. On the front of the vehicle are two protruding poles, these are built in flag holders for the colors of the country to hang on. Along the top of the vehicle there are two windows made to be used by two members of the secret service. They are designed to act as pop out holes for the presidents gunmen so that they can shoot the attackers or escape the vehicle in the case of a roll over.
In the end, this vehicle is by far and away, the safest and best ride for our president.
All of this beast can be yours for under 52,000$.


Big reminder there is only 6 days till the Presidential Tank closes (November first, midnight at GMT-5)!

Get em in if you have forgotten.


Albatross Motors presents the Albatross Mammoth, the vehicle of choice for any world leader. This symbol of American excess features a 6 liter V12, producing 318 horsepower and 364 lb-ft of torque. Coupled to a 5 speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission, this nearly 3 ton beast will go from 0-62 in 8.7 seconds, and reach a top speed of 143 miles per hour. Fuel economy is rated at 16 MPG highway (13 MPG combined). The interior features Albatross’s signature hand-stitched leather, a top-of-the-line CD stereo system with in-dash television, a rear drink cooling compartment, real wood trim, driver and passenger airbags, traction control, anti-lock brakes, and everything else you would expect from an Albatross Motors Vehicle. Prices start at $44,012, with armor plating being available as an optional extra. Please see your local Albatross dealer to learn more.


For your eyes only

1996 SBA - Sarissa Amare, from Special Vehicle Division, South Bangkok Autoworks
Only preserved for official state car and royal vehicle.

Sarissa Amare, when protection is the utmost priority.
Specialy develop only for one purpose, protection at all cost without losing comfort and performance, while capable of topspeed over 290 km/h, as we believe that speed can also be the protection tool.
Despite of having long wheel base sedan body design, the main chassis is light truck monocoque for better load capacity while still having multilink suspension for great drivability and comfort mated with hydropneumatic suspension like famous Cdx. series. (also using special “Hydro-Electric 2.0” suspension)
Performance wise is still having the agility like premium luxury cars, pushing power from special V12 engine from 0-100 km/h within 7.86 seconds while having great fuel consumption of 5 km/liter.
The interior is packed with full handmade leather upholsteries and luxury CD, with all safety and emergency features*, such as supplement oxygen system, tire pressuring system, emergency window release (using small explosive charges for blowing windshield seams), automatic pressurized system, special puncture resistant and run flat tires. (capable to driving 80km/h)

Only contact to SBA headquarter in Thailand.

  • Option security package from SBA


I decided to turbo the engine and now ET is too high. Nice.