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The RM Challenge - Finished


00s and 10s bodies are required. but Late 90s bodies will be allowed


will version 4.0 of the game work?


Must be Open Beta (also knownas the Public Testing Branch) as I have trouble using anything else.


Some 4.21 mods that are ported over to 4.24 can be used, as long as they aren’t technically different.
Good examples include CB’s original L5’s MDHL and patchwork.


I have open Beta & no mods. Thanks for answering my questions


Blaire Rosalie by Propeller

The car marketing says you want


All I gotta say so far is. Odd.


2020 Blaire Rosalie-Morris Prototype by LaVelle Studios

yes I forgot the mirrors - the rear will say Blaire instead of Rosalie for the final


Lavelle Studios - Avant Garde Designs

Deadline Updated

The deadline has been pushed to June 25th for those who aren’t quite done with their entries (assuming more people are participating in this challenge. Take your time and have fun!



I’m going to have a crack at this one, not sure if I understand the conditions completely but I get the design spec


Rule number 5… what does TRMC mean?


The RM Challenge


oh yeah! d’oh


2020 Roselie-Morris by Gullray

5.5l V12 Twin Turbo (de-tuned)
0-60 4.5

Anthracite with rose gold accents, red leather interior and roof


24 Hours Left!

24 hours left to post your entries!


What happens now?..



Submissions Closed!

will come up with results as fast as I can. Cause I got some personal stuff going on.


Results will come in on July 3rd as my mouse oofed. In the mean time if you have not sent me the file for your entry. Now would be a good time to do so.



Sorry it took too long. Two users will be left out as I did not get the car file. Starting with the two binned users:

Blaire Automotice Concept by KGB - By @Kyuu77


Joshua walks into the room with the KGB Presenter and stops dead in his tracks
He stares at the disproportioned coffin on wheels
KGB Presenter: “Everything okay Mr. Campbell?”
Joshua: “This…is and odd car.”
KGB Presenter: “Ah, well we spent a long time on this vehicle as you can see by the spe-”
Joshua cuts the Presenter off: “I wanted design…I don’t know what this is? This grill is WAY too big and are those tears drooping from the headlights? And where is the signature side vent and why does the back of the car have another gigantic grille? What really bothers me are the european license plates. I’m sorry but this will be a pass.”
Joshua walks out the room

Binned For: Strange Design although I’d like it to stand out. It stands out way too much and the design does not match nearly as much with the lineup and the strange proportions of everything being way too big for the body does not pass, & Didn’t get the File so I went off what the ad said.

2020 Roselie-Morris by Gullray - By @Austin


The Gullray Presenter stands there stunned and worries what harsh things Joshua will say after he ratted out the KGB Presenter
Joshua walks over and doesn’t even bat an eye at the car before looking at the Gullray Presenter
Gullray Presenter: “H-Hello Mr-”
Joshua cuts them off: “Man I thought the KGB was bad. What the hell is this? I could excuse the red velvet roof as that looks very nice with the black paint, but why is there rose gold rims and a rose gold hood? That ruins the design by a staggering amount! Now while the specs are quite nice. It’s just a little too sporty for what we’re going for here, and the design looks straight out of 2013 with that corvette body. Pass”

Binned For: Just that design why, & Didn’t get the file so I went off the ad (though thank you for putting the specs sheet in the ad)

Blaire Rosalie by Propeller - By @Mikonp7

Joshua walks away from the Roselie-Morris and sighs when he sees this
Propeller Presenter: “Lay it into me.”
Joshua: “Why is there a fucking crossover in here? And why does it have another massive ass grill? I mean considering the car does have a lot of space a bigger grill is appropriate but god damn it’s so big compared to the teeny tiny little headlights and taillights. Although the side is quite nice with the side vent being present and the top chrome strip leading to the rear taillight, but it doesn’t look good on a crossover convertible!”
Joshua walks out

Binned For: Seriously a crossover convertible?


2020 (No name given so i’m making one up) Rosalie-Morris Concept - By @Fletchyboy100

Joshua walks into the room surprised by how massive this boat is
He looks at the presenter who’s on their phone not noticing he walked in
Joshua coughs and the Presenter fondles their phone before putting it away
Presenter: “Ah uh, hello Mr. Campbell and sorry for that I didn’t hear you come in. I present the 2020 Rosalie-Morris Concept by (insert design studio).”
Joshua: “Yes this looks quite nice. At least…after seeing the last three. Although I’m not a fan of the square headlights and slightly outdated taillights, but I do say it fits quite a bit, and the grill somewhat fits the current crosshair grill that changed midway through the challenge, and the specs aren’t too terrible. It’s a lot more comfortable in speed and the mixture between the classic American styling of Blaire and the european nature of the overseas Blaire’s very much fits. My one complaint is that there is no side ve-”
He stops and spots the side vent
Joshua: “Why…is it so low?”
Presenter: “Styling choices I’d presume”
Joshua shrugs: “Well it seems to fit and will move on”

Passes: Not bad for how fast it came (lenny face) & the styling and engineering seems to fit nice in with the Blaire lineup while keeping some “elegance” for the name.

2020 Blaire Rosalie-Morris Prototype By LaVelle Studios - By @titleguy1

Joshua walks in and stops dead in his tracks. His eyes lay onto the Rosalie-Morris Prototype and he can’t help but to admire the car
LaVelle Presenter: “Good Afternoon Mr. Campbell. May I show you the car? Or have you already seen enough?” She said with a snarky tone while looking at the other presenters
Joshua looks at the Gullray Presenter: “This is how you use rose gold. The lines flow so beautifully and even without the crosshair grill it fits so nicely within the Blaire Lineup, and the way he chrome from the side vents flow throughout the body looks amazing! And the T-Taillights are very well done, and looking at the specs sheets the Rosalie-Morris is cruising at a comfortable speed with this nice engine.”
Joshua walks out before he can die of the beauty

Passes: think it’s obvious why

Final Results

1 - @titleguy1
2 - @Fletchyboy100

Sorry it took way too long to do this challenge. I will admit I did forget many times and I had personal stuff. Thank you all for participating even the ones I was harsh with and hope you all have a good rest of the year!


The name of mine should’ve been in the file :grimacing: well done to titleguy!