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The Search for a Sportscar - The Agile and the Angry


Important stats:
Top speed: 246 km/h
0-100 km/h: 5,59s
1/4 mile: 13,39s
-Modified T64 4T-P
-Horsepower: should be 376hp (forgot to write that down)
-redline: 8300 RPM
Entertainment: Luxury CD
Seats: 2
Gearbox: 6 speed manual

Note: The red around the headlights is glitched/a graphical bug


Nice catch on the subject of the competition! I didn’t had to “Tuning” a car since NFSU2! Here’s Annis’ AnA version of the Elegy. Log of changes:

Engine specs:
Stroked to 3 liters
Forged internals
Head reworked to have sportier cams and VVT
Custom turbo and exhaust system
Tuned engine module
433hp @7000 rpm, 157 hp and 500 rpm above stock
479 Nm @5200 rpm, 203 Nm and 900 rmp above stock

Car specs:
Custom Widebody, bumpers, skirts and wings
Moonroof installed
18" Racing wheels, custom offset, 225/35 tyres F/R
Custom brake system, racing calipers, vented discs
Custom undertray adapted from the racing version
Custom interior and stereo system
Custom mixed Morningstar Yellow paint
Custom coil-overs, suspension arms and sway bars
Top Speed 257 km/h
Price: 25,804 $. Yeah, we’ll have to bargain a little


Damn being away from my PC, I know exactly what I’m doing but I can’t do it yet :confused:

You will like, guaranteed


Concept Art

s-61 2-door, 5-seat Sport Sedan
Power Plant: 336 c.i. Fire-Storm V8. 227 h.p. @ 5200 rpm
Transmission: Boi-Boi 2-speed automatic, peak torque 262 lb-ft @ 2900 rpm
Brakes: 4-wheel solid disc brakes. 60 - 0 mph 140 feet
Top Speed: 120 mph, 0 - 60 mph 10.1 seconds. 1/4 mile in 17.94 seconds

s-61 / JESTER 2-door, 4-seat Retro Coupe
Power Plant: 336 c.i. Fire Storm III V8. 374 h.p. @ 5800 rpm
Transmisssion: RWD - 6 speed Manual Gearbox, peak torque 370 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm
Brakes: 4-wheel vented disc brakes. 60 - 0 mph 117 feet
Top Speed: 153 mph, 0 - 60 6.18 seconds. 1/4 mile 14.35 seconds
Disclaimer: Top Speed rating obtained on close circuit track with professional driver. Individual results may vary.

Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway.


Ehm… I started modifying my car, got the car up to spec, started modifying the engine, wasnt sure would it be good enough, tried swap engine, equal results so the original was good enough. Realized I didnt save the orginal.

In other words,
Could you send my car to me, so I can grab the engine back.


Movie spec FAAL Tetra Evo 4 Coupe Turbo - Built by Derrickson

Yeah, let’s pretend that it’s actually just a regular FAAL Coupe, since it would be absolutely disastrous to have ruined an actual Evo 4. Which they did. But the public isn’t supposed to know.

Either way, list of aesthetic:

  • Full Derrickson widebody kit made to resemble the one on the Tetra Tour De Corse
  • Lurette Headlights
  • OutPro Taillights
  • OutPro crystal blinkers and blinker repeaters
  • Micatechnic air scoops, replacing OEM foglights
  • Micatechnic plain grille
  • BBW BJ wheels, 17x9" (not to be mixed up with their famous BBW BS), dressed in 235/35R17 Yomama A069 sport tyres. In other words, the car sits on four big “ur mom” jokes.
  • Custom fiberglass hood
  • Custom fiberglass roof scoop
  • Both the spoiler and the mirrors were bought on uPay.com from an unknown manufacturer
  • Two Sborko bucket seats in the front. The back is cleared to make room for as many shots of POS the movie needs it to have.
  • A complete Schwartzpunkt 1800w sound system, both in the cockpit and in the trunk
  • Custom paintjob with everything body coloured and decals

And engine wise, it gets the full Derrickson Stage 4 treatment including:

  • Bigger cams and tougher valvetrain, In House products
  • Lighter forged pistons with a higher compression ratio, In House products
  • BirdWarmer turbo and wastegate on a custom welded exhaust manifold that is sure to make your floor pan come off
  • DABB intercooler, mounted externally for better airflow
  • Custom welded stainless exhaust, unique parts.
  • A custom remap

The car has been dyno’d at 348awhp/428awtq, which means 400hp and 492nm of torque at the flywheel.

I don’t know why but I feel the need to tell you that yes, it does have brake calipers.


You can download it yourself from the PM you sent.


Feeling dumb now


Didn’t actually post my part 1 car, so I’ll just combine the posts

The 1992 Ars Astaroth FX-T

A sports car developed in the late 80s for the 90s, the Astaroth FX-T was the highest trim level at the time of 1992. Its 2.6l Flat-6 and AWD system was meant for a larger vehicle in their line up originally, but it was stuffed into the relatively small chassis of the Astaroth, giving it both a relatively light weight of 1275kg with both 280hp and AWD.

Modified for A&A

Originally commissioned by 5oundBass to showcase their soundsystems at various shows, this car was also determined to be a perfect fit for the upcoming The Agile and the Angry film. While it mostly had aesthetic modifications, it does in fact have some decent performance to back up its appearance.

bxb Astaroth type A bodykit
bxb Astaroth type d hood
bxb Cabron Wing
bxb roof scoop
Id3 design headlamps
Id3 design taillamps
*Id3 design neon kit (skyblue, sides only)
FFS Endurance 18” rims (245/30R18 Front 265/28R18 Rear)
5oundBass Sound system
Custom OceanRice gloss pearl paint + graphic design
Custom Interior, matches exterior color scheme (also sky blue neon lit)

Larger turbos by Turbo
Bigger cams
Lightweight forged pistons
Stainless steel exhausts, no cat
6-speed manual from a ‘99 Astaroth
Remapped ecu, higher rev limit, altered power distribution
Suspension tuning

The numbers:
Power: 421 bhp
Torque: 288 lb-ft
0-60: 4.1s
¼ mile:12.43s
Top speed: 149 mph
Weight: 1355kg
Total price: $24969




(complete with screamer pipes!)

Power: 262kW (351HP)
Torque: 433Nm (319lbf.ft)
0-100: 4.00s
¼ mile:12.43s
Top speed: 219km/h (136mi/h)
Weight: 1373kg (3027lbs)
Total price: $24848

Tuned for grip-style racing, this modified Epoch M50 Turbo demonstrates both the advantages and disadvantages of a mid-engined convertible sports car. The ageing 1.7L v6 has been removed and replaced with a fresh 2.7L twin-turbo v6 from a more contempory Epoch, and has been tuned to deliver usable power for the street, rather than chasing outright peak dyno numbers. A complete revamp of the suspension and gearbox gives this vehicle a new lease of life, and helps it to compete against modern sports cars and even supercars. Due to the rearwards weight bias of a mid-engined design, and the massive increase in torque compared to the stock vehicle, a noticeable staggered wheel and tyre set-up has been installed. This helps to alleviate some of the risk of snap-oversteer, however only a truly skilled MR driver will be able to reach this car’s maximum potential!


BAM Bavaria 628 JC

Damn, that hurt to rice this beautiful classic BAM :smiley:

Main modifications:

  • aero package
  • turbo on original engine (now > 400 hp)
  • new tires and rims
  • new gear ratios (but still 4 gears)
  • complete interior and sound system revamp




Neko SX-2 TAatA

What happens when you take a japanese sportscar and give it some of that RUM DA DA DAAAA




That color scheme is one year too early :stuck_out_tongue:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1ot1L5nCoc :thinking:



In preparation for the newly announced “The Agile and The Angry”, Brooklands continue to work on the engine that sent them to a BTCC Championship. Rumors are that the engine is pushing over 100 more horsepower than it did in race spec thanks to new forced induction system, based on the 1992 Viva WRC Turbo.

Bramhall have handed out sneak peeks of the car on their website, along with the tagline;

“The final ride for the Final Edition”


Street performance Experts got their hands on Juggernaut Roadking sport 2.8 sometime during late 90’s

They realized that the car can be modified in to serious performance machine by modern standards even thuogh the car was mostly forgotten during past 40 years

Wile the wheelwells were large enough for some serious tires to begin with, slightly widening them they could fit some seriously wide tires in there, and putting modern tires with big wheels they could fit quite massive brakes in there as well. Also with simple coilover kit the car started handling decently well.

The still sub par handling was due the cars quite heavy front end, and while the engine had great tuning potential by any standard, where doubling the power figure was relatively easy due to the very downtuned nature of the original engine. it was still a cast iron i6 and therefore relatively heavy.

The car sat as it was up to 2001 when Juggernaut suddenly released a nw rear driven sports car. and the engine was soon found to be quite decent powerhouse.
They bought a 2.2l turbo engine, new and set to work seeing what it can take and after adding turbo and reinfocing the internal parts they had high revving 350hp plant, and while putting it trough som testing the engine was found to be still very reliable, even thuogh it’s more than doubled power output.
And more importantly it was lighter than the engine in the old Roadking.

With new engine mounts, new driveshaft and transmission from 80’s Juggernaut light pickup truck the only problem was the original open differential, as one tire fires hampered the perfomance completely, but the problem was solved by using later model Roadking differential which had geared LSD.

With some interior work they modified the car to be 2+2 seater, and reasnably comfortable grand tourer, alshough higer speed driving got the car still slightly floaty at times. After adding some wings it ended up being rather nice grand tourer, althuogh very cheap one at that.

How ever after couple laps on the track noticed that they needed to add some ducts to improve brake ventilation, as brake fade started to be an issue.

After that they gave the car a proper paint, and it came out rather good looking.

One day as the car was sitting in front of SPE garage, a man niticed it and asked if the car could make appearance in a movie called “Agile and Angry” it might even have a chance to be the main characters car. or “hero car” as he said it.

While the car had some quirks of it’s own the team from SPE agreed to lend the car, and if needed they could easily make a replica from it if they needed a car to destroy.


2001 Bogliq Coyote 230AE (Internal code 230R)

Known as the 230R in “The Agile and the Angry”, the official designation was 230AE once the bodykit was released for Coyote owners to purchase in RL

When approached by a movie studio for submissions for their upcoming movie, Bogliq Marketing & Sales were unsure of what to supply. Hedging their bets, they chose a mid spec Coyote figuring it should cover all the movies requirements without costing too much coin…

So there was much consternation when it was revealed that the movie studio wanted the car supplied to be extensively modified, both visually and performance wise, to fit their street racer theme! The 230 Xtra Street supplied wasn’t going to cut the mustard stock and the engine was rather small to be screwing large performance numbers from.

Rear design is meant to emphasise the width of the Coyote on its 255mm rear tyres…

But long standing tuner, Leeroy Custom Solutions, simply said “Hold my beer” and got to work.

The result was the 230R, a 266Kw 2.3L I5 that was RWD, did the quarter under 14 sec, had a massive sound system installed and complied with all the requests made from the movie studio.

The performance parts and visual package would be sold under the Action Express program separately once the full popularity of the movie car was realised by Bogliq HQ!

Buy better, buy Bogliq


*Yes, I know the man’s name. But Van Gasoline sounds so much more American, and I value cultural accuracy in my parodies, darn it! However, I shall stick to the lore as the lore commands.

Meet and greet the 2001 Hugi Rioter Mk2 Lion A&F. After holding a contest to find unfinished restoration projects all over America, Hugi Motors chose a green model living in California. The goal? To serve as a potential candidate for the world-famous Agile & Furious movie franchise.

When Hugi Motors got wind of the casting search, they felt the Rioter was the right ride for a very specific customer; Mr. Tim Petrol. The no nonsense-taking, radical actor was the main inspiration to the modifications done to this particular Rioter, where the objective was to create the perfect anti-hero car in a movie about the tuning culture.

And what better way to do so than with a black muscle car with bigger tires and (an even) bigger engine? The Lion A&F has had most of its body chrome painted metallic black (Hugi’s Brutal Black color), save for the front grille’s outer line, the side trim and the rear fascia. The indicators and tailights were darkened, while the headlights were replaced with retractable units that can be flipped by the flick of a switch. Hugi sourced custom rims to complete the look, and threw in a fake rear spoiler as a comedy bit. Engineers presumably said “it’s the Rice Stick, because it sticks it to ricers”…

Of course, a muscle car is defined by the amount of muscle it has. And the Rioter’s V8, the very same 429c.i. unit that powered the car from factory, has been “massaged” to produce nearly 500 horsepower! This was done by adding a second 4-barrel carburettor to the existing setup, and adjusting the engine tune to run on 98RON fuel.

Much like Petrol himself, this Rioter is loud, stiff and extreme. Apart from the stripes and rear spoiler, everything else is a Lion through and through. You won’t want to trigger nitrous too soon against the claws of this beast!
And since Mr. Petrol striked us as a man of few words because he can’t grasp English too well, we at Hugi Motors will leave you with some numbers to crunch. Crunch your teeth in anger, that is…


Damn. Those hamburger spec ATS cups look so good on this.

Though, you’re like three and a half horsepower away from having 5 extra points so why? xD