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The Search for a Sportscar - The Agile and the Angry


I’ve checked this thread a couple of times every week, but I don’t see anything about what part II entails. There’s nothing new in the first post.

If the below are what part II all about, then I’ve tried to get them right the first go. Now there’s little time to fix much of anything.

Maximum price = $25,000 @0%
Maximum trim Production Units = 120
Maximum trim Engineering Time = 40
Maximum engine Production Units = 80
Maximum engine Engineering Time = 55

EDIT: NVM it was a new post in the thread and I missed it all this time. I’ll see what I can do.


A little late, but…

Entries are closed!

I currently don’t have power due to a series of tornadoes in the area, and will likely be out for at least a couple of days, so this is on hold for the moment. When I am able to I will release some statistics and get started on the reviews of the cars.



Most powerful: 620 hp
Least powerful: 204 hp

Fasted 1/4 mile: 11.59s
Slowest 1/4 mile: 15.19s

Most expensive: $25,804
Least expensive: $11,878

I’ll get started picking away on reviews Soon™ and gradually post them from lowest score to highest, to get to the point of deciding on the star cars.


That’s pretty damn fast on an empty stomach


Spoil: And it’s not the most powerful car who is the fastest at the 1/4 mile…


It’s pretty close though :wink:


Yeah? But none of you got a time of N/A so I’m pretty sure that means I win!


Reviews Part 1 – The Losers

The first reviews will be for the disqualified cars in no particular order.

@th3maldonado – Bramhall VS-Ti Final Edition

Theoretical score: 199 (38 style points)

Questionable rear end design but overall in the spirit of The Agile and the Angry in terms of style. Ultimately not drivable enough for the actors and too expensive to fit stunt cars in the budget. Relegated to background vehicle duty.

Director’s note: Front and profile shots only, that rear end is ugly.

@masterdoggo – Banthaar Margay V8

Theoretical score: 227 (40 style points)

Has that badass look that would be great for Jake Kim’s character, but unfortunately it’s slightly too low in drivability and wasn’t insurable for actors driving. It also just has a basic cassette stereo system, seems the budget ran out before the audio upgrades.

Director’s note: Good background car to focus on, maybe even have driving around, but avoid interior shots. Can’t showcase a cassette deck.

@marcus_gt500 – Annis Elegy GT

Theoretical score: 235 (50 style points)

Now this is a great looking car! It has all the looks and performance of a star car, but it’s nearly $1000 over the studio’s absolute budget for the cars. Unfortunately this means we can’t get stunt cars. Shame to lose out on this one, but rules are rules.

Director’s note: Love it! Use it as much as possible except for any racing. We can’t afford to damage this one in any way.

@machalel – Epoch M50 Turbo

Theoretical score: 193 (30 style points)

Another one that doesn’t make the cut for the actors to drive. Nothing we can do about what the insurance guys say. It’s also lacking the manual transmissions we requested for cinematic purposes. As far as style goes, it’s still got the extensive original decals on it. It just doesn’t have that star potential.

Director’s note: Somewhat lacklustre exterior but solid interior with soft top. Perfect for an interior shot with some babes.

@boostandethanol – Keika Kaiken 2000

Theoretical score: 129 (25 style points)

Certainly a lot to say about this one. While some of the design is fitting for The Agile and the Angry, other aspects make it look like a remote controlled toy car. It’s too slow, has what looks like drag buckets that our stunt driver called “abysmally uncomfortable,” and even has a sequential transmission instead of the manual we requested. The real kicker is that in attempting a 1/4 mile, the car nearly sent itself into a wall under that hard acceleration. Luckily our driver had the skills to avoid a crash, but we’re not going to take that risk again.

Director’s note: Get someone to cut that thing off the back and throw it in a crowd of cars somewhere. And keep it at low speeds between scenes.

@jova1982 – Juggernaut Roadking Sport 2.8

Theoretical score: N/A (40 style points)

Plenty of issues with this one. It wasn’t to requested specs and got returned, then we got it back and it still wasn’t to spec. Looks good at least, but we had no way to accurately compare it to the original car and therefore were not able to test it. To background duty it goes.

Director’s note: It’s got the looks to get a few seconds of screen time with other classics.

@loflyh – Retro Age Motors s-61

Theoretical score: 129 (36 style points)

Another classic that’s quite a looker but lacking in performance. This thing’s weighed down with some modern safety features, airbags included. This is one of the things weighing it down, as it’s just too slow, even with the biggest NOS system we have on hand. An oddity worth noting is that the engine in it is a newly manufactured unit with the same name as the original, and it runs on lower grade fuel that requested. Maybe tuned properly it could have been agile and angry enough.

Director’s note: Another one to throw in with the classics, but not much left of the original design for brand recognition.

@marian87 – Odonda Bueno

Theoretical score: 100 (30 style points)

A great looking base for a tuner car, but not much done to make it unique. This is another one that’s too slow, both in the 1/4 mile and top speed. Really not much to say about it other than it could have had potential but fell flat in the end. Another one relegated to background car duty.

Director’s note: With that ride height we can probably have it jumping a curb somewhere.

@b1ill4har8din1 – Freedom Venus

Theoretical score: 176 (10 style points)

Now this one’s an eyesore. Seems someone crashed it along the way and tried to make some roadside repairs with some scrap parts. It’s also been fitted with relatively modern safety equipment for some reason, probably after the crash since the airbag didn’t deploy. Definitely not what we’re looking for.

Director’s note: Throw it in the back of one of the garages to pose as a scrap car.


Sadly I’ve lost :c
I hope we’ll see a Margay somewhere in the background of the movie anyway haha


ouch, lol. was fun tho




Then why not turn it into a scrap car by blowing it up with gunfire? That would be cool… and brutal!


Holy crap! Not instabinned…something has disturbed the Force!


Did I really send twice the “wrong” car, I know I did it once, but two times?

Sigh Oh well, That’s just me being me.


That’s a lot of binned cars.

Quickly browses finalists’ posts


This must be an interpretation thing. I thought a sequential is a manual. I know not a H pattern but it’s not an automatic… didn’t realise that it still wasn’t allowed - I assumed you would still get you shifting for the camera etc…?


But you can’t get the intense stick-shifting action as seen in The Fast and The Furious series with SMT…


Sequential is normally not considered the same as a manual


No way I was DQ’d! Can’t believe I got that simple stuff wrong… I thought the rear looked cool with the Altezza lights :confused: I need to check see how much I butchered the ruleset. Still annoyed with myself tho…
Hopefully I can get this WST post finished soon too, it’s just taking forever -_- Good luck to the finalists, there are some good looking cars in here!

EDIT : Driveability killed me damn it! I swear I had it right but never mind… I guess everyone has to have their first bin at some point :confused: Price was right though, 2.5k under budget.


The latest update has lowered the prices and dropped all the overpriced ones below the budget limit, which is why I haven’t listed the prices with the cars.
I did get the scoring done well before the update so none of that is affected, but I am not mentioning other stats because of possible changes from the update.
For the manual transmission thing, I figured there was no interpretation of that. The Fast & Furious shifting cinematic thing I was going for specifically requires a traditional manual transmission.

I’m chipping away at the next reviews, which I will post when I have all the non-star cars who also did not break the rules.