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The Shitbox Derby Run (Round 1 - 1960s) - Concluded


“On back way or highway, the best for any trip.”

The driveability and safety scores are a bit low, but it’s 60’s America - does anyone care?


Looks like the radiator hose did not survive being chased by a truck.


Been busy the last few days, I should start working on the results tonight or tomorrow.


Shitbox Derby Run - Round 1: 1960s

Official Score Board

The first challenge, the Australian Quarter, has been successfully completed. The good news is that all cars did make it to the end, although the Publica nearly lost control at launch. The Astrona 3000GL is on top for the first stage, showing strong straight line performance and acceleration. Following closely in second and third are the Ardent Sentinel and Boyd Lancet Countryman, respectively. In 4th place is the SP120 Oliver; and last place goes to the KRAB 204.

For the Long Industrial Course, low power and front wheel drive dominated the field. The Renoir 1400 was by far the fastest on the field. Big V8’s and RWD cars suffered greatly, as evidenced by Lancet’s Countryman receiving an atrociously slow time nearly 10 seconds behind the Sentinel. The tight turns and a majority of the course being sand makes driving powerful vehicles difficult. It must be noted that, despite it’s less than stellar time, the KRAB 204 was one of the more fun cars to drive; being RWD it failed to keep up with it’s FWD classmates, but it’s low power made it easy to slide and drift through corners. And the Publica was just kinda there, it’s handling was touchy but it was able to perform reasonably; but was still extremely slow.

On the streets of East Coast USA, the Street Course has some tight and slow corners where lighter and lower power cars dominated; however there are a few small straightaways mixed in to give the faster and boatier cars a fighting chance. Sadly, the Publica and it’s low power and garbage handling (not to mention the unstable braking) came in dead last; somehow the Publica’s only dead loss so far. The KRAB 204 was once again one of the more fun to drive cars, and the asphalt course gave it a better chance; but it’s lack of power prevented it from becoming an underdog. The Astrona once again had a strong showing, bagging a second place this round. The Oliver was quite good as well, despite its lack of power. The Valencia was a strong contender, with a good balance of power and handling that enabled it to score first place with a gap of nearly 2 seconds.

The Derby Run Classic is a short, but difficult test that puts a car’s handling, suspension, and powertrain under extreme stress. Front wheel drive and all wheel drive cars perform best here, but it is not impossible to get a quick time in a well balanced rear wheel drive car. The SP120 Oliver reigned supreme here on the Derby Run, exceeding second place’s time by over 3 seconds. The Valencia wagon received second place, which in combination with it’s win in the last round, puts the Valencia into an underdog status tied with the now struggling Astrona 3000GL. Following two dead losses in a row, the Publica is now locked into las place and is struggling to even keep up with the KRAB 204.

The Asphalt stage on the East Coast was an interesting run. It favors high speed over handling, as evidenced by the Astrona’s domineering of 1st place. The Sentinel and Oliver were “close” behind, followed by the Valencia wagon. Unsurprisingly, the Publica was dead last with the slowest time overall.

On the mountain slopes of the US west coast brought a major shift in points. The course favors handling over power, but acceleration is handy. The SP120 Oliver dominated the leaderboard with an astonishingly quick time, while the Valencia wagon and Renoir 1400 came behind. Of course, the Publica was last once again. The KRAB 204 and the Alabastro LX were fun to drive, but they lacked the power and acceleration necessary to really do well on this course.

Last, but certainly not least, is the H-FET. This test stresses a vehicle’s economy at a speed of 70 miles per hour. This test shows that a vehicle can run efficiently at high speed. Some of the lighter weight cars lacked the power necessary to cruise at this speed, which shows in their lackluster scores. However, 70mph is higher than what most people will cruise at, so the miles per gallon rating will be weighted slightly to account for this. The Oliver was phenomenal at this challenge, and scored an impressive 24 mpg unweighted. The Countryman did the worst overall, thanks to it’s large V8 engine. However, the Publica could not even achieve a speed of 70mph. The Valencia, Renoir 1400, and Sentinel all tied for second place in an interesting twist of fate in the unweighted portion; while the Astrona somehow managed a third place unweighted.

Final Standings

Color Code:
-Green = First place
-Yellow = Second and Third place
-Orange = Fourth Place
-Red = Last Place

-1st Place- @GetWrekt01 's SP120 Oliver
-2nd place- @GassTiresandOil 's Valencia Wagon
-3rd place- @CMT 's Astrona 3000GL
-4th place- @CMT 's Renoir 1400 Sport
-5th place- @VicVictory 's Ardent Sentinel L

Thank you for participating, and congrats to the winners!

I think this competition went pretty well; I would have liked to have more contestants, but at the same time, I think this was a pretty good showing. There was a lot of variety and all the entries were well done. There will be a 70s round, but I may be hosting a different competition before that round begins; if not, there will be a short hiatus before Shitbox Derby Run makes it’s return. If you have any suggestions for challenges, or adjustments to the rules, please let me know.


I modified the scoring system for the economy test. There is now two values which each provide points. The first value is the raw tested value from BeamNG, the second value is the average economy. The average is calculated by this method:
-engine capacity (in liters) / engine cylinder count = weight factor
-weighted value = tested value * weight factor
-average economy = tested value + weighted value / 2

As a quick refresher, the tested value = distance traveled / fixed amount of fuel (2L or 0.53G).
(the distance traveled is measured with BeamNG’s Trip Computer UI app)

As for the crash test, I decided in preliminary testing that scoring is hard to do fairly and that consecutive crashes yielded varying results. The test was dropped as scoring was not consistent and measuring damage is unrealistic based on how different Automation cars are from vanilla BeamNG cars.


It might just be a writing mistake, but isn’t the KRAB 204 the slowest? I know my car’s definitely not a straight line performer, but It just barely managed to score higher than the KRAB.


Yea, I didn’t know how to sort the table by the points column; it’s sorted now!


HA! Finally, a case where the very MURRICAN (yet still very anemic) engine helps!


I get the feeling my not-a-yugo is going to dominate the bottom rung for most of this… Pretty happy with the 18s from the station wagon though. Hoping to score better in the economy and crash tests.


Does not really surprise me, as the Astrona is propably the most expensive and strongest (150 hp which was quite a lot for a 1965 upper mid-size) car here. I am astonished that the shitty and underpowered Publica with crappy handling is not the last.


Rounds 2 and 3 have been completed and the scoreboard has been updated.
Round 1 (1960s) Official Scoreboard


The scoreboard has been updated once again. We’re down to the wire, with only the fuel economy test remaining!

Official Shitbox Derby Run Scoreboard


5th so far. For a budget American rustbucket, I’ll take it!


Well… With the Publica I took your title “shitbox” by word. It is not always last which surprises me. The Renoir as agile and affordable car could win the economy test, but I think I can not pass the Oliver with the Astrona. The 3000 GL is quite thrifty for its power and comfort, but overall the Oliver as a newer model year with a smaller engine and lower trim is expected to need noticeably less than the Astrona.

Edit: Wasn’t there also a crash test on the list? I am really curious if the Publica will lose this. :slight_smile:


4 podiums and top standing… I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I submitted the original car instead of the watered down one with basically no performance parts lmao.


Looking at the scores I somehow regret not sending in the Astrona III. This car is lighter and has sportier suspension setup. The agility is exactly where you caught me and you surely will again in economy. But if everyone would come with a 1967-1969 car this would have killed the competition that wants to be a mirror of the 60s decade. 1964/1965 feels a lot better for me.


I didn’t expect the Krab to do this well (I know the ranking is low, but it’s a really fun car apparently), slightly disappointed in my Camper. Was hoping for at least the upper half of the field.


The first round of the Shitbox Derby Run has concluded. Check the scoreboard for final results and standings.
Thank you all for participating, and good luck in future rounds should you return!

Official Shitbox Derby Run Scoreboard


I’ll take that fifth, for an unmodified Lore car that wasn’t tailor made for any competition specifically.

Will see you for the next round! And I’m guessing you’ll have more entrants next time because you handled this round well, IMO.


Holy shit I actually won something in this forum

Vector - Gerade Motors have learnt that their 1969 SP120 Oliver has won the first round of the Shitbox Derby Run challenge and are absolutely joyed by the results.

We thank the the host/organizer of this challenge for successfuly organizing this challenge and wish them the very best of luck for future challenges.

PS: Thanks @mcp928 and @GassTiresandOil for the wishes :smiley: I mean tbh if it weren’t for the last few rounds which gave better handling and efficient cars an advantage, I probably would’ve found myself mid pack. And your cars did great too, for the record. Hope to see y’all in the next round!


This has been a fun contest, I think it is a good call not doing the crash test, the deformation works and makes real looking crashes, but far from the simulation quality of native Beam.NG cars. Have to say I was surprised the Krab fell behind the Camper. The Krab had a good bit of development for a CSR round (wanted a cheap dependable car), and the camper was something I banged out in about an hour to help fill out this contest. Obviously both of them pale on comparison to our winner, @GetWrekt01 s’ Oliver, who not only won, but by such an incredible margin. Congratulations to all the top contenders.

Planning another round? This needs to be a regular thing. Maybe a highlights reel of the driving (if you have capture setup)? The Windows 10 game bar can record, would love to see some SDR driving if it’s not too much to do.