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The Shromet Corporation


I will post tomorrow. Its 9:35 pm where I am at. I just finished my new 2 ton truck (the XC Series would of been a bit fast, but here is the link if you want to build something better)

Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)
2017 LA Auto Show

#A Motoring Man’s Meanderings

###Shromet Vs Cavallera: GT Car Shootout
(Shromet Dragon GTA vs Cavallera Okuma Lux)

“~£50k to spend, 2 door GT car in mind - which to choose?”

Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)

2018 Shromet Radiant Sport.

This powerhouse is more than just a four-wheeled machine. It’s a modern marvel.

It’s the same Radiant you know and Love, now even better. Tighter, quicker, more comfortable and more advanced.

Fully Adjustable.

Our most advanced technology makes its debut in the Radiant Sport. With highly advanced, electrically assisted power steering that automatically adjusts between lower and higher speed, and fully adjustable suspension, making it neither compromised on the track, nor the street.

It Speaks For Itself, and it has a lot to say.

With 266 Horsepower, The Shromet Radiant Sport sure does make a statement. From track to turnpike, the Shromet Radiant Sport is ready to get going.

MSRP: 24,500$


Your remake of the Radiant in UE4 is, quite frankly, stunning. It would be logical for you to do the same thing with other Shromet/Nickel models, such as the Adirondack.


Noice Shrométte


The 2018 Shromet Dragon has entered UE4.

Autom8 (1)

The Ultimate GT car is back, and it’s better than ever.

Everything we’ve been working towards, the ultimate in grand touring excellence.

Not only visually overhauled, mechanically overhauled as well. A new 8 speed automatic gearbox has been added for improved driver comfort, acceleration and fuel economy.

The air suspension has been fitted with continuously controlled damping technology, actively controlling body roll for turns and rebound on bumps, making not only a more comfortable ride, but a sportier one as well.

The electric power steering has been given a variable ratio for optimal effort and feedback at any given speed.

The Ultimate GT car can be yours, visit your local Shromet Dealership Today.

msrp: 55,520$, optional equipment shown. Visit your local Shromet dealer to discover Offers and incentives.


More than ever, the Dragon lives up to its name, especially after being remade in UE4. I expected that after the Radiant received the same treatment.


2018 Shromet Adirondack. The King of the Mountain.

The King of the mountain is here. No other Truck Stands a chance.

Strong, capable, durable. The Shromet Adirondack is truly stands the test of time. There is no other choice if you want a truck that works as hard as you.

Intelligent Strength.

Standard four wheel air suspension, Actively adjusting electric steering, and an advanced 8 speed automatic transmission make this the Shromet Adirondack as intelligent as it is strong.


  • Shromet Adirondack Crew Cab: $40,160

-Standard Equipment:

  • 5.5L DOHC V8
  • 8 Speed ZF Friedrichshafen Transmission
  • 4 Wheel Air suspension
  • Offroad underside shielding.
  • Up to 2,250lbs of payload capability.
  • Remote Start
  • Heated Front Seats
  • 11" HD touch screen.
  • 10 Way Power seats.
  • Rear View Camera
  • BLIS
  • Adaptive Electronically Assisted Power Steering
  • USB/Auxiliary Port Capability
  • Interior mounted 110 volt outlet.

Shromet Adirondack CrewCab XL: $44,640

  • 14 way leather seats.
  • 16 Speaker Premium Audio system
  • Power sunroof
  • Automatic forward braking.
  • Auto-Park Assist.
  • Bed mounted 110 Volt Outlet.

Shromet Adirondack CrewCab TrailMaster: $48,960

  • Auto-Adjust Air Suspension control.
  • Cooper Discoverer 260mm tires front/rear
  • Heated and ventilated front seats.
  • Power and Remote Locking Tailgate.


It’s all broke.

What did you do to the formatting.


It looked and looks completely normal in the preview.

end me.


The more I scrolled the more abstract it got. It’s like if Reguar Car Reviews made an ad.


Discourse is a strong and stable service that never suffers from any bugs or glitches. I couldn’t ask for anything better.


Quite simply one of the best full-sized trucks out there, in terms of design and engineering. Did I mention that it can carry loads of stuff as well?


I thought trucks were meant to race. Thank you for the clarification.

About the truck itself: I like how it looks, rugged and strong. Just like a truck should. The only thing I don’t like is the foglights, but that’s a minor detail.


“Duuuuuh!” © KHT Aftermarket division






I’d love to see that in the next ad


The 2019 Radiant has arrived.


From its bold and elegant exterior to its technology advanced interior, the new Radiant has been improved in every way to become the best Radiant ever.

Independent rear suspension on all models, an optional 6 speed manual transmission, combined with optional Pirreli Scorpion Tires make for a pure sports handling experience, making the 2019 Radiant the apex of dynamic driving, efficiency, and comfort.

New advanced powerplants.

The 2.2L 4 Cylinder has been replaced by a 1.5L 3 Cylinder, with dual overhead cams and 4 valves per cylinder for added performance and fuel economy. The Naturally aspirated variant of this engine achieves 140 Horsepower. The Turbocharged engines have outputs of 175 Horsepower, 200 Horsepower, and 220 Horsepower, depending on the selected model.

The 2.0L Inline 6 Cyllinder remains in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged forms.

Three transmission options have also been given to the 2019 Radiant. A six speed manual, which will be available with all engine options, a 6 Speed automatic, which will be optional on all 1.5L models, lastly an advanced 8 Speed ZF Friedrichshafen transmission, which will be optional for all 2 Liter Models, and all hybrid models.

Visit your local Shromet dealership for exclusive offers on the 2019 Radiant today!


Shromet Radiant, MSRP: $18,495
-Standard Equipment:

  • 1.5L DOHC Direct Injected engine
  • 6 Speed Manual
  • Independent rear suspension
    -7.0" LCD touch Screen
  • 11" HD touch screen.
  • 10 Way Power driver’s seat.
  • Rear View Camera
  • BLIS
  • Automatic forward braking.
  • 5 Speaker Pioneer Audio system
  • Electrically assisted power steering
  • USB/Auxiliary Port Capability

Shromet Radiant RLC: 19,883$

  • Power Passenger’s seat
  • Power sunroof
  • Auto-Park Assist.
  • 17" Alloy Wheels
  • Weathetech floor and trunk liners.
  • Power Tailgate

Shromet Radiant Diamond: 22,937$

  • Leather stitched seats
  • Full bench rear seat.
  • Heated and cooled front seats.
  • Variable Electric Steering.
  • Wireless Charging port.

Shromet Radiant Sport: 23,932$

  • Pirreli Scorpion Tires
  • Shromet Bi-Flow active exhaust technology
  • 270 Horsepower 2L Engine
  • 6 Speed manual with overdrive
  • Viscous limited slip differential
    Bilstein suspension package
  • Launch Control