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The Street Showdown Challenge (OLD THREAD, MOVING TO NEW THREAD SOON)


I was thinking about this. Let’s just say that with the right power restrictions, having too much aero on a Tier 1 or 2 car would be merely disadvantageous.

I do agree that to mimic the conditions of the games, each tier could come with a boost limit on any turbo. Say, 0.6 bar for tier 1, 1.0 bar for tier 2 and unrestricted for tier 3, but, again, if anything a hybrid of power to weight ratio and power limits would actually mitigate all this.

My suggestion to android earlier was to try this:

Tier 1: maximum 200hp:ton or 200hp whichever is lower
Tier 2: maximum 400hp:ton or 400hp whichever is lower
Tier 3: maximum 600hp:ton, but no absolute maximum to power.

I was also going to suggest that only tier 3 cars can convert drivetrain type (to AWD). Even at 600hp:ton, a well tuned, lightweight car will actually still be faster RWD than AWD if the weight distribution is favourable.


How about a Engine swap system otherwise its im possible to use old cars right? (If not let me know) I mean for example its ok to change the engine but only 4 Cylinder engines with 4 Cylinder 5 with 5, …
For example a old nongti can have the engine out of a newer nongti, noncivic stuff like this.
And this in every class.


So, I have some real talk here. Since the tiered system sounds nice on paper but horrible on execution, will you want to change my rules to fit in a single car OR keep the current system going? Don’t be afraid, I can accept both answers as well.

Here’s are the pros and cons for each scenario for transparency ofc:

Keep the current format:

+ Ease the process of making a new car for those who made their stuff. 
+ Can make an earlier start.
- May cause issues on my end if the race is on.
- Would cause confusion to people for the format while building stuff.

Change it:

+ Races would be more fair and square.
+ Rules will be more easier to understand.
- Could make those who did the current entries feel a bit unfair.
- I would need to rework the game as well, causing more time issues.

  • Keep the current format
  • Change it

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OK, I listen to you guys. Since most of you wanted to change it to a single car then I’ll listen to you and change it as you all wanted.

I’m sorry for those who have made your cars on the old rules, since you have made the cars and I had to change the rules for some reason.

As for you haven’t got the cars yet, I’ll will post the new rules soon.

As an apology, I officially announce I will raise the driver limits to 20, and I will add more races to the series. That means, more people to join and more interesting events for everyone.

And those who actually have their old cars made and sent to me, I will give you a slot first, but make sure you make your cars for the new rules first.

I swear, after I settled this, I will officially announce the start of the game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: Changed back to 20 people due to the current points system isn’t really 25-people friendly. Sorry for the problems I made.


This thread is closed, we’re moving to a new thread here: