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The Street Showdown Challenge - On Hold ATM




So if I will use a 1960s car can I build the engine in the 10s ?




Is a RV a van or different:p?


RV bodies are not vans. But either way, RV bodies are also banned as well.


:((( haha


You may want to be really careful in balancing the rules here. Without some form of objective performance indexing this is a guaranteed salt nuke in the making.

god knows how many times I enter a min-max performance machine because the rules didn’t say I couldn’t only to have somebody change shit up without showing their working


1450 kg is a bit on the high side for a minimum weight limit. I think it should be lowered… but not by too much.


How about 1200 KG?


Most GT cars weigh that much, so I think it’s alright.


Welp, gotta remake my BMW`nt now


The quality limit on Heads applies to Pushrods as well I am assuming? If so, that will really hamper any lore friendly muscle cars builds.


Pushrod engines will have different head limits. I will change that soon.


As for wings, are lips counted as them, or are the ones that can produce downforce in Beam counted?


Lips are counted as wings.


Now I have to write my prologue again…


Okay, a long introduction this time. Let’s do this.

(not my image.)

From Previous Post, we meet one of the characters of this story.

-An Undisclosed Location, in a high rise apartment somewhere in a undisclosed American city.
It was a dark overcast night but the lights of the city were illuminating like any other bustling city. You can hear the shower running from the bathroom in the room. The water turns off and a shadow of a woman is seen on the wall from the light inside, as she slowly dries off and enters the room. the woman was very young and beautiful with smooth glowing skin and deep blue eyes and thin black hair. She slips on a thin black night dress and thigh length stockings as she was getting ready to turn in for the night. (I swear I’m not writing an erotic scene, but I want you all to be invested.)
Then to break the silence, the phone starts to ring.
She picks up her phone, with the caller ID saying Walker. She smiles and answers.

“It’s been a while, you must have something good for me. Or are you trying to get in to my pants again?” she says.

A male voice responds.
“First off, that’s not something to say to someone who has never let you down. Second, is you’re quite the looker yourself. Third you always tease me, and finally when I ask you out on a date you tease me even more and say you have no time for boys!”

She giggles.
“It’s because you’re so fun to play with, you have a cute and silly look on your face every time I give you a little action.”

“You call that fun…” the voice responds back.

“Ara Ara, I can’t help myself. But I know you’re calling me about something that may pick my interests. Care to tell me.”

“A little birdie did tell me about an event that even the SDK may attend to.”

“Really?” she says as she leaned forward and smiled. “Are you sure?”

“With an event this big, there is no way he wouldn’t be.” the man replied.

“Ara Ara, Ara Ara…”

“You and your damn ara ara’s! you’re giving me a damn heart attack woman!”

“So does your little birdie know when it goes down?” she asked.

“Horizon Bay, Saturday, 20 big names, big prizes and very high stakes. You better bring your a game.” he answered.

“Tell your little birdie, that Night Rain want’s in.” she told him.

“I figured you wouldn’t turn this offer down.”

“Well doing girly girl things like going to mixers, parties and dance clubs aren’t my style. You know me and what happened between us.” she replied to him.

“Can’t say I don’t. Will you be bringing that out?”

“I think it’s about time I bring it out, especially for this.”

“Alright, I’ll put my word in then.” he said.

“Oh and by the way, you want to know what I’m wearing?”

A slight pause was heard on the line.
“God damn it woman, what?”

“I’m not wearing anything!” she teased

“Whaaah” you can here a scream as well as some crashing.

She laughed

“Ara ara, you are so cute… I’m kidding. I’ll talk to you soon. Goodnight!”

“God damn you Fuc”

Beep, she hung up the phone.

“Ara Ara… so he is going to be there…” she stood by the window looking out into the bustling night city.
“Looks like I need to get that ready soon.”

(again, not my image!)
Undisclosed location in an industrial area outskirts of the city.
We meet our character approaching a large garage building. The doors open and she walks in. On the other side of the door was a heavily modified black FWT Vinette.

“It’s time my darling.”

She climbs in and the 2.7L Twin Turbo V6 roars into life. The lights turn on and with loud fast revs, it pulls out of the garage and drives out in to the night.

Introducing the 403hp FWT Vinette.


(Seele Vollerei from Honkai Impact 3rd)
Character Name : Amaya Yuzuki-Scott.
Nickname : Night Rain.
City of Origin : Sokai City, somewhere in Asia.
Vehicle of Choice : Her 403hp, Twin Turbo V6, Factory W Tuning, Vinette.
Character Background : Amaya is a 28 year old half Caucasian / half Japanese female. Daughter of Michael Scott and Amalia Yuzuki. Her father is a wealthy construction firm contracter that traveled to Japan where he met her mother.
Amaya first got into the car scene at age 16 when she was taken by her friends to go to a mixer to meet boys because she never was interested in partying or social groupings. It was then they came across a event in a parking garage where a lot of cars pulled up to for a show and race down the wangan. She started secretly buying magazines and dvds and doing research on cars from around the world and studied race legends. When she was 18 her family sent her to the U.S. to study at a college. With money from her family, she decided to buy a little sports car and started fixing it up, she would find any event to go to whether it was cars and coffee, a weekend track day and even street races in the middle of the night. She drove the car to the ground. Once she finished her college she got a career in construction engineering as an accountant and designer like her father. But secretly she is building her ultimate racing machine. The Vinette.
She met Walker during a street race, she beat him and he was impressed but was in awe finding out that he lost to a girl. But impressed by her skills and knowledge, he started giving her hookups to events and people to help build her Vinette.
Which leads to now.


What do we do about the Super GT arch and side pieces because they fall in the lips section?


do you have to drive the car yourself in the night time part?