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The Street Showdown Challenge - On Hold ATM


The night races are RP so yeah, just do an RP on that point. You can play with yourself or your friends.




Devil Z not part of the race either.

Guess what, I have good news. All submissions are now live!

So that means, you can start working your own rides and characters now! Make sure that you send me the car file and info after you have finished your entry. I will confirm it and will return the info to you.

Submissions Deadline: Maximum 20 people or 10:00 PM at 24th October 2019 (GMT+8, Malaysian Standard Time), whichever comes first.

Some other notes:

Please make your submissions realistic and logical.
Memey, low-effort or minmax-ed vehicles will not be considered in the run. I sure you don’t want to see a race where some cars keeps winning everytime.

Also, try to make a good vehicle in a balanced performance/handling setup. More power is good, but more power also means more tweaking to hold the car on the road.

Make sure to post your character and car info on the main thread after I opened submissions.

I’ll open for more submissions if there’s a lot of users wanting to join.

That's all for today. Have fun building!

- bxDroid

Don’t ask me why I put this song


Sorry but I’m being dumb again. Is there a finalized set of rules? And if so, where can I find all of them? I’m picking up bits and pieces from others, but the things about lips and some other things I just can’t find.




I tried that. All it shows is the general information, race info, and a link to the original thread. I go to the original thread, but the rules are pieced together there. I still can’t find anything about the lips or quality sliders on the heads and stuff (I know it’s somewhere, people are talking about it). How dumb am I being? Is it right in front of my face and I just can’t see it? I’m sorry in advance. Someone is going to point it out to me and I’ll fee like an ass.


The “Rules” tab contains the rules. You may need to search on the tabs below.


Lol I really am dumb. Sorry.


Somewhere on a lonely road in San Diego. A Midsize man with long curly brown hair who looks 25-ish is driving as fast as he can in a Jupiter Taikana that is heavily modified. He hears a ringtone coming from his phone he stops on the side of the road and sees it’s from someone called Kent, He answers

“you got some information for me?”

“Yea, Saturday Horizon Bay 20 big names”

“cool, i’ll get there when i can”

“is the other serpents coming too?”

“nah they’re in Colorado, racing”

“oh I see, why didn’t you come with them then?”

“I had to fix my car because that idiot Ray crashed in to me”

“Hey don’t talk about Ray like that!”

“Chill man, why do you like him anyways?”

“I worked with him before you, he was my buddy from high school, we worked our asses off on that blue Switchback”

“Shit man, didn’t know you were that close to him”

“But anyways, i’m in”

The man hangs up

“We have another race to win”

He starts the car up to hear the beautiful sound of the roaring custom V8 continues driving on the road in his Jupiter Taikana.


Character name: Kai Sentin
Nickname: He has none he’s just called Kai
City of origin: Originally Vancouver but he moved to San Diego two years ago
Vehicle: A Jupiter Taikana that has
-an original bodykit made by one of his crew members
-CWS Spear wheels and Tyrelli T046P tyres
-Einfach ES957 springs
-SCH V8 swap
-SCH headers
-SCH T046 Twin turbos
-Geartek GTS2389
-Bremsi brakes
-Handmade straight pipes
Backstory: Kai is a 24-year old White male Kai started karting from the age of five and after a few years he moved up to Formula 4 but after just 2 years he was dropped from the grid for lack of performance. later when he was 16 he got his first car An old and a bit rusty Jupiter Taikana he loved the car and modified the car a soon as he got it. He started racing in the streets. he started becoming a well known racer in the street racing scene. He started a crew that he called “the Serpents” at this time there are seven people: Ben Mitchell (mechanic) Kent Ferran (got some contacts) and the rest are drivers. Neil Mclaughlin, Yoshi Suzuki, Dominic Reever, Mark Denver and Carol Reever.


Stage 0

4th June 2012 | 05:21 | Somewhere in Horizon Bay...

It was early morning on June 4th, in a warehouse close to the harbour. The air tasted like salt and smelled like rotten fish. Inside, the warehouse was almost empty, just wooden crates, dusty containers and plenty of cobwebs, but in the middle, sat two men. One clad in a suit, the other in mechanic's overalls. As the man in the suit lit a cigar, a loud deafening roar could be heard. The men looked up, only to be blinded by a piercing light. From the light, a woman stood there...

“You’re late” bellowed the man in the suit. “You were supposed to be here two hours ago.”

“Sorry, I got lost” the woman said. “Besides, who thought it was a good idea to set up shop here. It stinks here.”

“At least you’re here” the other man said as he approached the car. “A 2002 Kepler Antares…strange choice. I thought you would have gone for something more…how do I put it…‘extravagant’…but it certainly didn’t sou…”

“Gotta keep a low profile here you know, and what do you mean by more ‘extravagant’.” snapped the woman, cutting the man off. “Look those days are long gone. I don’t care about looks anymore, I just want the cash.”

The man in the suit chuckled. “Oh, you’ll get the cash…as long as you beat the Showdown King.”

With a horrified look on her face, the woman charged towards the man in the suit. “HEY, this wasn’t part of the deal. The deal was half now, then half later.”

“There’s been a change of plans. Last minute rearrangements. Sorry, not much I can do about it.” smirked the man in the suit. As the men walked away, the woman gripped her hands into a fist and stormed back into the car…

The Car: 2002 Kepler Antares

HP: Unknown | Weight: Unknown | Engine: Unknown | 0-60 Time: Unknown | Chassis Materials: Unknown

The Driver

Name: REDACTED | Nickname: "Bonnie" | Country of origin: USA | Vehicle: 2002 Kepler Antares | Backstory: REDACTED


A quick head’s up, my character is going to be very interactive. So she may come to the lot of you that she may find interesting, especially people she knows through racing. She has a keen eye coming to cars. Also she’s not afraid to tease and fluster some people like our friend Walker :stuck_out_tongue:
Try not to fall in love with her…
Amaya is inspired from my lovely girlfriend.


The L.A’s BlackBirds

5 years ago, the so-called “L.A’s BlackBirds” ruled the streets of Los Angeles. They ruled the city and the highway. Only few racers know them. They only raced at night. These over 600HP monsters with their drivers both have a reputation to be unbeatable. However, their reputation was challenged by a certain racer driving a lime green Ursula R1. All we know about that race is that the Tanaka 300X on the right of the picture crashed. Only the driver of the Tanaka 300X on the left knows the secret. After the death of the former driver, the latter driver quits street racing. However, that is about to change today…

Receives phone call…
Unknown: Hello, is this Aaron?
Aaron: Yes? Who is this?
Unknown: Horizon Bay, Saturday, 20 big names, big prizes and very high stakes.
Aaron: What is this, an invitation?!
Unknown: Just so you know, the Green Ursula is there…
Aaron: Which one? Oh, that a**hole.
Unknown: If you don’t join, you’ll miss out on your revenge. Ciao!
Aaron: Wait what? Ah crap. He hangs up the call.

Several hours later…

Gets out of his Tanaka C20X
Aaron: So this is where the car is eh?
Goes inside the garage, gets the keys and drives out of the garage

Aaron: There you are! It’s good to drive you again.

Revs the engine up to 8500RPM
Aaron: Woah, this is amazing!

Goes to the highway, swerves in between the traffic
Aaron: Hah! Still got them moves…

Suddenly gets flashbacks of the crash, then the car spins out to the shoulder of the highway, almost hitting the wall…
Aaron: Sh*t! I need to get that out of my way. Ah crap. Brother, I shall beat him in the race!

To be continued…

In conclusion,
Character Name: Aaron Jones
Character Nickname (aka. name used on races): L.A’s BlackBird
Character origin country: USA
Vehicle: 1996 Tanaka 300X Turbo Spec A


Due to low entries and other issues, I have officially decided that the deadline of the submissions will be extended to 2nd November 2019 at 8:00 PM MYT. You can still continue doing your work ofc, but make sure it’s complying to the rules. Max player count will remain the same.

Also, I got some entries that are pretty much minmax-y, unrealistic or just simply not allowed due to some issues. So, to fix that, each player will only given 3 chances to join the race. Each error means that 1 chance will be gone. If the player used up all 3 chances, then his/her entry will be considered as invalid and will be from removed from the race. To avoid these situations please make sure your entry is valid for the race.


Night Rain : Chapter .5


It was a few days until the start of the Street Showdown. Night falls on to the city of Horizon Bay once more. Somewhere in a busy shipping harbor with ships blaring their horns, trains moving along the tracks and cranes move about to move the cargo, a cry of an engine starts to pierce the sky. A camp of homeless look up as a black Vinette darted through the alleys and narrow streets. The cracks of the exhaust and the venting of the blowoff valves echo off the steel buildings as it traversed through. The car then pulls up to a warehouse where a man stood as the car approached. Nodding his head, he enters the building and opens the bay doors to let the car in and close it shut.
Inside the building the Vinette shuts down and the door opens as a young woman steps out the vehicle. Two men then approached her, a large scruffy man with a greasy white t-shirt and bluejeans while the other was a smaller man in a suit

“It’s good to see you again, Walker!” Amaya said as she approached the larger guy, “You look like you haven’t bathed in a few days, you should shower.” as she swept off his shirt a few times.

“I did shower this morning, thank you very much.” Walker replied.

“Are you sure? it don’t look like it.” she smirked at him.

“I’ve just been busy. I have to fix my Stella up because some whack job decided to use me as his brakes for a corner.” he said while scratching his head annoyed. “It’s like a public lobby in Forsa Motorsports out there sometimes.”

“Mmhmm… I just hear excuses.” she said with a poised look. “So I’m taking this is the safe house to lay low in case?”

“Yes, this gentleman here with me is one of the event organizers that my hookups got with. He’s going to confirm you and inspect your vehicle. You know for certain reasons.”

“My pleasure.” The man stated.

“I can understand, but don’t as much as lay a single scratch on to my darling.” she said to the man.

“No need to worry Ms. Night Rain.” the man than took a couple of young mechanics standing by to inspect the Vinette. Amaya felt a little unconfortable as they got close to the vehicle.

Walker could tell she was rather annoyed. "Don’t worry, I know it’s your baby but let’s step aside and talk about the event.

“Okay.” she said as she tugged her top tighter.

They both walked into an office room and sat down. Walker opens a mini fridge and pulls out some bottled waters and hands one to Amaya.

“So I got the word of what is going on. The event will have 9 main events during the day. There are points to be had in each of them. The top 5 will get to take on the man himself in the last event. You may know a few of the people who are going to contend with you.” Walker continued, “There will be even more events that take place at night, but so you know this city is strict against street racers and they have a dedicated unit to take you and the rest of us down. It was hard to get the organizers to set up the event in this city because of them. But the rewards are very high if you survive the night. You’re going to have to drive your heart out.”

“Hmm… nothing I can’t handle. I’m just excited to take on the infamous green Ursula.” she said taking a sip of water. “You said I may know some people?”

“I’m sure you heard of Kai.” Walker answered to her.

“Ara ara… Kai Sentin, the Formula 4 driver? I heard he started making a name for himself in the street scene. This will be interesting.”

“More names are coming in as the event is building up. There will be high powered vehicles on the grid. You may have the advantage in some of these events. I’ve done scoped out some areas for you. I’ll also can get a small crew for you in case you need it against the police.”

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

The suited man came in to the room.
“Well, Ms. Night Rain, your Vinette checks out and you have been confirmed for the Showdown. The event will start on Saturday. We will be seeing you there shortly.”

Amaya nodded and stood up along with Walker. “I will be there, thank you.”

The man nodded and left along with his inspectors.

Amaya turned to Walker.

“Excited?” Walker asked.

“Ara ara, the days get closer until I meet him.” Amaya stated. “Now… where can I get a hotel and some sushi around here?”

“I know a couple of places.”

“Good, you’re buying.” Amaya teased him.

“God damn it with you woman…” As he shook his head.

To Be Continued…


I’ve mocked up my car and am planning on submitting this week, but I’ve got some long work days, ahead and want to know if the concept I have is feasible before I work too much more on it.

It’s a 1960’s muscle car with it’s model year in the late 60’s, with the chassis a steel ladder frame and sporting a solid rear axle, all very lore friendly, but with a fiberglass body to represent it’s restoration and modification trim year of 2010, the engine is a swap in crate motor, 2012 family and trim year 9.0 Liter pushrod V8. Is that type of thing allowed?


Send me the car file first, and maybe I could check.


It was a cold night, the Alps were beautiful as ever.
His idling car hadn’t helped with the quietness of the night, the purr of the flat-six engine he was sitting on (It was cold, you know.) was a great way to be warm and have a relaxing hum while staring down at the lights in the city.
He doesn’t stay long, he’s generally unknown, only a mere glimpse of his new car whenever someone asks him to race. Travelling like this, carefree and peaceful had given him a new objective : To take over mountain passes with his skillful driving… And it wasn’t long until he set his eyes on a new conquest. The King. A showdown between over a dozen drivers , one which he worked hard for in the shadows. The beautifully tuned flat-six engine wasn’t built of scraps, you know? The car itself was a to-be scrap Doobaru, perhaps you’ve heard of it (or perhaps you’re catching on) which he saved and rebuilt to be his ultimate driving machine.

  • The beginning of a new unknown racer.


Okay, I’ll send it in probably 8 or 9 hours once I’m back home.


Not really good at story writing but here goes nothing.

-In an Office building in San Francisco

The time shows 8:30 PM, a man sits on his chair inside his office room. “Mr. Singh, Division Manager” was written in the Plaque. He looks tired and stressed from his day to day work. In his office we can see a few framed race car pictures, and a few model cars as well. One particular is inside a glass case, a model of a dark blue 1946 Karmann Type 5. Mr. Singh was about to get off from work when he got a call.

-phone rings-

“Oy mate, It’s Danny” said the person on the phone.

“Danny? what’s up?” Mr. Singh replied, a little bit surprised.

“Just got an info that there’ll be some big race event down in LA.” Said Danny

“Some time attacks? You know I got bored with those.” Mr. Singh said back.

“Nah mate. It’s some street events! Just like how we used to back home!”

“Oh? Now that has been a while. Do email me the full Info, I’ll have a proper look.”

“Already did. And since tomorrow is saturday, I’ll see you in the shop. We got some beers for ya.” Said Danny jovially.

“Alright.” Said Mr. Singh “Cheers for that man.”

‘Street events? Now this will be interesting.’ thought Singh, with a smile on his face.

He proceeds to turn off his office lights and locked the door. With a bit of a step, he walked down the stairs to the parking lot, and rode his electric bike home. He finally have something to look forward to, and it involves his trusted car.