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The Street Showdown Challenge - On Hold ATM


Now for the character info

Character Name: Sandeep Singh
Nickname: Mr. Singh
City of Origin: San Francisco
Vehicle of choice: 46’ Karmann Type 5 with a turbocharged I6 Ford Barra engine.
Character background: Sandeep Singh is a 38 year old Australian who currently live in San Francisco for work. He moved to the States after he got into a problem in Australia, where most of the crews in the street racing group that he was in were arrested for wreckles driving and drug possession. He managed to outrun the police, though it only need a bit of time before the police found out about his involvement in the street racing scenes. He currently worked as the Head of the programming division in an established company. At the age of 32, with the itch of working on a car grew higher, he bought a 46’ Karmann Type 5 from a junkyard. The body was fully rusted, though the chassis was surprisingly intact. The car became his project car, and it took a year and a half to finished the car. He put a Barra engine just because he was used on working with it back home. He used the car as a weekend driver, and did some track events. Even though he did a lot of track days and time attack, the itch of racing on the street grew stronger by the year.

A look of the car:


Chapter 2 : The arrival.
He’s abruptly awoken by an annoying noise.

  • “Damn, what is it now?”
    He picks up the phone and answers. It’s Reeves, he’s finally back in town.
  • “Are you looking at more upgrades to your Doobaru? Another turbo, perhaps? Are 650 horsepower not enough for you now? And why’d you call me at this ungodly hour?”
    The mechanic might be annoyed, and for good reason, Reeves (Also known as Mr. Anderson) called him at 5 AM, what kind of person would do such atrocity? And why now out of all days?
  • “I just called you to let you know I’d be needing a full checkout, It’s been a long time, we should grab a cup of coffee.”
    In reality, Reeves is simply excited to use his 4WD, Twin Turbo 4.2 l Flat-Six attacking machine again, he has never gotten sick of a little racing. In his case, a lot of racing.
  • “If I knew you’d be back so soon, I might’ve gotten you some new tires. We can meet tomorrow.”
    It’s been a while since he visited his town, he’d forgotten how fun it is to drive on the winding mountain roads he used to race on for years. Well, if anything, he could have stopped by his relatives first rather than immediately calling his all-trusty mechanic. That long trip around Europe to seek more fellow racers and the best roads has done him some good.
    Reeves is back though, and he misses the racing world. A new conquest is in sight and a lot of opponents to beat, his trusty pocket watch beeps, warning him of his meeting with the mechanic.
  • A new challenger has appeared, ready to take the crown.
    (Due to the nature of this site, which means I can’t post pictures, I’ve made a little link for it.) https://imgur.com/a/Rz94Zm0



This wasnt always my life you know...

I was also a normal guy once…

"[*PSK*] Unit K21. We need that Hearth ASAP"
"Roger that. ETA in 3min"

I was just Kyle the Organ Transporter… A damn quick one to be fair. But that was the me 2 years ago.
I loved that job. I got my own car and was allowed to drive as fast as i want. And the people even gave me way! Some even cheered me on when i drove past. A real New York Superhero… until that one day.

It only take one shitty move, and everything changes…

They didnt had a chance against 2 tons of american steel.
The last thing i remember was the vibrations of the brakes and the explosion of the airbag…
And then:

I dont know how long i was in there. Felt like hours.
I only woke up when someone dragged me away over the wet asphalt.
It was just a glimpse i got before passing out, but i seen enough.
The smell of dripping fuel and coolant is still in my nose.
It was in the hospital that i got the news that the other party didnt make it…

They tried telling me that these things happen, but i couldnt. I done my damage.
Shortly after i got out the hospital bed i left the force.
But thats not the last time i was on NY’s roads…

This is me today. An Outlaw. I joined the “F-Squad” here in New York. A group of delivery drivers for more… special cargo. Its quite the easy job. We get a location and the wares. Everything else is non of your buisness

I made a name as “CrowdControl” in the Squad. Why i got that name? It has something to do with an active airport, a lot of police and a trunk full of mafia shit. I drive my 2005 SuperCoupe. The only thing that is left from my old life. And the car even changed like me…

Why i do, what i do? I dont know. Maybe i am trying to do what i love.
Maybe i am trying to find my old me again.
Or maybe i am just trying to be a nice wreck…

Some more pics


Louis “Motor” Burgess stood outside the open bay of his Sacramento garage, using pumice to clean the oil off his hands, when his phone rang.

VOICE: “Horizon Bay, California; this Saturday. Your brother needs to tell us now whether he’s in or out.”

MOTOR: “Nah, he was just holding my spot for me. I’ll be there.”

VOICE: “This is by invitation, only…”

MOTOR: “Are you saying you’d rather have my little brother run than me?”

VOICE: “…”

MOTOR: “Don’t worry, I’m in. I got something for their asses.”

Louis was fresh off probation. He had spent his youth boosting cars, street racing, and running from the cops. He eventually got caught, and ended up spending almost 2 years in jail. Once out, he vowed to his mother that he would turn over a new leaf.

His little brother Gavin, however, made no such vow. Always wanting to emulate Louis, Gavin fell into the same crowd. Without Louis’ driving skill, though, he used his mouth to get himself into a great deal of trouble (and debt).

Now Motor needs to come out of retirement to save his little brother from following in his footsteps.

CAR: 1970 Armor Tempas

  • Custom aluminum wide-body kit.
  • Custom suspension.
  • 4.7 Liter Carowac Neustar V8 with Twin Turbos
  • Pro-built 6-speed manual connected to a factory AWD system out of a Carowac Escapade.

Driver: Louis Burgess
Nickname: Motor
Origin: Sacramento, CA


Please excuse my awful creative writing :joy:

June 2nd, 2012 - Salinas, California

11:28 PM - Adrenaline Garage, 374 East Market Street

Adrenaline Garage is located on a quiet, poorly-maintained road. In the cool dryness of late Spring Californian weather, crickets can be heard chirping, whilst a few cars can be heard buzzing down Route 101. As the night sky is speckled with the light of thousands of stars, serenity isn’t hard to maintai-


"Why won't this fucking thing work?!"

Kcshhht. Kcshhht. Kcshhht. Kcshhht.


Kcshhht. Kcshhht. Kcsh-


Thanks for tuning in to 102.5 KDON! Tonight’s forecast is a brisk 46 degrees, which will be at 3 AM. By 12 PM tomorrow, expect scorching temperatures over 95 - it’s gonna get hot! Next up is the new summer hit by Icona Pop, “I Love It.”

"Jesus Christ on a unicycle, who makes radios nowadays? Monkeys?"

A young, caucasian man in a navy long-sleeve and jeans sets his radio back on the work table, sleeves rolled up. He appears to be in his late teens or early 20s, 5 foot 10, with wavy brunette hair, a little stubble, and a slightly toned body. Removing one of his stark white-gone-musky grey work gloves, he lifts an iPhone 4S off the table to check the time. It’s 11:31 PM: he groans and drops the phone back on the table. The man is still at the Adrenaline Garage working on something perched 8 feet in the air. Despite the open garage door, he still wipes the now cool sweat off of his brow. Suddenly, his phone lights up with a text from a familiar number; it’s Lexi Mucha, his best friend from high school. With a little gusto, he grabs the phone and checks her message.

Lexi Mucha - 11:31 PM - hey! i'm so sorry i haven't checked in a while, i've been sooooo busy with berkeley because of my thesis and everything - but not only is the semester over (obviously) but i was conversing with pat and i just learned about something in horizon bay. ok, before you say something angry about driving 3 hours away, hear me out: if you take this weird guy down, you could say hello to 5 digits into your bank

The man adjusts his focus from the screen to the machine - it would be a bit disrespectful to call it a car at this point, as it’s been almost completely stripped out. He then looks to the floor, where the trunk of the car sits - a Rigore badge and “Caelum MT-R” stare back at him. The phone is put back to use.

Drew Haring- 11:32 PM - its alright, school first! thats what u told me when i got to usc 2 years ago. anyways when is this? whip is not in its prime right now jsyk

Drew removes his other glove and tosses them back onto the table. Taking a seat on a squeaky rolling stool, he wonders aloud whether or not it’s time to go home - he does have a date the next day, and he doesn’t want to disappoint.

Lexi Mucha - 11:33 PM - next saturday, on the 9th. its legitimate and i think with your new project you might be able to conquer them. the engine is arriving in 2 days, right? if you install that into the caelum in 4 days i bet you can finish up everything. don't let all those years on laguna seca go to waste!

Chuckling, Drew had thought about what it would be like if he declined - he could take his sweet time on the car, have a bunch of free time to himself, go on that date without any worries, and stay out of the law. It’d reasonable, practical, and above all, safe.

Drew - 11:33 PM - im in ROFL

Phone in hand, Drew lets out a quiet yawn. It’s probably best to head back home - he can only borrow the garage space for so long, too. After closing shop, he hops into an '05 Kimura Avina and heads back to a small apartment downtown. A glass of water, a long and hot shower, a brush of the teeth, and a few (too many) games on Call of Duty: MW3 later, Drew falls asleep.

June 7th, 2012 - Monterey, California

9:46 PM - Mucha Performance Shop, 475 Olympia Ave

Salt is in the air In Monterey. A short journey for Drew, Lexi, and a few other friends, dinner at Hula’s is always worth it - afterwards, Drew drives Lexi and Patrick (Pat) to the new location of his project, at Mucha Performance Shop.

Drew: I present to you, a project that I have literally stayed up nights for! Thanks Lexi. This is like nothing you've ever seen from me, it's completely decked out.

With a dramatic wave of the arm, Drew drags the covers off of a wild-silhouette machine.

Lexi: "Holy shit, I didn't actually think you could pull it off. Hell, didn't even think you had the funds for this. You had a bit of assistance, didn't you..."
"Pat: Yeah, uh, helloooo? Who do you think took off two days of work just to help this asshole?"
D: "You're the one who accepted my offer! And also, my mom's big investment in Apple stock 10 years ago really paid off."
P: "Well, when you 'offer' me 15% of whatever you win, it's kind of hard to say no. Anyways, how did that date go?"
D: "Uh... Well, I had a lovely time fitting in the new suspension. I can't say that I actually saw my date, like, at all."

Lexi groans and rolls her eyes, whilst Pat laughs.

P: "Classic Drew move! At least you'll make up for it in the horsepower department, can't believe that thing is making over 600 of them."
D: "Yeah, we're really pushing the limits of the car. 6 speed manual, AWD, and that engine combined? I seriously have no idea how haven't burnt a clutch yet or something."
L: "Damn, there's nothing inside of the car too. Just a pair of seats and some gauges, you really went for the weight reduction thing, didn't you?"
"D: Well, I tried my best. It's not light by any means, but we tried out best."

Pat laughs again.

P: "I don't really think that huge-ass rear spoiler - or any of that other crazy bodywork - is doin' you any tricks, Drew!"

With mild frustration, Drew responds to Pat snarkily.

D: "Maybe, but I guarantee it'll whoop whatever LMC bullshit you're running right now."
P: "Ouch, that hurt in my heart! I wouldn't doubt that for a second, though. For real, this thing looks wild."
L: "And if I'm hearing correctly, it's probably just what you'll need in order to pummel whichever guy you're going against. And Pat, this thing would absolutely demolish that Maladus on the basis of 'this can turn a corner.'"
P: "All of this slander to my name is totally uncalled for. You're all a bunch of meanies."
D: "You keep tellin' yourself that, Pat. What matters is that I actually fine-tune it on track this weekend. After that, I fuckin' hope I'll be ready to take on whatever comes my way."


Gone in 60 Seconds much :thinking:


lol I couldn’t think of anything better.


2012 - Horizon Bay, CA

G-house blared through the speakers as the white midship sports car zipped on the interstate at over 300 clicks. Neither the true persona of its vehicle, nor its driver’s true identity are known.

Legend has it that this mysterious white vehicle lurks around Horizon Bay at night - a vehicle rarely seen anywhere in America, or even the entire world perhaps. Some guess it’s a Tanaka, others, a Kimura. No one knows until they see the blue xenons and yellow fogs roll up in their rearview followed by the shrill roar of a Hirasawa Condor V6. All that is known, is that this mysterious white phantom has a name.

Yuki no Usagi.

image source

The urban legend is piloted by Rin Iwasaki. Outside of her friend circle, she exists as a phantom - a wraith that can’t be anticipated in the fog. A bunny in the snow, prancing when no one least expects it.

Vehicle Details

Given the nickname “Yuki no Usagi” or “Bunny of the Snow”, such urban myth is a heavily-modified 2003 Huangdou Sprint AWD - an experimental sports car with only 2,000 examples built, with most residing in mainland China. This example has been swapped with a Hirasawa V6 making 5XX horsepower. To hold the power altogether, an AE-Miyata aero kit has been slapped on the body for maximum cornering grip.


Quick news: if you’re wondering where are the tracks of the game, Yes, I’m still making it as of right now. But first, I’ll give you a small sneak peek.


Of course, the tracks does look like this atm, but if you’re willing to help decorating the tracks, sure, I appreciate that. I’ll send the files for those who want to help me create new pictures and maybe update some track layouts as well.

Also, to @ST1Letho and @Frankienstein: Both of you haven’t created your character and send details to me yet, please send me the details as quickly as possible.


Will do so ASAP as i get back home today.


October 8th, 2011, 11:00PM

A thin-framed woman in her mid 50s hustles her Turból Pluma j6 TTR along the canyon roads west of Horizon Bay. She has the windows down, and her long, wavy, graying black ponytail flutters in the wind. Chasing down a bright yellow sportbike, she knows she won’t keep up long, but she ups the pace and sticks close until a flat, straight section, where the literbike pulls away.

“No keeping up with one of those there” she says aloud to herself. She turns on the radio and backs off the pace. Heading back towards civilization, she stops at local diner. She lights a cigarette and checks her phone before walking in. Not two minutes later, the man on the yellow sportbike pulls in to the lot as well. He takes a detour on his way to the entrance to take a look at the car that shadowed him earlier.

“This yours?” he asks from a distance, pointing to the TTR.

She nods, then removing the cigarette from her mouth, responds simply, “yep.”


“Yep. Got tired of modding cars. Been down that road about my whole life. Nowadays I just want something fast with a warranty.”

The conversation carries into the diner, where they sit next to each other at counter. The woman surprises the motorcyclist with stories of her automotive past.

“In the late 70s and early 80s,” she starts, “I was one of the fastest street racers in the city. It was a great time to be into cars. Muscle cars were dirt cheap. Most people just saw them as unreliable, 10 year old gas guzzlers. Back then we might have been spending more on insurance than on the cars!” She pauses for a second, looking at the ceiling, trying to recall if what she just said was actually true or just hyperbole. She truly can’t remember. “With cars so cheap, racing wasn’t just about who could afford the nicest toys. Two identical cars could have wildly different performance if one owner knew what they were doing with a timing light. Distributors and carbs, man. You could make a fast car slow or slow car fast. Fast-er, anyways. But I did have a fast car, and kid, ain’t no one was faster than me. A 2-door Legion Super 8 with an aluminum big-block swapped in out of a Turból. Dual 4-barrel Holleys. Headers and glasspacks. Fiberglass hood and fenders. And with a Detroit Locker and the fattest cheater slicks I could fit under it, no one could touch me. The cops even tolerated us for a while, so long as we kept to rural areas, but eventually they got wise to the fact that if was bothering to swap on the slicks then there was big money on the race and started cracking down. Either way, work and life got in the way and I sold the car for something more practical, but what a shame that there isn’t a street racing scene in this city anymore.”

The motorcyclist can hardly contain himself. “What?? There’s more street racing in this city than there’s ever been!”

“I though the cops shut all of that down nowadays.”

“Oh, they try. But we don’t let them push us around anymore. Those Crown Vics are outclassed. Anyone with the balls to run just gets more respect. It ain’t just drag racing anymore either. Here, take my number. If you want to check out the scene, give me a ring.”

The invitation intrigued her. Retired, divorced, and with no children, she had plenty of time on her hands and no one close to worry about keeping a secret from.

She had a hell of a weapon in her garage as well. Under a dusty cover sat an LCm79/80, a kit-car replica of a an ultra-rare, tube-frame group 4 homologation special co-developed by Turból and Lucara-Ciambella. The car sat there since the early 90s, an abandoned project of her ex-husband’s, purchased with blown engine and never attended to. Ultra-light and simple to work on, she decided it would be her new canvas. She swapped in a 4.1 liter, direct-injection, turbo V6 and electronic limited-slip from a wrecked Turból Cutela GT3 and whipped up the boost. It got new tires, upgraded brakes, and a refresh of the tired suspension. 8 months of work later, it was ready to be the willing partner of a forgotten street racing lengend, eager to take back her crown.

Character name: Claire McIntyre
Nickname: Gray
Origin: California born and raised.
Vehicle: `79 Turból-powered LCm79/80.


Credit to @Vena.Sera423 for writing out the intro, thank you.

-June 5th, 2012. Horizon Bay Police Headquarters.

It was about a week before the start of the Street Showdown event that was happening in the city. We enter the Police Headquarters to the Street Tactic Takedown Division. In the office the air was thick with tension knowing a large event that they’re against got the green light. It is here we will meet the character for this story.

“God damn it all!” said a tall black man as he slammed a stack of papers on his desk. “After all that bullshit about the risks of a group of street racers terrorising our streets against this city, they still gave that fucking god damn showdown the greenlight.” he sat down hands against his face in stress. “Can a man get a cup of coffee with some Baishies in it? I can’t catch a break with these damn people in the city!”

“Chief!” a woman came up with some coffee. “You have more things to think about then this. We got some info with some high profile names that seem to pick an interest in this event. One being [REDACTED NAME] being the sole purpose.”

“Holy Shit!” the man replied. “Brenda, get the group to the meeting room ASAP!”

“Sure thing Chief, I’ll get on it.” she goes to a desk to pick up the phone. “I need all members of the STT Division to the meeting room now please.”

“Well well well… so you decide to show yourself in my city.” The man said to himself. “Well you and your little street racing friends are about to be welcome here in open arms.” He starts to laugh and starts to take a drink of his coffee, only to spit it out.
“Brenda, did the new coffee girl give you decaff?! We don’t get paid enough for this shit to deserve decaff!”

About a couple of hours had passed as 15 agents were sitting and chatting in the conference room. Chief Josh Morris and Agent Brenda entered the room.

“Okay now settle down! Do I have everyone in here?” Morris looked around the room counting everyone. “Full house just the way I want it.”
“So what’s the meeting for Chief?” one of the agents asked. “This about that Street Race Showdown thing that’s happening?”
“You’re God Damn Right it is.” Morris snarled back. “Now listen up! Every big street racer and their mothers are coming to town this next weekend. I ain’t having none of their shit!”
The room starts laughing.
“However… among them is their very special VIP, [REDACTED NAME], also calls himself the Showdown King of all the names they give this asshole.” said Morris as the room then fell silent.
“Shit, you know how long people have been chasing that guy!” one of the agents shouted.
“Well I don’t know about them assholes that couldn’t catch the guy. However our specialty is well known in this damn fine state of California! So, I say we can catch this mother fucker along with all of his street racing buddies when we catch them in the act.”

Morris walked across the room.

“Now I’ve been thinking, since I want to catch all of them and put them where they belong and also how I so much as love having this event in my beautiful town. I want one of you to go in the event itself and just tear it all down piece by fucking piece! Make them consider coming to cities and wrecking everything in their paths like they own the place. Now what we’ll do is we’ll use one of the cars we repoed, build it to look like what those motherfuckers expect it to be, on the inside we’ll get to know our fine visitors, and finally when we get all of them together, bam, we go in and bring them home! State Prison ya hear and their precious little cars go strait to my crusher!”
The room gave a cheer along with shouts “Get their asses chief!”

“So, I need a volunteer. Well really there is only one of us here that has the skills and balls to keep up with these fuckers and can think like them. So really you’re being voluntold!” Chief Morris looks at one of the agents. Mother fucking Johnson!"
The room pans to the agent.
“Shit, I thought you wouldn’t ask sooner!” Johnson replied. “Where do we start?”

We meet Johnson, Morris, Brenda and a few city mechanics at the police garage. They approach a certain sports car that definitely looked the part. It was a dark purple EFI Komi S that was definitely built for the track. With its rear 650hp boxer 6 twin-turbocharged engine and aggressive aero package. It was a stunner.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.” Morris stated,
"We got ourselves a special one off thanks to us! I mean the original builder has to serve 5 years as well as having this bad boy with illegal mods impounded by us, he is never seeing this car again. This will be our little trojan horse."Johnson took a full 360 around the car. “I can see the guy has some pretty good taste. A damn EFI Komi. That must of costed him a pretty penny!”
“Well it’s ours now free of charge!” Morris smiled.
Johnson opened the door of the Komi and got a feel of the car. The car was stripped inside, digital gauge clusters and stitched bolstered racing seats. “I could use this bad boy as a full time squad car.” he replied.
“Well, it’s yours until this God damn event is over, every one of them behind bars and all including this one in the crusher. We ain’t having none of that here!” said Morris. “Now get out and let’s plan this shit out.”
“You got it chief!” Johnson said. Taking a look over the Komi again. “Sucks such a piece like you has to have a fate like that… Well, we’ll have fun while it lasts!”
“Let’s go Johnson!” Brenda shouted as they were headed back to the office.
“Yeah, I’m right behind you.”

------Character Bio-------
Name: Johnson Ray
Nickname: Johnson
Origin: Horizon Bay, CA
Vehicle: 2012 EFI Komi S
Character Bio: Johnson Ray is a man in his early 30s. He has been serving with the Police Academy for 10 years until he was tasked with the Street Tactic Division for his skills in driving and his street smarts. His brother died in a street race when he was younger and sworn against street racing altogether and joined the forces with the goal of ending it in his city. He is more than willing to do what he can. So he enters the Street Showdown.


Do I spot a fellow Komi-san fan??? O_O



Made a small oneshot manga for this but i rushed it =_= so please forgive me if it is rough! It is also a manga so right to left!

Prologue: 11:35PM JST, Minato City, Tokyo prefecture, Japanese archipelago. The cool summer night breeze and humid climate surrounds the city. It is late after a night shift doing his usually overtime work at his office with his fellow co-workers. He never would ever think anything fun would happen now… Past his young youthful days during the 90s, oh the nostalgia.

Scene 1: Izawa types in the password and opens the heavy rugged metal door. His body tired from overtime and work. He closes the door as he walks in slowly. He looks at his monitor and spots a recent email from someone. It catches his attention, he quickens his pace and pulls his chair and sits down quickly. As he sits down he reads the email and it peaks his interest. He pulls out his phone while looking intrigued.

Scene 2: About to call his old friends number he unexpectedly receives a call from him, it catches him a bit off guard. He immediately answers the call.

“Moshi moshi (Hello, hello)?.. Oh, I see… Ill meet you there tomorrow. Jā matane (see you later).”

He looks at his phone and puts it back on the table and picks up an old picture of a car. He mutters to himself looking up. His thoughts wonders back to his past and he sighs remembering the youthful exiting days of his past…

Scene 3: The officer worker gets out of his chair without any care, re-energized hearing about the news… Blissfully strolling down his small apartment hall. He grins and mutters out loud and laughs to himself thinking about the irony of his thought only a few minute before,

“I thought my life right now would never get this crazy… ahahhaha… But now I know to expect anything from life… My life is gonna get a whole lot fun…”

He stares out of his apartment window and looks into the city skyline full of life in the night. His fading thoughts of joy, contempt and ready for what is to come… The showdown…

To be continued…

Izawa Akagi's Car

His car of choice is his custom made Tengai Railgun S, it was modified through his own money and through his close friend who helped him out with sourcing the parts and modification across Japan… The car is an experimental sports coupe made by Suisei AMC during the early 00s and late 90s coming stock with a 2.7L I6 Turbo with 400HP with their signature AWD system. However, his modded car far surpasses the limits of the stock car and is still unknown. All there is to know is that it is capable of 300+kmph and is both fast in the straights and in the corners, a jack of all trades

Character details:
Name: Izawa Akagi
Nickname: Himitsu Otaku
Origin: Minato City, Tokyo Prefecture, Japanese Archipelago
Vehicle: 2012 Suisei AMC Tengai Railgun S
Age: 25
Favorite food: Ramen
Favorite anime: A certain scientific rail gun

More Pictures


All Spoken Language is Japanese, unless stated otherwise.

“Okay, Moron. Listen, there’s a race, in America. I want to go.” Senna said to her friend, Tomoki. They were walking down the road in Osaka, towards The Millennium Garage, a well known tuning shop within Osaka, where Senna’s car was.
“So, you’re gonna get the Valence from Here, in Osaka, to America, without it being taken from you?” Tomoki questioned Senna, as they neared the entrance to Millennium. Senna said nothing, as she opened the rolling door, showing her pristine, yet modified, Valence Durene D4

“Just Watch me, Tomoki. I’ll show them what I can do, haha.”

A Few Weeks Later

(In English) “Yes, Yes. No, I’m not Joking, yes my name is Senna. Look, My dad liked Formula 1, and-” The line went dead, as a text came through. South Lot, by the Big Bridge. It's obvious
“South Lot? Fine.” She pulled the car out from where she was parked, and moved under the dead of night to the location. When she arrived, she pulled up along side a rather extensively modified Tanaka Aventis.

She was handed a small pen drive, with THE TASK IS WITHIN Emblazoned upon it. With this, she headed back to her hotel to begin the planning for the events.

The Car

A Modified 1985 Valence Durene D4, with a more powerful V10 under the hood, but not much visual tuning.

The Driver

Senna Matsushita is a Suzuka Born Motorsport’s fanatic, with her own motives, mainly just to show off, and prove to her father she can race.

Large Picture of Senna


Due to reports of misbehavior on this forum leading to a forum ban, @Frankienstein is officially removed from the race, with his name removed from the confirmed players list and his entry vacant. Anyone else can still join the race, but please be civil since this is a forum not a playground.


Somewhere out bush:
Rob: You do realise the Argument “Show-car” isn’t going to work right? and that has got to have at least a ton of bulldust stuck under the body.
Justin: Well this thing is basically race ready and I ain’t passing up this chance to see what it can do.
Rob: You have to be persistent eh? Just saying… J White Senior, Your dad, Isn’t going to like this, sure he had these stories of liaising with the underworld when he was in the Force back in his day, sure got a few friends, but also plenty of enemies, and guilt, fella has PTSD.
Justin: That was back in the 70s!! Surely the world has become a better place.
Rob: I give up, I’m just going to say this, it is almost CERTAIN your 2011 Sabre Utility, that you have put at least $25,000 into with all it’s modifications that have it barely pass the Road legality laws here, will be lost. Either by you recklessly driving… You don’t have nearly the same amount of experience as your Dad when he was in the Police Force a few decades ago. or by the International authorities that must know of this by now ceasing it.
Justin: Yeah Yeah… Whatever. I got the Racing Lessons from him, not you. Besides. If this can’t race. it may as well help carry parts for the people I meet.
Rob: I did hear you are apparently one of the only guys with a car that can do many duties. However don’t blame me if you get into trouble.

The Car??

Well it is 50% truck. and 100% Hooning machine. At heart a Modern Muscle car.

Character details:
Name: Justin White Jr.
Aliases: Reaper’s Courier. The Courier.
Origin: Deniliquin, NSW, Australia
Age: 24
Base Vehicle: 2011 Marksman JSB Sabre Utility Reaper Phase II (Marksman Sabre Ute)
Bio: Son of a Local Police Officer, he grew astray in ideologies, but had the Moral lessons still hammered in from an old man with experience in the force dealing with the underworld. He’ll toughen up and learn the same way his father did, via less legal means. Like Father like Son, always wanted to help out… Didn’t care if his own life in the line. Rob is an old mate. he inherited the 1973 Sabre Hardtop seen from his own father. a certain former Criminal, Doesn’t like talking about it. Though the fact their dads were always playing chess together at the Retirement home and not giving many fusses does show the two boys families did have a long history.

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L.A’s BlackBird Goes to San Diego!

8th June 2012, Los Angeles, 12.17P.M…

After packing his stuff

“My partner is gone, my girlfriend dumped me. I’ve got only you buddy. Let’s go to San Diego together…”
Starts up the car

LED Headlights?

Yes. Before he made the journey, he went to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts to get some new lubrication and stuff, basically servicing the car. Then, he found LED flexible Neon lights. The neon lights got re-purposed into LED DRLs. The neon lights was connected to the battery, which means that whenever the car is on, the LED DRLs are on. Aaron wants a new look to his car and by doing this, he succeeded. Anyways, back to story-telling

Starts praying inside the car, then finished praying. Then, Aaron drove the car all the way to the highway going to San Diego. He saw a semi-truck and he starts slipstreaming behind. He gets bored and starts listening to The Who - Won’t Get Fooled Again.

30 minutes later. He heard the loud, rumbling V8 engine behind him. As he looked into the rear view mirror, he was shocked, but still calm.

“What the hell? No way. Is this real? Am I looking at the ghost? Is this the forgotten one? Let me just check the license plate, holy crap, there’s no mistaking it. This is the one. This is the 2nd opponent at that race, other than the green Ursula, the Kurokama SC-R. The rumors never included him. He is really the ‘Ghost’. He went off the road didn’t he. Hmmm… let’s see if he’s the real deal. So, he started accelerating the car.”

The 648HP V6 starts shouting, then overtook the semi-truck in front
“I am no longer the past. I used to only 600HP. Now, I make 648HP. Not to mention that this baby had a diet. Here goes nothing…”

Goes instantly from 65mph in 4th gear to 100mph in 5th gear in only 3.5 seconds. 100mph, 110mph, 120mph, 130mph, 140mph, 150mph, the Kurokama starts to fall back, 160mph, shifts up to 6th gear, 170mph, 180mph, 190mph, all in only 26 seconds. Goes to 195mph after only 7 seconds. Briefly touches 200mph due to slight downhill after only 16 seconds. By then, there was a 14mph difference and the Tanaka was pulling away.


I took all this data by running my car in this track:
Le Mans 1987-1991

Then, I video’ed my Tanaka, then compared it to the Kurokama starting from the same speed (100mph). Anyways, back to story-telling.

“No way, I’m faster? Damn! Didn’t notice it…”
But then, the fuel light turns on.
“Damn it! Really? Now, of all the times?! Perfect timing! Great! Crap!”
Brakes the car back to only 50mph entering the exit while the Kurokama roars through the highway after turning of his headlights. Then, he goes to the gas station, get’s out of his car, and had a panic attack.
“Oh Lord! Well, that was adrenaline… Wooh! I should be more composed during the street race in San Diego… Is that really a ghost by the way? Damn, this is not even the real race and I’m already getting heated up!”
Then, he paid for the fuel and went on his way to San Diego. Still thinking about that moment reaching over 190mph, where the old tune couldn’t reach. An hour later, he arrived at Horizon Bay, San Diego.


He then went to his rented warehouse, store his car there. He then ordered a taxi to go to his hotel, checked in and slept. To be continued…

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Character Name: Aruna
Character Nickname (aka. name used on races): Snake Eyes
Character origin country: United Kingdom
Vehicle: 2012 Python Essencia (PY-6R) in Kyanite Metallic with Solar Flare painted brake calipers.
Backstory and description: Even from the early years of his life Aruna has always been interested in cars. Come the year 2012, he has bought himself a Python Essencia to use as his street machine at several underground races. He gained the nickname “Snake eyes” from his silent glare at any meeting or race event, as well as his aggressive racing techniques.

Ever since running into issues with the police in the UK, evading them, Aruna travelled to Horizon Bay for a new street racing life.

Hoping to win it big time, he decided that he’d enter the Street Showdown.

Aruna's ride