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The Street Showdown Challenge - On Hold ATM


Mt. Haruna, Gunma, Japan - A few months before The Showdown.

A young, red-haired woman stood in a garage in front of a small, yellow hatchback, a large grin on her face, her arms folded over her chest.

“This’ll be perfect!” She said to no-one in particular as she admired the lines and aesthetics of the hatchback.

This was the garage of a regular street racer seen on the Jomo-Sanzan Panorama Highway. Her name is Mizuki Yano and she is usually seen driving a bright yellow 1998 Voltan Switchback.

However, she had taken time out of her regular street races as she had been browsing internet forums when she had come across a post mentioning a Showdown race in America.

Deciding to enter it, Mizuki had found a fairly clean example of a 1993 Voltan Roundabout RS at one of Japan’s famous auction houses. She didn’t want to wreck her Switchback, or get it impounded while over there, so decided buil;ding a new car for American excursions would be best.

As the wheeks went by, more progress was made to the vehicle. The interior had been fully stripped and a roll cage put in, as well as two racing bucket seats.

The hatchback also had a new engine: a custom 3.2L DOHC flatplane V8 with twin-turbos. The little V8 screamed past 9,000 rpm and it made a glourious sound whilst doing so.

A custom AWD drivetrain designed to handle the new engine was transplanted into the car. Lickily, the floor had a tunnel large enough for the AWD system to fit. If it was still just FWD, the little hatchback wouldn’t have been able to handle the beastly screamer of a V8.

The weeks continued ticking by, getting ever closer to the deadline where Mizuki would have to ship her car over to the US, ready for the Showdown race.

On the final day before the deadline for shipment to the US, Mizuki finally finished her creation. A monster of a hatchback stood in front of her, now wearing a bright blue paint job instead of yellow. A massive wing had sprouted out of the boot, and a custom widebody kit had been created, taking inspiration from sharp cut rally car arches and Super GT cars.

Character Name: Mizuki Yano
Character Nickname: Mitzu
Character origin country: Japan
Vehicles: 1993 Voltan Roundabout RS


Oooh LS4 / Taurus SHO vibes with that FWD V8


The travel

Somewhere on the road.

Its 4:50 somewhere just infront of Horizon Bay. Kyle didnt take the highways here, but rather the backroads. Not just to avoid the cops, but also to be by himself. The car is rumbling along while he drinks his third Demon® energy drink and the same song starts to play for the nineth time.

But Kyle didnt care. These were his hours. The only hours he could bare. The coldness of the night relaxed him and the lack of other people in his way gave him room to think. Think about what the hell he was doing.
Again his eyes glance at the laptop next to him. He normally uses it to get his jobs and routes in the night, but right now only one thing was visable.

That E-mail.

He couldn’t give a fuck about the “Showdown King” or whatever it was.
But the money was useful… Enough to escape this and go somewhere.
Somewhere…not here… It wouldn’t help him fix what he broke but maybe…? Maybe go somewhere where he didnt need to think about this? But was running away the right thing?

His brain started kicking into overdrive. Doubting himself, hurting himself and telling him to just drive into the next tree.
Yeah… That might be the solution…

With that Kyle places his foot on the throttle, letting the needle of his speedo climb higher and higher.
Tyres screeching with every windy bend he took. Every curve the screeching of the wheels gets louder and longer. This road will be the End. His mind scream “THIS WILL BE THE EN…”

“You are about to enter: Horizon Bay”. The sign reads as he races past it. He slams on the brakes, sliding the car sideways over the cityline.

He was sitting there. V8 rumbling, Hazard lights clicking. His mind cleared up.
Maybe it doesnt have to be like that…
He doesnt know.
But one thing he knows is, that he is in bad company, when he is alone.

DISCLAIMER: All events on this thread are fictional. I don't condone any illegal street racing of any kind. IRL, make sure your seatbelts are on, follow the rules, and please drive safely. I will not take any responsibilty if you're involved in such events.

If you haven’t seen my prolouge, please check this link here.


Nobody knows when we started race on streets illegally. Is it from the times when hot rods with excessive kit ruled the sprints? Is it from the mountains where drivers battle against each other on twisty roads? Is it from the hidden organization which it’s modified vehicles blazed on the highway? Who really knows.

Cops hate them, since all they cause is just chaos and crime. But it’s culture is somehow praised by nearly everyone else. There’s movies featuring stories about the urban tales of speeding on roads. There’s video games giving everyone a chance to feel the speed without the risk. And there’s people even starting to take these acts legally by creating races inspired by it, without the fear of cops.

Despite this, the world of illegal street racing is alive and kicking. Nothing right now can stop us. No limits will make us blend in. If they tried to oppress us, we fight back.

Because, we live for the speed.

That means the event is now officially live! First race will be coming on today, or in the latest, tomorrow.


Meeting Mr. Singh @Indomaret

After getting the lowdown on Helda’s Bradford, Claire spotted a tall friendly looking man, about 6’, in his late 30s, standing by a beautiful '46 Karmann Type 5. Unlike with the younger competitors, Claire did not feel as much apprehension introducing herself to Mr. Singh. Unsurprisingly, the conversation moves straight to the cars. Mr Singh starts in on the Barra-powered Karmann:

“It was found in a junkyard and got semi-restored in about a year, before I went into the restomod scene instead. I was interested in it since I like the Californian Hot-Rod scene, but wanted to put a bit of an Australian flair in it, hence the Inline-6 Engine instead of a big V8. I worked in the car for about 6 years in total until 2012, and managed to get 750hp from the turbo 4L i6.”

Claire is quite smitten with the restomod Karmann. Mr Singh asks her about her car and about her experience on the streets of Horizon Bay, but before she starts, she continues commenting on the Type 5.

"It’s quite an impressive thing. That it was a rotten shell, and now looks like this!? I love the blending of different car cultures you’ve got here; I’ve had this idea in my head for a while of blending American with Japanese by doing up a Mustang II in the style of a Japanese Bosozoku/Kaido…”

She trails off as she feels herself moving the conversation off topic. “My car. Right. An LCm79/80.” She motions Mr. Singh to follow her over to her car, then continues: “The cream of the crop of the many 70s RR kit cars floating around, because unlike most of those, it’s not a dressed up Beetle. An Italian and American collaboration in the late 70s; after enough were built for group 4 homologation, the design was licensed out to a few kit car companies.” She excitedly chuckles, and quickly specifies. “This one’s a kit! the originals are far too valuable for something like this!”

As Mr. Singh approaches the car, it’s kit car roots show more strongly. “It’s a 10 footer,” Claire says as they approach it. “Looks great from far but far from great.” There’s a cheapness to the car’s fit and finish that belie it’s exotic shape. Inconsistent panel gaps. Deteriorating, sun-baked plastic trim. A spartan, cheap interior, with a gauge cluster clearly out of a much newer car that juts awkwardly out of the dash.

Claire is quick to point on the car’s aesthetic faults, but Mr. Singh looks at the car with admiration. He always loved the Group 4 silhouette racers back from the days, there’s just something strikingly different than most racers nowadays. “Dodgy as you make it seem with the bodykit, it still have more downforce than mine.” Singh said whilst pointing to his car. “It practically have the same aerodynamic as a brick!”

Claire removes the rear grille, then the panel above it between the spoiler supports, exposing the engine bay.

“This is the party piece though. This here is a Turból 05fm5d. This is the street-going variant of what Turból uses in its FIA GT3 cars. Hell of a motor. Twin turbo V6, 4.1 liters, magnesium block, direct injection, 5 valves per cylinder. It’s lightly modded here, but should be making just under 600 horsepower.”

He gave a whistle after he saw the beautifully crafted engine. “Now that’s one hell of a motor. 600hp is more than enough isn’t it? Especially in a very light car like this” Singh pointed out. “This is what i call a beaut.” He took out his old mobile phone and took a picture of the engine bay and the car at whole.

Turning towards Mr. Singh, she starts on about the streets before before reassembling the 3 piece engine bay cover. “So the streets of Horizon bay vary. On the west, you’ve got downtown and the coastline. Never did much racing there, too much police attention, and damn near impossible to clear out traffic. Out east is where it gets fun; curvy mountain roads go up and down the ridge before settling into hilly, wide open roads across farmland at the base of the mountains, then impossibly flat, straight roads in desert beyond. I know those all those roads like the back of my hand, so I hope more of the races are out there rather than in the city!”

Mr Singh and Claire walk back to his car, and he unlocks the hood latches and opens it. “Mine’s have this Australian made turbocharged 4 litres Inline-6 making almost 750 horsepower reliably. I can easily tune it to go over that, but it’s quite hard to get E85 in the State.”

“It must sound amazing with those ITBs!” Claire says with genuine excitement, before then commenting on the Karmann’s mean stance.

He shrugs. “I tried my best to make it look as subtle as it can, but the standard fenders doesn’t have any space for these wide wheels. So we made these custom ones to fit.” He said whilst patting the fenders. “All in all though, this car is quick at a straight line though can struggle at times in the corners. But it should still be competitive I reckon.”

Mr Singh thanks Claire for more information about the area, and hopes that there are more races with straights and less of a touge run. So far, Mr Singh and Claire are getting on nicely. Before she walks off to meet more of the competitors, Mr Singh wishes Claire well in the competition, and hopes the two still can be friends outside of it.

All of the Completed Characters!!! (So far still missing some)

Thanks for the wait you! I have officially completed all the characters and according to you guys, you want dedicated posts! So here is the dedicated post of all the characters!

(Havent shaded it yet! So still WIP!)

Far Left Side Characters

Furthest left:(Kyle Cloud @Mikonp7) Far left:(Aruna @Aruna) left:(Andrew “Drew” Haring @titleguy1 ) right: Aaron Jones @Aaron.W) Far right:(Nakamura Arinagi @Supermini555) Furthest right:(Pepe Bautista @variationofvariables)

Left Side Characters

Far left:(Sandeep Singh @Indomaret) Left:(Justin White Jr. @That-S-cop) Right: (Show Down King @BannedByAndroid) Far right:(Johnson Ray: @Lazar)

Middle Characters

Left:(Izawa Akagi @Falling_Comet) Middle:(Amaya Yuzuki-Scott @Vena.Sera423) Behind:(Walker @Vena.Sera423 Right:(Ghost @ST1Letho)

Right Side Characters

Left:(Senna Matsushita @Vri404) Middle:(Helda Fincke @yurimacs) Right:(Rin Iwasaki @yangx2)

Far Right Side Characters

Left:(Claire McIntyre @donutsnail) Middle:(Micha Reichsteiner @Xepy) Right:(Mizuki Yano @TheTechnoVampire


So how did the Ute even get to Horizon Bay?

Justin: Hey Rob!!
Rob: What two sh!ts do you want now?
Justin: Didn’t your dad tell us of his time Street Racing in America in the 70’s with those stories we heard when we were younger?
Rob: Yeah…
Justin: Does he still know the people he used to race with.
Rob: I reckon he would still has contacts with some of those people he used to race with… Justin, what are thinking now?
Justin: Just seeing if he might be able to help.
Rob: Excessive sighing

Justin: Hey Mr Snow!!
Richard Snow, Rob’s dad: What do you want whipper snapper!?
Justin: How often do you talk to your old mates in the States?
Snow: Every so often, think last thing we talked about was the Horizon bay Street showdown.
Justin: You know about that as well?
Snow: Word spreads quickly, you got an invitation didn’t you.
Justin: Yes…
Snow: I reckon I can get a few mates to help you out getting to the Bay. I used to race there back in the early 70’s. well before I ran down here, in which I ran into your Dad when he was patrolling with the old boats. I mean every other full size car back in the day were boats as well.
Justin: Could you not ramble on about the old days.
Snow: Sorry about that. I’l get a few mates to help you out.

An image of Justin White Senior's ride in 1973


Justin: Right. Weber Barbecue, 40 Litre Esky, Bolt cutters, Imperial and Metric Screwdrivers, Imperial and Metric Spanners, Imperial and Metric Sockets, Racket Straps, Corded rope and Lunette hitch.
Rob: I think you have everything you need. Suppose I’l see you in a few weeks.
Under a scheduled time Justin loads his Sabre Ute into a Container for Transport to the States.

At a later point after a llight to the Bay via Tokyo INTL Airport.

Justin (on the phone): Hey… Derek. Where would you be?
Derek: Just downtown from the Dockyards. I have a Trailer for you.

Justin: Thanks Derek. Now let’s get on the way to the bay.

Justin at the sight of the Event… No one here has a Trailer… and is that a Barra I hear?


10th June 2012, Horizon Bay
11:30 AM
Showdown@2012, Day 1

The first race was held in that day. Under a background of strong EDM and D&B, People were coming to see the great race that is soon to be started.

Minutes after, all racers have entered the scene. Yeah. More than 20 people were competing in the race for the Showdown King title. Some specatators came to see the mighty amount of racecars as well. Among the spectators, The Showdown King, wearing a khaki jacket, jeans, red cap, sunglasses and a mask was watching the racecars on the starting line. Nobody knew the existence of The Showdown King as they are more attracted to the race itself, and because nobody knew he was there.

Race 1: Downtown

sorry for my shit tier photo editing

Day of race: June 10th, 2012 (in-game), October 20th, 2019 (IRL)
Time of race: 11:30 AM (in-game)
Race type: Sprint
Race length: 4.02 km *2 = 8.04 km

The City track is probably the shortest race in the event. Located in the CBD area of Horizon Bay, the racetrack is mostly compromised of straights and 90-degree curves, due to the nature of the city itself. It’s also the first race of Showdown@2012.



1st: @donutsnail - 20 points
2nd @Lazar - 16 points
3rd @yurimacs - 12 points


Best surprise: Somehow, that Barra restomod driven Mr.Singh (@Indomaret) has a super weapon on this track. I was expecting a worse lap time but this is really something that I felt suprised.

Not expected to see this: Bonnie’s Antares (@Dorifto_Dorito ). With all those power I expected you to have a good run. Or should you need more accleration on the race?

Worst on the course: Everyone is posting sub 2 min 20 sec times but the CrowdControl’s SuperCoupe made it after that barrier.

Best on the course: Gray on the other hand got a blistering 2:07.21 in the street race. Seriously, well done.

Other news: -


With the first race done, night events will commence starting from now. The night events will end when I said so, and also announce the wanted status of all players. Races will come after that.

Any questions, including issues about the race, feel free to PM me.

Manga Update!!!
Sorry i keep on spamming post but here is some announcements on my manga! I'm doing a graphical update which means im using a bigger canvas which means i can add more precise detail. This can means it would look clearner and have a more refine look, but also will take slightly longer and would change the characters appearance by a bit! Sorry if this bothers you! X_X

Revamp Graphics! With grain of salt did this in less then 10 mins

Funfacts and trivia!

  • My favorite design so far is @Aruna character which is himself, it was hard but was rewarding for me to draw into a human!
  • The most common clothes were the jeans and regular T-shirts a lot of you guys wore jeans and T-shirts
  • @Aaron.W’s character is the tallest of the bunch at 195cm and the shortest person is @yangx2 character Rin at 150cm


The night before the race.
Somewhere in Horizon Bay, CA.

What seemed to be a ‘black’ Yuro Glaze rolls into a parking lot where the supposed ‘Street Showdown’ would be happening. The driver parks in between two cars and tries to calm down for a second.

“Pepe, get yourself together.”

He says to himself. Before he gets out of the car, he makes sure his FiveseveN’s magazines are loaded and tucks his pistol into the back of his pants, making sure the safety is on. He loads his .44 Magnum and leaves it below the drivers seat in case he’d ever need it.

“Locked, and loaded.”

He nervously gets out of the car and decides to look around a bit. On the left of his car looks to be an orange Kuma RCX. The car looked rather familiar with its honeycomb-esque livery.

“This must be the German Hornet or whatever he was called.”

He thought to himself. The car in front of him looked to be a black Tanaka, but due to the darkness of the night, he is unable to make out the trunk lettering on the car. He notices the man standing next to it and is astounded.

“Holy shit, is that LA’s Blackbird? he’s huge! Absolute unit! How does he even fit in his own car?!”

He then looks to the right of his car and is shocked by the sight in front of him. A black FWT Vinette, the same he encountered at the gas station he worked at a couple of days before.

“Wait a second, doesn’t that mean…”

Before he could even think, someone suddenly grabs him from behind.

“What the-?”

He says in a silent voice. The person who grabbed him behind seemed to be none other than the driver of the black Vinette. He was grabbed rather aggressively to the point his sunglasses fell off.

“Is that you my dear Pepe?”

The girl said. She grabbed him tighter to bring herself closer to where she was breathing into his ear, her chest was pressing hard on to his back.

“W-wh?! A-Amaya?!”

His face flusters up slightly.

“Y-yeah. I guess.”

He answers.

“I’m surprised you’re here!”

She smirked.

“Are you stalking me?”

Amaya’s chest pressing up against Pepe’s back was enough for him to start thinking lewd thoughts. At this point, his Mt. Kanlaon (dormant volcano) was about to turn into Mt. Mayon. (active volcano)

“N-no! Of course n-not! Why would I? E-eheh!”

He says in an incredibly nervous voice.

“Eh… I’m sure you may be.”

She blew in to his ear.

“I’m sure you had wild fantasies of me from the time we met at the gas station.”

Chills are sent up his spine. Breasts pressing up on his back, the sweet voice of a cute girl whispering into his ear, and her breath blowing softly as she spoke.

“D-definitely not! A-aha!”

At this point, he doesn’t know what to do, his mind is filled with just lewd thoughts and pretty much nothing else. He glimpses back at his car then remembers why he came here.

“S-so anyway, how about you? What are you doing here?”

He tries to calm himself down.

“Why are you changing the subject?”

She smirked and looked at the Yuro Glaze that was next to them.

“Is this yours?”

She asked. He looks back at his car.

“Y-yeah, it’s mine.”

“It’s cute. So you’re racing too?”

“If you could call it racing, I guess.”

He says in a rather monotone voice.

“Eh… doesn’t that excite you one bit?”

“It kind of does. The wheel’s friction, quickly grasping the road’s condition, the vehicle’s inertia, then turning the wheel in accordance and immediately seeing the result of those actions. They’re all very exciting stuff, I could’ve probably fell in love with racing…”

He sighs and continues looking at his Glaze. Amaya giggled.

“Well you want to do something more exciting?”

“E-eh? What do you mean?”

He says in a rather confused tone.

“We can take off for the night and head to my place.”

She said as her finger started touching his chest.

“We can watch movies… What’s your favourite?”

Yet another chill is sent up his spine.

“Going to a girl’s place?!”

His mind started going wild like the immature cuck he is. However, he tries to remain calm and composed and answers her question with some confidence.

“M-my favourite movie, eh? I’d say… M-Mulan? The story about a girl sacrificing herself for her father’s sake is rather touching…”

“Ara ara… Then, how about I make a man out of you, mister…”

She then took a nibble of his ear.

“Eh? E-EH?!”
At this point, Pepe had no idea what he was getting himself into.

“Making a man out of me? What could she mean? Unless…”

What he was thinking was, let’s just say not very appropriate.

“W-wait, what?!”

He says nervously. Meanwhile, a woman started walking towards the Kuma, it was Hornet.

“Tchh… It’s her.”

Amaya said in a rather annoyed tone.

“W-wait, who?”

Pepe looks around.


Amaya stated.

“H-Hornet? As in the famous German Hornet?”

He asks nervously as he sees the blonde German girl approached the orange Kuma. As the blonde woman approached the Kuma, she noticed something on the ground - a pair of sunglasses. Pepe’s sunglasses. She gingerly picked them up, brushing her hair behind her ear with her other hand. As she did so, she noticed the two.

“Oh… aren’t you looking more lively now?”

Hornet said, smiling at the two.

“And how are you Ms. Hornet?”

Amaya smiled at her trying to keep her composure, trying her best not to look at her bossom.

“As good as earlier, Ms. Night Rain. Who’s your friend here this time?”

Hornet asked.

“W-wait, so she’s the fabled Hornet?”

Pepe looks at Hornet, with a confused face.

“Not only that, but holy shit, are all female drivers this hot?”

Again, his immature mind went wild as he carefully examined the girl like the pervert he is, until his eyes were covered up by Amaya.

“This is my cute little friend Pepe.”

She said as she was starting to feel protective.

“W-what the heck?!”

Hornet tilted her head wondering what Amaya was doing, but decided not to question in.

“Ah, nice to meet you. Oh! And perhaps these are yours?”

She gestured with the sunglasses she held. Pepe pulls Amaya’s hands off of his eyes and attempts to get out of her grip.

“A-ah yeah, those are my sunglasses. Thanks.”

He takes his sunglasses and puts them back on. Though honestly, what kind of dumbass wears sunglasses at night? Amaya didn’t like that Pepe started to escape. She thought that he was falling into Hornet’s charm.

“You should be careful with them. They’re nice sunglasses, don’t want to lose them.”

Hornet winked. She then looked around a bit.

“Say, where did your other friend go, Night Rain?”

“Oh he’s in the restroom. Said something that maybe the hot dog he ate was fried in Astrol Motor Oil or something.”

“Yikes, I will have to be careful of the American cuisine.”

Hornet noted.

“The poor guy…”

Amaya said. Pepe was starting to squirm more and more. She then felt something hard on Pepe’s left hip.


She thought.

“What does he have there?”


Pepe looks at where Amaya was groping. He then remembered he left his pistol tucked in his pants.


He attempts to escape but to no avail, Amaya’s grip was way too strong for his small and frail body.

“Ara ara… what has gotten in to you Pepe?”

“Ahaha… Please forgive me.

He says in an anxious voice and looks down at the ground.


She ponders. Hornet giggled a bit.

“I see that the two of you are close. Though you may want to perhaps find somewhere a bit more private.”

Walker then left the restroom, still feeling a little discomforted.


He said as he slowly walked up. Pepe’s phone rings all of a sudden.

“Eh… is that your girlfriend?”

Amaya proclaimed.

“Are you seeing other women than me?”

“What are you doing?”

Walker said as he slowly approached the three.

“Oh Hey Micha!”

He waved at Hornet.

Pepe looks at the man.

“Who could he be? Unless…”

He thought.

“Hello again, Walker!”

Micha greeted back.

“I was returning Night Rain’s… friend here’s sunglasses.”

“Friend huh?”

He looked concerned. But his stomach was growling.


Pepe says nervously to the man.

“Ugh Amaya… we may need to head back to the campsite.”

He said to Amaya.

“Would boyfriend have been a better term?”

Micha asked, looking at how Amaya was holding Pepe. Walker just stood there with a blank look in his eyes.

Pepe says embarrased.

“Yeah I think we may need to have a talk about that… Amaya…”

Walker said while his stomach growled even more.

“I think we need to leave ASAP…”

“Eh but the star of the show hasn’t arrived yet!”

Walker then started to walk to the Vinette.

“It’s been good seeing you Micha. We’ll see you tomorrow!”


Amaya had a disappointed look.

“Well Pepe, looks like we have to part for now.”

She said and gave Pepe a peck on his cheek.

“We’ll see you on the starting line!”

“See you tomorrow!”

Micha smiled and waved. Peoe flusters up.

“Y-yeah. See you guys…”

The Vinette then gave a quick loud startup with a few pops of the exhaust, and left the parking lot. As the Vinette leaves, Pepe then looks at Hornet and nervously asks.

“S-so you’re Hornet?”

“Mmmhmm. The one and only!”

Micha winked.


He then feels his pocket vibrating.
“Oh, right.”
He mouths “excuse me” to Hornet and picks up his phone.

“Good evening Pepe, how are ya doing? Pretty hot chicks you’ve got there.”

“Shut up, what do you want now?”

“Nothing much, just wanted to check up on ya. You seemed to be having some fun with those race queens, eh?”

“They aren’t race queens. That was Germany’s Hornet, and the infamous Night Rain. Besides, where are you anyway?”

“Really now? Well, I was just about to close down my hotdog stand, its getting rather late and sales seem to be slowing do-”

“Hotdog stand? Were you cooking them with motor oil by any chance?”

Silence ensues.


“Well, yes but-”

“Where’s your stand? I’d like to pay a visit.”

“It’s uh, yeah. It’s by the other stands. It has a large sign that says ‘TopDog’ on it. Care fo-”

Pepe hangs up. He looks at Hornet.

“I’ve gotta do something real quick.”

He gets his pistol out of his pants and walks towards the stand.


The Revenge of Pepeng Kaliwete Part.03
@Vena.Sera423 (Amaya/Night Rain)
@Xepy (Micha/Hornet)

extra notes

yes, Jeremy is a clone of Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson
also this was posted way too late because fuck my life


Night Event - Day 1

First things first, sorry everyone, the first race do ended up being nothing seriously bad, but I do feel a little bit gullible about it. With some cars won the first round it’s easy to believe that if I keep not bothering it again, the event will end up badly.

So, with the first race comes to an end, I think I need a new law for the event, to prevent any issues on the next race. Yeah, admit that, the Downtown race isn’t that great at all, and to make things more fair there will be some new rules for the RP event.

Ladies and gentlemen. Meet Damage Status. This shiny new status provides everyone the way to make the race more fair and square. Done a small damage? Boom, slower lap times. Totaled? Goodbye, Horizon Bay. Make sure to keep your damage down and or else you will be greeted with some issues. The lighter the car, the more damage you can face.

WL: Weight level
CD: Car Damage Status
WS: Wanted Status

Some small tips about the Night Event:

Weight level: This level rating means that how much crashes you could take. Lighter cars (aka. lower weight levels) will have lower crash resistance than heavier ones. The rating are also depends on which engine layout and material used on the race.

Ratings will start from 1 (higher chance of wreckage) to 6 (lower chance of wreckage), and each rating will depends on the vehicle’s engine layout, materials used and weight.

Layouts Possible Rating
Front engine High
Mid/Rear engine Low

Materials Possible Rating
Steel (standard steel, AHS steel, partial aluminium) High
Aluminum Medium
Glass Fiber Low

Weight Possible Rating
>1600 kg High
1400 - 1600kg Medium
1200 - 1400kg Low


  • Busted: Racer will be out from the race , will not be released until the next race ends.
  • Totaled: Racer will be out from the race with no return.

Car damage status:

None: No changes
Light: +2 seconds on next race
Medium: +5 seconds on next race
Heavy: +10 seconds on next race
Severe: +15 seconds on next race

After the race is done all vehicles will be restored to it’s zero damage status.
Suggestions will be given until I said so.

Enjoy your RP-ing, racers!

Username Car Crash Rating Status
Vena.Sera423 2010 Factory W Tuning Vinette 3
DoritoDorifto 2002 Kepler Antares 1
Mikonp7 2005 Deer And Hunt SuperCoupe 6
Aaron.W 1996 Tanaka 300X Turbo Spec A 3
ST1Letho 1984 Kurokama SC-R 6
Indomaret 1946 Karmann Type 5 3
Xepy 2010 Kuma RCX 1
randomtuner 1990 Jupiter Taikana 6
titleguy1 2011 Rigore Caelum MT-R Coupe 6
yangx2 2003 Huangdou Sprint 2
donutsnail 1979 LCm79/80 1
Lazar 2012 EFI Komi S 2
Falling_Comet 2012 Suisei AMC Tengai Railgun S 2
Vri404 1985 Valence Durene V10 Custom 2
The S-cop 2011 Marksman JSB Sabre Utility Reaper Phase II 5
Aruna 2012 Python Essencia 3
SpeedLife1 1998 Reizei Oxygen SE 2.0 4
GassTiresandOil 1970 Armor Tempas 3
Supermini555 2003 Taruda Jinsoku R 2
variationofvariables 1998 Yuro Glaze 2.4 L Coupe 3
nialloftara 1967 Centauri Marauder GTX 3
TheTechnoVampire 1993 Voltan Roundabout RS 3
yurimacs 1979 Bradford Urform Turbo 2

(Higher rating = lesser chance of getting wrecked)

Small notes: Higher rating does not mean your car is not mean your car is safe. You would still get serious crashes.

Ratings and rules are not yet confirmed. You may notify me if there’s an issue with the ratings.


Real good stuff


OK, some small PSA. I think from today on I’ll halt the challenge for a while, due to some issues related to the challenge itself + personal issues. No, that doesn’t mean the whole challenge is dead, there’s no way I want to stop the whole challenge, but I think I need a real time thinking about it.
Thanks for the support and all of the fun everyone, SSC will return when I’m ready.
In the meanwhile expect other stuff by me from other places first.
Night events will be commenced in the meantime, and no entries will be affected yet.


Stage 1

10th June 2012 | 09:00 | 2 hours before the race...

Hidden in a trailer behind the cover car, sat the Antares. Light shone through the window above, reflecting off the shimmering cherry red paint. It was "Bonnie's" pride and joy. She had bought if after her first big paycheck from the boss years ago and after thorough modifications, the car had become a thundering beast.

As they drove along the highway to the race ‘Clyde’ asked.
“You think you’ll win?”

‘Bonnie’ smirked.
“Yeah sure. I’ve known these streets for years. No way can I lose.” “Besides, that car ain’t a slouch. Its hiding a big secret you know.”

“Sure, but you know you’ll be up against people with similar cars.” ‘Clyde’ responded.

After another hour on the road, they finally reached the event. All eyes were on the newcomers as they parked the cover car outside the garage.

“Ah we’re here.” “Right, help me unload the car and under no circumstances open the hood. We can’t let them see what’s under there just yet.” ‘Bonne’ remarked as she stepped out the car.

As she stepped out she could feel everyone staring at her like daggers piercing through. As they unloaded the Antares, they noticed a commotion on the other side of the pit lane.

“The hell’s going on there?” ‘Clyde’ asked.

“Eh, I don’t know, looks like some sort of supermodel or something. Something about a bunny. Not that it matters” replied ‘Bonnie’ shrugging off the matter. “Let’s just get this car race ready”…

As ‘Bonnie’ drove right back into her pit she was met with a rather angry little girl…
“Shit”, she thought to herself. “So much for talking big…”

As ‘Bonnie’ wearily stepped out the car, ‘Clyde’ immediately started her tirade.
“What the fuck was that! You said you had no problem winning! How the fuck are we gonna meet the showdown king at this rate.”

“Look I don’t know, I thought I had it in the bag…” 'Bonnie replied, trying to calm the girl down.

“Had it in the bag? HAD IT IN THE BAG?! They all smoked you. So much for that big ‘secret weapon’ you had or that street knowledge” the girl screamed “I should have just sabotaged everyone else’s car before the race.”

“OI QUIET…” 'Bonnie shouted under her breath. “And if you did that, then we would be disqualified… Look, I don’t know what happened. They just…they just launched from the start faster and every time they got to the corners, they would just accelerate out of them so much faster than I could.”

“Well you better get results fast or the boss isn’t gonna be pleased…” the girl replied, as they started to pack up the car ready for the next race…


Dawn of the First Race


Returning to her apartment, Micha opened up her macbook - decorated with a bee sticker on the glowing apple logo. This was to be her American debut race, and it looked to be quite the big one at that. Though Micha typically was the type to go in blind and let her skill hardcarry to victory, this time around she figured she may as well see what all the hype was about the Showdown King. Opening the chat group she had with a group she ran with back in Europe (Known as The Hive), Micha let them know of the news.

Note on The Hive

A small group of racers from Europe that operates less as a crew but more as a support for each other. The drivers operated very independently, often times being in separate cities, but gave info on big events and advice on cars and racing in general. Hornet herself had the most notoriety of the group, occasionally unintentionally having some of the others’ achievements attributed as her own by others.

Hornet: Got myself into a race for Saturday! Street Showdown
Stinger: So that was the big one I told ya about? Got deets?
Hornet: Nine races, best 5 go on to a tenth
Stinger: Interesting, that many should put lotta heat on
Stinger: Sounds like good fun
Yellowjacket: Do you know who you’re racing?
Hornet: Just one. Last race is against “The Showdown King”

Micha waited a bit for the next message.

Yellowjacket: Oh.
Hornet: ???
Hornet: Oh?
Stinger: I think you should have heard of him as the Green Devil

Now that was a name Micha had heard of.

Hornet: Oh!
Yellowjacket: Might not be the best idea to deal with that right away in America
Yellowjacket: That guy can be life ending.
Stinger: Plus the type he attracts, there might be some in the race that won’t be so… nice to work with

Micha thought for a moment, but the decision was already made in her head.

Hornet: But what a way to start if he’s the one I beat to start here!
Hornet: So thanks for your concern
Hornet: Its not my way to back out
Stinger: Ya really don’t change
Yellowjacket: I warned you
Yellowjacket: So don’t come crying to me
Hornet: When will I ever come crying to you?
Yellowjacket: ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Yellowjacket: One day mayb
Hornet: Naaaah
Hornet: Talk to you guys later

Micha signed off and closed her laptop. She felt giddy from the news in all honesty. Oh the risk… the craziness of her life. The near death experiences, the speed and the feeling of pushing life to its limit. It just gave her a high like no other…

Entering into the venue, Micha smiled as she noticed the looks her car was getting. The color and design was likely the reason, though the straight pipe exhaust certainly helped turn heads over to any that wasn’t immediately looking her direction. As she pulled into the designated lot for the drivers, the eyes only continued to follow.

Her own first sight into the lot however was a particularly huggy interaction. Certainly not the first thing Micha had expected of a racing event, but can’t say it was on the list of worst things to see. She parked her car and noticed that the more lively girl (and man who accompanied the girl) had left to talk to another driver. Leaving the bunny themed girl in front of the white Huangdou Sprint. There was a feeling of… familiarity? that Micha got from looking got from just looking at the vehicle in question.

“It is similar to my own…” She thought, and decided to approach the driver.

“Are Americans typically so huggy?” Micha started, going with the first thing she saw.

Rin responded with a shrug - little to no emotion on her face. At this moment in time, Rin would usually just turn around and get back to her business, but something caught her eye.

That orange Kuma… it hits with a familiar aura. Why do I feel this way?
Rin was well-lost in her thoughts until Micha waved her hand in front of her. Both were now staring and the infamous Hornet.
“Like it?”

Rin, trying to get words out, was interrupted by Micha holding her hand out for a handshake. “Hornet! Call me Micha”

“U-Usagi… Rin…” Rin shook her hand rather timidly.

Micha then continued. “Resident party crasher of Western Europe! All the blokes talk high and mighty about their rides and then boom, I come in! Then everyone’s all like ‘Heilige Scheiße! It’s Hornet! The unknown racer of the West!’”

Unknown racer… party crasher… urban legend… it all hit Rin.

Rin… she discarded her heart, sold her soul to the devil living this life.
She raced in solitude.



She had no idea why.

This girl, she lived the same…
…but why was she so happy?

“Hey…” Rin suddenly interjected, head down. Micha instantly stopped talking.

“…why do you race?”

“Why I race… It’s fun no?” Micha started. “I love the rush, the risk, and I won’t lie, the attention it brings. And being the one to knock people down a few pegs is just my style.” Micha paused for a moment “plus, I’m good at it! How about you, Rin, why do you race?”

Rin, her voice shaky and fighting back tears, responded.

“I don’t know.”

Micha put a hand on Rin’s shoulder. “No one is forcing you to race right?”

Rin shook her head.

“Then you’re here because you want to. Maybe that’s reason enough?” Micha then noticed a few others checking out her car. “Anyways, it was nice meeting you, let’s have a good race tomorrow yah?”

Micha gave a wave to Rin, then headed off to see another two - a man and a woman - checking out her car.

“Excuse Me!” Micha said as she approached the two. “I see you’re admiring my car here.”

Micha gave a smile as Walker turned around while Amaya was still looking at the Kuma.

“Why hello!” Walker said, “Are you by chance the driver?”

“Mmmhmm. Yes, I am.”

“Really, you’re the Hornet?” as Walker was stunned, “I was expecting you to be…”

“Taller, a man, less attractive, perhaps a combination of the three?” Micha interrupted as she winked.

“Yeah…” Walker paused.

“Who’s that you’re trying to impress dear Walker?” as Amaya looked up.

“It’s the Hornet!” as Walker turned.

“Really!” Amaya rushed to them.

“Hello there.”

“You’re the legendary Hornet?” she asked.

“That is correct. Amazed that word of me spread this far actually!” Micha laughed.

“I read about my urban legends and I heard about your Kuma.” Amaya smugged then started examining her. “But I was expecting you to be more of a… EEEEHHHHH!!!” Amaya paused and stopped moving. In her mind you can hear glass shattering. Walker looked at her puzzled.

“I do get that a lot.” Hornet giggled. She then looked at Amaya for a bit, who was still frozen after several seconds. “Uhm… is she okay?”

Walker waved his hand in front of her eyes. “That’s a first.” he stated. “Well never mind her, she is Night Rain. She will be contending with that Vinette you see right next to you.” as he pointed toward the black FWT Vinette.

“Ah… she’s another driver.” Micha smirked, looking over at the Vinette. “Definitely pleased to make your acquaintances.”

“I’m Walker!” he said as he put his hand out for a handshake.

Micha firmly grasped his hand and shook his hand. “I’m Micha! Unless you want to stick with my nickname.”

Surprised by the firmness of her handshake. “Micha!” he nodded, “That’s quite the handshake!”

“I’ve been told.” Micha smiled.

Walker turned over to Amaya who still hasn’t moved. “Well aren’t you going to introduce yourself?” he said to Amaya. She still didn’t budge, he knocked on her head a couple of times. “Seriously what is with this damn woman?” He said to himself.

“She is okay right?” Micha moved closer to Amaya.

Walker sighed. “She usually is a large flirt but I never seen her like this.” He said puzzled. “Don’t get too close to her, she may attack you!”

“I did see her being very huggy earlier when I was heading in here. Perhaps she needs one?” Micha suggested, not exactly paying heed to Walker’s warning.

“A hug is the last thing she needs right now…” Walker stated. “Don’t worry about her. In fact I’ll take her to see what’s up with her. It’s been nice meeting you Micha.”

“Alright then, if you say so. It was nice meeting the two of you as well.” Micha smiled. “And best of luck in the races Night Rain.” Micha gave Amaya a hug anyways.

“We’ll be seeing you. Don’t tear it up to much.” Walker said to Micha and waved goodbye to her.

“See you.” Micha let go of Amaya, and waved goodbye.

“Strange girl… wonder what’s up with her.” Micha said to herself as she watched the two walk away. She brushed her hair behind her ear, then looked back at her car…


Credits to @Vena.Sera423 as usual.

Chapter 1 - Pre Show.

The day of the event opener, Horizon Bay Police Headquarters parking lot. Johnson and a couple of mechanics were getting the EFI Komi race ready.

“Alright gentlemen.”
Johnson wiped his brow, “I Think that should do it.” The mechanics got up and wiped their hands.
“This vehicle should be able to handle it, are you sure you wanted to install the undercover package?” one of them says.
“Well let’s hope no one finds out soon enough.” Johnson replied. He sat down and drank some water, it was a warm day today.
“I see you’re taking this job seriously!” Johnson looked up as he sees Agent Brenda approach.
“I want to be ready and capable and be fast enough to catch the Ursula when I need it.” He replied to her. “Not going to lie, this car is starting to grow on me. It kind of sucks that I had to acquire it this way.”
“Well try not to get to attached to it. You know the Chief’s plans for all of the vehicles that have been illegally imported and modified.” she said with a stern look.

“Yeah… I know.” as he took another drink. Brenda’s phone rang as she looked at the ID that said Chief Morris.
“Yes chief!” she stopped and listened. “Yes, he’s here with the car.” she paused again. “Okay.”
She hung up the phone.
“According to chief, our undercover client got us a spot in tomorrow’s race. They request that you should be at the opener tonight.”
“The opener huh… to think it actually is happening.”
“Well, head out to the event and see what we’re up against. There are supposedly 22 drivers including our main target.” Brenda proclaimed.
“Well I’m on it.” He got up, drank the last of his water then hopped in to the Komi. He started the car and the twin-turbo flat six came to life. Johnson suddenly felt a rush through his body he can’t describe. It was like the car was starting to connect with him. “Let’s see what this thing is capable of.” He then pulled out of the police lot and left towards the event.

Chapter 1.5 - The Opener

Johnson arrived at the parking lot where the drivers were to gather to reveal themselves and their heavily modified cars. As he pulled up he received a phone call from his encrypted burner phone that was given to him for this event.

“Have you made it?” Brenda asked.“Yeah, I pulled up. There seems tobe a lot of activity just for the opener.” as he looked around.
“Okay. What you need to do is if you can, take a picture of every vehicle as well as the drivers contending. We need to confirm that these names fit any description in our database.” Brenda proclaimed. “We’ll consider each one as a potential risk of illegal activity.”
“I got it.” Johnson replied.
“Also, if (REDACTED) does appear, do not approach him first. We just need confirmation. Also we need your ears in case of illegally sanctioned street races outside the event.”
“From now on, you will reporting to the address that we messaged you. It is a garage that was raided due to the owner shipping in illegal imported vehicles.”
“I got it Brenda.”
“Okay, for now just lay low and don’t get cocky.”
“Don’t worry.” he answered.
“We’ll see, Out.”
Johnson parked the Komi into a designated parking spot. He exited the car and took a look around. Every car he seen was heavily modified and he could see a few cars that were illegally imported as well.
“Shit…” He said. “This is literally a gold mine.”
A few cars mainly caught his glimpse. A black Tanaka 300X and Kurokama SC-R, an orange Kuma RCX, a Huangdou Sprint, an FWT Vinette, a Suisei AMC Tengai Railgun and a Jupiter Taikana.
“Those are some high profile cars. Including a lot more.” he said
He looked around to see any drivers that he may recognize. He seen what was an almost 2 meter tall man that was next to the 300X.
“Without a doubt that is Aaron Jones.”

He heard a loud scream coming from a section of a parking lot. He looked and there were 2 women and a tall blonde male talking by the Vinette and the RCX.
“Are they race queens? Not going to lie, those girls are pretty cu-”"
“Wait, these are illegal here, so [REDACTED] will have one more thing to look out for.”
He sees two slightly more mature people talking about what looked like a full-bred 70s race car.
“This is going to be one hell of a event to take down.”
He went around the lot to photograph every car as he was ordered, trying not to look suspicious to his contenders.
However he did not go unseen as one of the drivers stood by his Marksman JSB Sabre.
He looked around but the green Ursula somehow wasn’t there.
“Well,the one person we needed didn’t show up to his own show, huh. Good, you were precautious.”
Just then he heard the starting of a vehicle. He turned to see the Vinette starting to take off and in a hurry as well.
“This may be my queue to leave.”
Johnson hopped in his EFI and left the scene to follow the car.


Johnson - Chapter 2 - The First Race.

The day of the race. There was a big crowd forming around as the first event was taking place in a sanctioned part of Downtown Horizon Bay. It was going to be a 4km point-to-point sprint. The grid was gathering at the start, the crowd was roaring as the cars started lining up 2x11. It was 5 minutes until they wave the start. Johnson was starting from the 5th row on the grid. The EFI Komi sat idling. The high profile camshafts and the whistles of the turbos were resinating inside the cab where Johnson was getting mentaly prepared for something he never thought he would do. He was going to do something he’s been against since his brother died from a street race when he was younger. He couldn’t understand why but he felt the Komi was giving him confidence.

“Reggie…” He was saying to himself. “I’m about to do something that took you away from us, even though this is what I have to do to end this.”
He looked at the vehicle who was aligned next to him on the grid. It was that red 70s era race car he seen from last night. He looked to see the driver and was shocked seeing it was a mature woman sitting there who looked like she was not confident in herself being in a grid that was full of people probably the age of her children…
“Why on earth are you here despite your age?” He thought to himself.


Johnson focused back in front of him. 2 girls in skadded clothing walked up from the back of the grid to the front.
“I guess it is time.” He said as he blessed himself. He grabbed the steering wheel tight with one hand and one hand on the shifter. He pressed the accelerator and the flat 6 roared with loud backfires from the exhaust. He can feel it through his body.
“I see… this is probably what you were feeling too huh Reggie.” He smiled.
The Girls now turned to face the grid at the start line.


Now everyone was focused on the 2 girls in front. In your mind was complete silence as both girls raised their arms in the air. All the engines were starting to rev at their rev limiters. The shouting of engines, backfires and the crowd roaring to compete against them.


Both girls dropped their arms and the sound of tires screeching and the loud cry of engines peirced the sky.

The Race of the Street Showdown Was On.


Johnson - Chapter 2.5

Johnson dropped the clutch and accelerated off the line. The Komi pushed him back into his seat as he accelerated from the 650hp twin turbocharged engine.
“Jesus Christ!” He shouted. The grid was approaching into the first corner, he touches the brakes to a firm pedal that slowed the car down instantly. He passed one of the cars in front of him and accelerated out of the corner down another straight. The red race car was right on his bumper.
“Okay!” Johnson nodded going through gear by gear. “God damn you are insane.” as he started to grin from the performance of the Komi. The acceleration got him passed a couple more cars before he had to brake for the next corner. Which the Komi responded to nicely, again the red race car was on his bumper.
“For a mature woman you’re doing pretty damn good.” He said to himself looking out the rear view mirror. “What is your story in this world?”
He noticed a few more cars too were moving up behind him keeping up. One was an orange Kuma and another an older Bradford Urform.
“You’re all insane!” He thought to himself, “The squadron is going to have a difficult time keeping up with these people!”
However there was something he never thought would happen. With the Komi responding well with his driving, he was getting more confident and began to smile. A few more corners and he passed the leader but there were still a couple more cars that was still on his tail. According to the course there were 4 more corners left until the finish line. The group of 7 were within a couple of seconds of each other. It was down the last major straightaway and the red racecar decided to take the outside lane for turn coming up. A left turn and two right handers to the finish line.
They both enter the left turn side by side where Johnson was on the inside. But the following 2 turns were right turns where the red race car had the advantage. Still side by side and into the last right hand turn. The finish line was in sight and they were still side by side. It was a drag race down the final straight. The red car took the advantage and shot out the corner just passing ahead of the Komi. It crossed the finish line by over half a second.
“Damn…” He said to himself, but astonished by what he just achieved. It was really his first time in an actual race. His heart was beating through his chest with his palms sweating. It was here that he became addicted to racing like what his brother did before. He looked around the Komi. “You’re one hell of a car. I hope I can work with you longer than this.”


Before the race

Kai is sitting by his car in the parking lot thinking about all the possibilities that could happen in the race.

“I could dominate the entire race, but it seems unlikely. I know that my car can do it but something feels off, I can’t describe it and don’t know how to fix it. and I don’t feel on top of my game either something that makes me worried for the results in the race that’s going to start any minute now”

After the race

“I knew it I knew it i knew something was wrong but atleast I didn’t come last and i know what I need to fix I just need to go adjust the fuel ratio through the ECU to a leaner mixture but the other’s cars… most of them at least seem to have it all figured out but i don’t know much of what i’m doing, that’s why i hired a mechanic to tweak the setups”

"I hope that the other Serpents are winning their races in Colorado, the races have lower stakes but they need to train to race like these people and then they’d be winning races left right and center, same with getting a heat level though.”


LA’s BlackBird meets Izawa Akagi!

Thanks @Falling_Comet for letting me collab with you!

The day before the race…

Aaron went to the airport to pick up this Japanese man at the San Diego International Airport using a rental car not to attract attention together with Sam. Sam stayed inside the rental car to wait while Aaron goes inside the arrival hall to wait for the person. The person was told to look for a 6 foot 5/196cm man with a messy hair wearing a black hoodie and black jeans. He then looks at Aaron and waves his hand to him.

Aaron: So, you are Izawa Akagi, am I right? Are you here for the Street Showdown Challenge?
Izawa: Yes, indeed I am.
Aaron: Then come and follow me.

Aaron then goes outside the arrival hall and goes to his rental car where Sam is waiting. Aaron opens the hatch to put Izawa’s luggage.

Izawa: Haha. I wasn’t expecting you to show up in that Tanaka Hito.
Aaron: This will do the job.
Izawa: I thought the BlackBird was supposed to show up in some modified Tanaka 300X, not this. I might be expecting you to show up in that red Ursula R1 over there.
Aaron: Haha. You know, cops got stricter here. Me being a 6 foot 5 man, is instantly recognizable to the police. So you know, keep it low-key.
Izawa: Ryōkai!
Aaron: Here, let me help you with the luggage.

Opens the hatch and puts the luggage in, then closes the hatch and enter the car…

Then, the Hito travelled to the highway. After 30 minutes of traffic, it finally got off the highway and goes inside Horizon Bay city.

Sam: Damn, some police activity over here.
Izawa: Yep, I noticed.
Aaron: Maybe they searched the wrong car.
Sam: Just this left and we’re on our way to our garage…

Izawa: Aren’t we supposed to go to the docks first?
Sam: Your car is delivered here last night already.
Aaron: Yep, I can confirm it.
Izawa: Yokkata!

Sam parked the rented Hito outside the garage. All of them got out of the car and went inside the garage, which was locked with a password. Then, they went inside.

Izawa: That’s my car!
Aaron: Yep, your Susei AMC Tengai Railgun S.

That night, they went to the nightly meet-up. They parked their cars next to each other, watching their backs. Aaron then noticed a Yuro Glaze pulling up the parking lot. He also noticed an orange Kuma RCX and a black FWT Vinette. There are several other cars, but those are the cars that stands out to him the most.

Izawa: I’m going to go see the competitors for the Street Showdown Challenge.
Aaron: Alright then, I’m just going to have a smoke.

Then, Aaron and Sam walks around those mentioned cars.

Aaron: That Kuma RCX looks dope.
Sam: That is not just any RCX, it’s the Hornet’s.
Aaron: Oh that one. Let’s see the Yuro Glaze. Hmmm… nicely modified here.

Sam then looks at the 2 girls talking to a short man

Sam: Don’t you think they look ho…
Aaron: I know, I know. I agree. I especially like that girl.
Sam: That one? That’s Micha Reisteiner. The Hornet.
Aaron: You mean the owner of the Kuma RCX?
Sam: Yep, that one.

They just talked to each other for the rest of the night. The next day was the first race of the Street Showdown Challenge. All of them ate breakfast at a diner, then they prepare themselves for the race. They went to the starting line and waited until the lights go green.

“Ready, set, go!”

After the race, they met up again.

Aaron: Damn, just barely beat an AWD swapped muscle car hahaha.
Izawa: Not bad though, still at the top 10.
Aaron: Congrats on getting 6th place! That’s quite good. Obviously I envy you but heck, I think I could do better.
Sam: Just some racer’s excuses.
Izawa: Hahahaha!
Aaron: Damn you Sam!

Then, they ate lunch at KFC. So at night, they stopped at the traffic light side by side to do a drag race. (We’ll leave the race to @Falling_Comet’s roleplay). Then, they went back to the garage again.

Sam: Listen, I got a plan. I need police cars to blend in. Suprise me.

They suddenly heard a knock on the door.

Izawa: That must be Akiro!

Then Sam opens the door to see another Japanese person.

"Speaks in Japanese"
Izawa: Akiro! Perfect timing!
Akiro: Did you win the 1st race?
Izawa: Sadly, not. But I got 6th place.
Akiro: Not bad!
Aaron: What about the police cars?
Sam: We need you guys to steal some police cars. Here are the costume for the HBPD officers and equipment to look like them. You need to get through the security gate, then steal some police cars.
Aaron, Akiro and Izawa: You got it. But there are CCTV cameras.
Sam: I can hack them.

That night, while Sam parked nearby the HPBD police parking headquarters, Sam, Akiro and Aaron went through the security gate.

Aaron: Sam, 3… 2… 1…, hack it!
Sam: Copy that!

Then, the video became a photo just before it got hacked.

Izawa: Look! It’s those Ursulas like yesterday.
Aaron: Let’s take it. Ah crap. It’s got a manual locking door. Didn’t think of it. Let’s smash the windows.
Akiro: No no no! Daijōbu daijōbu, I can picklock it.
Aaron: Izawa, take the one beside mine.
Izawa: Yep. Akiro, help here too.

Then, both Ursula’s driver-side door is open.

Aaron: Akiro, take that Susei AMC TMPD Taka CPD Cruiser!
Akiro: You got it!

Then, they suddenly hear a V8 starting at the parking lot.

Aaron: Sh*t, let’s hide.
Akiro: Under the car!
Izawa: Shimatta! Got no time for this. I’ll hide inside the car.

Turns out, the car was a red Tanaka 450X.

Aaron: Shit! That’s the chief’s car.
Izawa: Kuso. Urusai!

The Tanaka 450X then left after the driver quickly went inside the HBPD HQ. They started the cars and escaped to the garage. They stored the car there and remove its GPS tracking system.

Sam: Great! Take a rest now! I can handle the rest of this.