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The Summer 2019 Automation Collector Car Auction (AUCTION HAS ENDED, THANK YOU TO ALL PARTICIPANTS)


Lot 136 | Paddle 069 | $1,120,000
Lot 138 | Paddle 069 | $360,000


LOT 138, Paddle 010, $565,000


Lot 136, paddle 021, $1,300,000

Edit: due to some refresh issues there may be some last minute confusion. Let me know if my last bid wasn’t legit, as i did edit the bid.


lot 136, paddle 026, $1,200,000

lot 141, paddle 026, $455,000


lot 142, paddle 025, $755,000


Ladies and Gentlemen, the auctions for Lots 136 to 142 have now ended.

Lot Number Buyer Hammer Price
136 strop $1,300,000
137 conan $255,000
138 MGR_99 $565,000
139 Mr.Computah $425,000
140 Dorifto_Dorito $440,000
141 Dorifto_Dorito $455,000
142 Xepy $755,000

The auctions for Lots 143 to 149 are now OPEN.

Lot 143: 1995 Grifone Vistosa

Bidding on Lot 143 begins at $200,000, with a minimum bid increment of $5,000.

Lot 144: 1967 Ziamena Trangula 313 Ghepardo

Bidding on Lot 144 begins at $97,500, with a minimum bid increment of $2,500.

Lot 145: 1965 Silver-York Precinct SS

Bidding on Lot 145 begins at $90,000, with a minimum bid increment of $2,500.

Lot 146: 1990 Žnoprešk Zenit DTMO

Bidding on Lot 146 begins at $90,000, with a minimum bid increment of $2,500.

Lot 147: 1970 Cascadia Fuji Sedan

Bidding on Lot 147 begins at $3,000, with a minimum bid increment of $1,000.

Lot 148: 1984 Boulanger Cyrano 16TI Homologation Special

Bidding on Lot 148 begins at $165,000, with a minimum bid increment of $2,500.

Lot 149: 1987 Python Tornillo

Bidding on Lot 149 begins at $62,500, with a minimum bid increment of $2,500.

Auction timer is here!

Radster's Assorted Cars

LOT 145, Paddle 010, $90,000


Lot 144, Paddle 028, $100,000


This is quite excessive - and yet fitting - for a 90s tuner car, quite frankly. If it had gone to me (with my limited finances) at that price, I wouldn’t have had much left to spend on anything else! I will happily accept it as valid though, unless the bid was not edited in time, which I assume it is.


Lot 149, Paddle 029, $65,000


I wanted it and expected it to go much higher.


Lot 147, Paddle 050, $4000


Lot 147, Paddle 070, $5001


Meanwhile, at the sidelines…

A middle aged woman in a suit unlocked her phone as the round ended. As soon as she got confirmation from the hosts that @strop was the winner of lot 136, she quickly started writing an email.

Lot 143, paddle 023, $205000


Flavour Text continued…

Strop’s phone buzzed yet again. This time in his eagerness to pick up he almost ripped the seam of his pants jamming his hand in his pocket, then the phone flew out of his pocket and he spent the next few seconds juggling it like a hot potato. Finally snatching the damn thing firmly in grasp he picked up and didn’t even bother waiting for a reply before yelling directly into the receiver:


Causing several other patrons, already listening in on the next lots, to cast him the stink eye. Strop didn’t care.

“Yes yes nice job I must say, that’s quite a bargain for a Baroc. I trust you’ll make the necessary arrangements for its safe delivery.”

The sudden formality of Dan’s tone did little to harsh Strop’s vibe as he knew full well it was purely because she was holding it in, in turn because she didn’t want to praise an employee she’d just been chewing out earlier because that would be embarrassing or something. No wonder rumours about her mystery dungeon were so rife.

“It shall be done,” Strop replied with a facetious flourish, then decided what the hell, go full send. “By the way, did you see that the sale of the other asset has about paid for the purchase of the Seabeast.”

“That I did.” Pause. “You know I would still prefer a classic sports car to muscle in the portfolio. The muscle is gonna clash.”

This time, Strop felt secure enough that he could justify himself without risking getting hung upside down on the Inquisitor’s rack and pegged with a Bad Dragon fantasy dildo while having hot wax poured on his nipples or some shit undue punishment. “Ah but it will appreciate much faster given the future state of the automotive industry.”

Dan clicked her tongue. “We’ll see I suppose. You’re free to look for other worthy investments with the remainder of the balance. Just don’t send me broke.”

There it was, sweet vindication and validation in one. On reflection, working for Dan really was like being slave to some BDSM mistress… Which given Strop was the company lead designer, not some sex slave let alone an acquisitions agent, made him wonder why the hell it was him who had to do this job. Whatever.

“And don’t forget, Lilith doesn’t factor in. That’s our usual charity deal yeah?”

“Yes yes I’m all over it. Just wait til you see the presentation for that one.”

“Alright I’ll leave you to it then.” Strop distinctly heard the pop of a champagne cork followed by the beginnings of a cheer before the phone call cut off.

Even if he drank the stuff, champagne would have to wait. He had some investments to hunt.


Lot 144, Paddle 070, $105,001


Lot 143, paddle 013, $220,000
Lot 148, paddle 013, $175,000


Lot 145, Paddle 036, $100,000
Lot 147, Paddle 036, $8,000


Lot 143, Paddle 014, $230,000
Lot 146, Paddle 014, $90,000


Lot 143 paddle 046 $240,000


Due to actions contrary to the smooth operation of the auction, CM Auctions has taken the following action:

  • Paddle 010 @MGR_99 has been suspended from this round of auctions, and will also serve an additional suspension for Auction Cycles 12 (Lots 178-184) and 15 (Lots 206-212).
  • Paddle 043 @kobacrashi has been suspended from this round of auctions, and will also serve an additional suspension for Auction Cycles 12 (Lots 178-184) and 15 (Lots 206-212).

Additionally, since you guys and girls can’t seem to keep from getting your wool in a knot during the sniper rounds, a new rule will be applied in this and all auction rounds going forward:

During sniper rule periods, bidding will ONLY proceed by the minimum bid increment. Any paddle not complying will be suspended for the duration of the auction.