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The Summer 2019 Automation Collector Car Auction (AUCTION HAS ENDED, THANK YOU TO ALL PARTICIPANTS)


Lot 107, Paddle 029, $151,000


Lot 103, Paddle 059, $140,000


Lot 104, Paddle 028. $90,000


Lot 104, Paddle 031, $92,000


Lot 107, Paddle 014, $155,000


With under 18 hours left, I figured it might be helpful/insightful to have some overviews as to the progression of the first round of lots being auctioned off, following the sort of input Chickenbiscuit provided earlier.

click to expand to massive resolution and detail

The x-axis is time and date in the US EST time zone I think, while y-axis is obviously bid price.

N.B. Lot 102 is omitted because it messes up the vertical axis scale. Nothing to see of interest regardless, it began at $920,000 and after 2 bids currently sits at $940,000.

In the meantime my boredom didn’t wear off and Excel wasnt able to do any useful forecasting so… a few hours and a lot of stupid, wacky math later, here’s my guess as to the finishing price for Lot 101. (tl;dr - about 90 to 115k)

EDIT: Updated the graph with the appropriate value range for the x-axis. Take this as a covert PSA to spend your money wisely because all the cars here have pretty much tripled in value or more, yet we’ve just passed the halfway point with regards to time.


I love how lot 101, that tiny base model economy sedan, going for that much money :joy:


Pretty suprised about that either.


Don’t you worry, 212 is mine


Lot 104, Paddle 008. $94,000


Lot 105, Paddle 041, $ 97,500


I’m surprised at how most of these are going for so much, not only 101. Seems like everybody really wants the first lots for some reason


Like I said, virgin teen syndrome :smirk:

just need to add that it looks like I’m saying that like it’s a bad thing… Of course you don’t need to feel bad about being a teen or a virgin or both but seriously impulse control people it’s like those stupid banner ads that read YOU WON’T LAST FIVE MINUTES PLAYING THIS GAME. For real.

Put it this way. Do a bit of real market comparison. I know we’re playing with fictional numbers Chips pulled out of an RNG but if you’re incrementing way more than you could get a real equivalent example of said car for (and some of you are) then you should take a good look at what you’re doing and step away from the internet for a bit.


Lot 103, paddle 064, $169,000


Lot 103, paddle 059, $170,000




I understand that people are spending a lot of money for the Gioeza Touretta SS16 (102). It’s a rare kind of car that collectors covet.
But really, over 80 000 dollars for the Mitsushita, with plastic bumpers :thinking:
With all the respect I have for this car, IRL nobody would spend a huge amount of money in this kind of car lol.


Lot 105, Paddle 031, $99,000


Don’t worry. We let the children play for now, but we’ll see who has the last laugh when it gets to the actual good lots and these guys have wasted $700k on 90s economy cars.


That would be the person that earned an extra $700k on his spending budget by selling their 90s economy car for way over the estimated price. :thinking: