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The Summer 2019 Automation Collector Car Auction (AUCTION HAS ENDED, THANK YOU TO ALL PARTICIPANTS)


With hammer closing out the first round of lots, here is the recap for how the auctions progressed.

As always, click to expand.

An astonishing cool total of $1,681,000 has exchanged hands for these first 7 cars.

You can also access the entire workbook.

Cool, my estimate for lot 101 (see bottom of post) was bang on!


Lot 108, paddle 011, $115,000


Lot 111, Paddle 028, $155,000


Lot 108, paddle 049, $120,000


fucking really? :joy:


whelp, I guess no-one gets to enjoy lot 114 since that was a bid increase of way too much money at once.


Lot 109, paddle 008; $275,000
Lot 110, paddle 008; $32,000


I’d also like to ask: do we get to know which of these we get the .car file for? Coz it’s just my preference, but I just don’t think there’s any point in me bidding for a car in which I’m not gonna get the .car file.


You can check in the catalogue, if transfer is active. If transfer is active you will get the .car


That was kinda uncalled for ngl, guess i’m not having any chance at the maiella


Catalogue, all cars in this lot will be transferred.

Also, I know at least one car that is worth getting and where you don’t get the .car file.


well I’m just speaking for myself. I would understand if somebody had some serious problem with mods or fixture stamping or they didn’t want it exported to beam because it was completely stuffed by the export. But I’d still not be interested.


I meant yours! Or do you get both .car as well as the modified Beam file?


Lot 110, paddle 062; $35,00


OH! Well if you look in the mod the .car file is in the zip so if you get the Beam car you get the .car file…


OT: Lot 108, Paddle 031, $125,000


Lot 108, paddle 011, $128,000


Lot 110, Paddle 029, $40,000


Let’s keep discussion out of the thread please; it’s hard enough keeping up with bids as it is.


Lot 110, paddle 062; $45,000