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The Summer 2019 Automation Collector Car Auction (AUCTION HAS ENDED, THANK YOU TO ALL PARTICIPANTS)


Hmm. Seems like there’s a hiccup here.


I think chips’ reasoning was that of all the sniper bids both you and Radster made unequivocally bogus bids (in fact you invalidated your own bid!) whereas my bids were the only ones that were appropriate compared to the prior bid. As I pointed out while it is the bidder’s responsibility to make valid bids that’s quite unfair if during a sniper period with literally one second on the clock I have to check everybody’s bid in the entire period especially if I’m on phone and can only see one bid at a time.

Given correct bids tally was me: 2 everybody else: 0, I’d argue my claim on that basis.


Get a bigger phone


Haha fuck off you sound like Joe Hockey when he said “if i was a young person who wanted to buy a house first I would get a good job that pays well.” :joy::ok_hand:


His logic was fine, his understanding of the distribution of wealth… maybe not so much


Ah, yeah, the follow up reply of an ‘oops’ was because I thought you had posted a bid of $325,000 after mine so I bid $327,500. After realizing my mistake, I changed it to ‘oops’ instead. My original bid of $322,500 was valid.


Guess I’m psychic haha. I was considering posting a 325,000 but was actually waiting until the actual very last second and hoping some people would blow their wad early (which they did).

From my POV I got stiffed before when I made a bid in good faith and lost a snipe bid and the car because 2 people before me stuffed up their bids.

I guess my strongest argument is if you make a snipe bid, it simply cannot be retracted. In a manner of speaking you attempted to retract a bid you made. Perhaps if you’d accepted you mistakenly made the bid and corrected the value to a valid bid of 325,000, it would have counted, but in a real auction, during the most tense moments, you can’t raise your paddle and then say “oops are there takesies backsies” :joy:

Anyway, if there is another auction, I’m sure there’ll be a lot of thought about the system and its pros and cons.


Hopefully Chips returns for a winter auction as I’d very much love to throw some of my cars into the ring, only being a seller next time rather than a bidder.

Beside that, ot was fun participating the the bidding of a few lots, and watching the other bidding wars play out. Happily, I walked away with two cars, which I am more than satisfied with.


Yes, I can definitely see your point, and although that retracted bid was invalid, did that also take my previous valid bid of $322,500 down with it?


Given that Radster correctly bid on your incorrect bid (330,000 being an appropriate increment from 327,500), and I correctly bid on that, then if you were to be rewarded for causing Radster to make an error and then redacting your bid, that would set a bad precedent, no?

No system should reward the person who set off a chain of errors with an error of their own.


Oh, now I see. For some reason I saw your bid as $322,500, instead of $332,500. My mistake, makes sense now.


@Centurion_23 the mistake you pointed out has been corrected, my apologies.