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The Summer 2019 Automation Collector Car Auction (AUCTION HAS ENDED, THANK YOU TO ALL PARTICIPANTS)


Oh, and a friendly reminder to people submitting auction lots; please do not use any of the mirror scenes for the pictures you submit to me…they don’t turn out very well at all in the catalogue. If you want an idea of what I’m looking for, please refer to the pictures in previous auction catalogues. Thanks!


I had some really noob questions, don’t roast me.

1/ Do stuff like PU/ET really matter here when submitting a car?
2/ Since there’s no markup setting in Sandbox mode anymore, can I just ignore the value the game gives me and specify a marked up value of my own?
3/ There’s something about the PU/ET I don’t understand. Say I’m trying to build a hardware replica of the 1988 Porsche 924. I’d end up getting some stupid numbers like 18 years on ET, is this supposed to happen or is something about the calculation I don’t understand?


I believe the market sets the price in this instance


Sorry for not clearing that up man. I meant, The price sometimes seems a bit too high. What if I wanted a lesser price for the car?


Sounds like a lot of quality points…


I usually don’t use more than +2 but, actually, I do have an old G203 which has a botched up scroll wheel. Sometimes it goes to turbo mode and scrolls all the way up, so it could be possible that it scrolled one or maybe even two quality sliders to a stupidly high number and I missed them. I need to check them tomorrow.

Thanks man!


After a month of detailing, fixture nudging, and terrible engineering, my submissions are sent In!

This is the first time that I’ll be Participating in the ACCA, I hope people will like the submissions I sent in, and I hope to find some nice builds for my personal car collection.


i want to register but how?


It says in the opening post. Just send MrChips a private message saying you would like to register as a bidder. He will then give you your paddle number and available money.


Oh wow I still have time to do this. Expect a land barge, a shooting brake and some other random ass stuff


@MrChips Might I be able to enter a modified car used for either a videogame or movie promotion?

I have a Cyberpunk car using the 9-5 body that I’d like to enter.


Important Announcement Regarding Auction Lots

Due to the incredible response in the last 48 hours or so, I am quite a ways behind where I want to be producing the auction catalogue and administering the challenge on my end. As a result I am going to be clamping down pretty hard on a lot of things. If:

  • I cannot load your car due to missing mods;
  • There is not an adequate seller’s description, or any other missing information in the lot information;
  • The auction lot does not meet my standard in any other way, be it because the design is lazy, low-effort or otherwise memey,

It will NOT be accepted into the auction. Understand that in the case of missing mods, I will do everything I can to try and get it to work, but due to the nature of how certain incompatible mods have been updated silently, I cannot guarantee I will find what I need to get your car working.

On an unrelated note, if you are sending in an auction lot, please consider how your lot will photograph. Certain things, such as the recent craze of putting rear demist grids on the rear window, generally do not look good when photographed, as it creates a mess of jaggy lines in the final product. Thanks!


After finding out that my auction lot was rejected, I will regretfully announce that I will not attempt to sell anything during this or any other auctions until further notice. I will, however, remain a bidder at this particular auction as originally planned.


so… after submissions close the auctions begin or?


Once the catalogue is completed, which can take a few days. As Chips said, there was a rush of entries.


oh, ok, thanks


You should’ve received a letter when you registered as a bidder.

It will have the auction date in it.

I got mine 2 days ago saying the auction will start on the 9th, though maybe with the huge amount of submissions delays might happen.


Ladies and gentlemen, the auction lot submission deadline has now (mercifully) passed. Thank you to everyone who has submitted. For those of you who have submitted a lot in the last 24 hours, I am still working through entering lots, so please be patient.

Also for those who were rejected for missing mods, thanks to the efforts by @Quotex and @Centurion_23 I think we might have found the issue, so I will be re-evaluating your lots as well.


OK, I have tabulated all of the lots into the auction spreadsheet, here’s where we stand:

Auction Statistics
Total Registered Bidders 54
Total Money Pool $90.5 million
Total Auction Lots 137
Total Estimated Value $33.1 million

The auction lots are distributed as follows:

@Aaron.W - 3
@accent - 4
@BannedByAndroid - 2
@BF94387 - 1
@Boiled_Steak - 3
@Centurion_23 - 4
@conan - 4
@Crash77 - 1
@cRiMiNaL - 1
@Darkshade-AP_Autos - 1
@DoctorNarfy - 3
@Dorifto_Dorito - 4
@DukeOFhazards - 4
@Echowaffle8 - 2
@electroGG - 3
@ElMenduko - 3
@EnryGT5 - 1
@findRED19 - 1
@Grandea - 1
@GsRandom - 1
@hipiracing - 1
@Keikyun - 1
@kobacrashi - 2
@Kyuu77 - 2
@loflyh - 1
@Mad_Cat - 4
@MasterDoggo - 1
@MGR_99 - 5
@Mikonp7 - 5
@Mr.Computah - 2
@Murokmakto - 4
@Mythrin - 3
@NeverLoseGuy - 1
@NiuYorqCiti - 1
@NoahC - 3
@NormanVauxhall - 2
@Oldenways - 1
@pasinenkovarpos - 1
@Private_Miros - 3
@ProfessorP3PP3R - 4
@Quotex - 4
@ramthecowy - 2
@Rk38 - 4
@stm316 - 3
@strop - 1
@thecarlover - 5
@Vena.Sera423 - 1
@Vri404 - 3
@Xepy - 5
@yangx2 - 3

If a) you submitted a lot or lots and don’t see your name here, or b) the number of lots you see here is incorrect for any reason, contact me ASAP via PM, unless you’re Chickenbiscuit or titleguy1 in which case you’re good, I had to take a couple names off the list so I could actually post this :stuck_out_tongue:


Ladies and gentlemen, the auction catalogue is now complete and available for your viewing! Click the cover image below to be taken to the PDF:

Click here!

Review Of The “Sniper Rule”

In this version of the auction, there will be what is known as the “sniper rule”, to try and curb the rather frenetic and often needlessly aggressive bidding right before each auction closes. Here’s how this will work:

In the final five minutes of each auction cycle, the “sniper rule” will go into effect. At this point, biding will become restricted, and any bids placed will be drawn from each bidder’s pool of five snipe bids. These bids are non-refundable, regardless of that bid winning or losing the auction, so use them wisely.

Thank you all for sending in auction lots; just a quick reminder that registration for bidders will continue until further notice, if you still want to participate!

Be sure to come back for the first round of auctions starting at 2100UTC on Tuesday! (5pm EDT, 2300 CEST)