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The Themed Car Challenge 2.0 - S01E01 - 2004 Premium "Homologation" Sedan


2004 Kuma BK Luna

Limited Run, Fancy stripe, Boosted up engine, Gold Wheels.




04’ Alfora Cavalier
Its much more than what you need, thats why you need it with its All Luxury Tech and a Twin-turbo 4.0L Boxer6



Brossard S570 GT

From the Montreal Gasmean luxury brand comes the S570 GT sports sedan, now hitting Fruinian shores

Additional Pictures

Link to spreadsheet column



Turból p6 TTR "Taipan"


More Photos


I don’t know why the photo mode adds pointy tips to the top of the grille… not very pedestrian friendly…


Yaman Nur SR400, 2004

Your new supersedan is meant to sound like one. Not a wheeze of turbos. The growl of v8.
An orchestra of individual runners, leading power to Flatplane conductor of cylinders and from it.
Such an exquisite engine will produce force accelerating you to 100 in under 5 seconds and will be pushing until you say enough. Take the speed in your hands.

Learn More



Oh no… the American has arrived…



Saidenki Alpens R




Building time is up!
Anyone who still has not sent in his/her .car file can do it within the next 24 hours.

Every entry that has NO .car file will be disqualified.
The voting will start tomorrow.


The Italians have arrived



wait… i thought it closed 3 days ago???
i was in the middle of making it, then life happens. didn’t have time to finish it… or so i thought


Submissions until 31th of October Ken, OP Post :stuck_out_tongue:
I just had no time to post the actual closing, Life happened.

Sorry Ken! Round 2 for you :slight_smile:


I submitted my .car file before the deadline but haven’t actually made an ad, do I still have to make it or did it disqualify my entry for not having it before the deadline?


You can still make an Ad.
That one is absolutely optional - you can do it now, in 3 days, your choice.


fair enough. life happens for each of us. plus i’ve been burned out on the game for a while anyway. just starting to come back


Holy damn, suddenly had to travel and totally forgot to send my car in.
Next time round, I guess


2004 Marossa Fyumi