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The Themed Car Challenge 2.0 - S01E01 - 2004 Premium "Homologation" Sedan


pretty certain I voted for two of the top 3 lol


3 people were intelligent enough to understand that mid engine rear drive is best engine best drive! I’ll take it!

Can’t wait for the next theme to make that MR!


Quite right. In fact the entire top four was separated by just a four-point spread, and not just because they looked plain better; they were more convincing propositions overall than the opposition. It took me a while to understand why the Kuma won - a quick glance at the spreadsheet for this round revealed that its fuel consumption was the lowest of all the cars. That goes some way to explaining why it was also one of the cheapest to own over five years, negating the BMMA’s initial price advantage.

Anyway, this was an awesome return for the much-loved TCC - and I can’t wait for the next round.