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The Ugly Duck


New shocks, 36" long extended, 15" stroke… And I might still need to limit my suspension travel


After about 3 iterations on shock mounts I finally have them mounted to where they should work without binding up.

Also hopefully fixed a steering bind issue with the front right leaf, cleaned up some of the wiring, started on the cutting brakes, and did away with the farm jack (54" was still barely enough, and was unstable as heck) I am now using a small bottle jack.


Just a bit of light off-roading with the new shocks on… Ok and a few rocks we played on too.


Our trip to Moab nearly 2 months ago.


Playing in the snow.


So a thing happened, no one was hurt and only a couple of minor dents and scratches on the Jeep.

The picture doesn’t do the terrain justice, there is a hole about 2 feet deep under it.

I was 3 inches too far to the right so as the left rear tire went into the hole the right two tires climbed to the highest part. When the left rear got to the bottom of the hole the front right started lifting so I eased out of the throttle and the front settled down so I eased back into the gas expecting the left rear to climb. The rear tires were at about 3psi so with all of the weight on the left rear and when I started re applying power it made the sidewalls flex more and over I went laughing as it slowly went over.