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TheAgathaNakai's Automation Cars Photoshops/Artwork


This topic contains my works of Automation x Photoshop/other media.

Here’s one, it’s one of my latest creation in Automation. Inspired from Need For Speed: Most Wanted’s iconic BMW M3.


So what car exactly did you use? Whatever it is, I want to see full details regarding its specs, especially the engine and drivetrain, and at any rate it would make a nice base for a touring car!


Very good question.

In all honesty I’d like to make things a bit interesting. Let’s play a Pop Quiz.

The name is kinda secret lol, pretty much an unfinished work and was just messing around.
But if you can find out the name of the make, model, and the trim, I may send you the .lua files of the car via DM :smiley:


It’s most likely an Enricord coupe of some sort, but definitely not one of the designs you have made before this, and either a racing trim or a hardcore track-focused variant - that’s all I know so far. At any rate, you might want to show it (and other trims for that model as well) in your company thread…


You got the description right, a track focused car. But I’m asking the names though.


It’s been a while I haven’t posted anything here. Here you go. A teaser poster/billboard I made for my latest model in Automation.