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Thecarlover's mods - New fixtures and UE4 Scout now available!


I’m on a roll now with another new headlight. First post updated as usual.


Working on a new indicator pack, so here’s a bit of a preview:


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) indicators are now available (along with a couple others).


Got another new headlight in the first post.


Very good work, i like them. :grinning:

could you make some lights for the 70s/80s like the Opel Senator A1?


Thecarlover may be a car lover, but thecarlover’s mods make me a thecarlover lover


Anoher day, another fixture. Now a bumper.


Converting another body…





Wait, you are not talking about beers, right?
My bad.


Bumping for a Scout. FIrst post updated.


Awesome! Fits a gap of trucks/light SUV’s that were needed, and they’re still just as useful as they were in Kee.

If you’re up for a request, I’d be lightly interested in a cab-over pickup-truck, possibly with van options as well. I know they aren’t super common in the US, but I think the Japanese have some, and I think it’d be an interesting option, allowing people to build a pickup truck with optional van instead of pickup truck with optional SUV.


The thumbnails look like this for me. Any one else?


The thumbnail generator is broken, so they look like that unless manually updated with a different image. I couldn’t be bothered to do so, since those still work. I’ll be sending this body to the devs as well, so it’s only temporarily a mod.

@Madrias While I may not be the one making it, there are plans for COE vehicle. I believe pyrlix is working on a UAZ 452 that could get a pickup variant. That would cover the Jeep FC segment. We can also wait and see about the devs adding pickup variants to the vanilla COE van bodies.


Generic notice about a generic update. As usual, check the first post for general information.


Another generic notice about a generic update. As usual, check the first post for general information.


It’s Christmas every day with you around.


Only if your idea of Christmas is acres of beige and sometimes forgetting that you’re even driving at all.


Sometimes those are the fastest cars, though. The fastest car most people will ever drive is the beige or silver Rental.