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Thecarlover's mods - New fixtures and UE4 Scout now available!


@abg7 1986

@CMT It’s larger than that truck, but not but all that much. With a 2.2 m wheelbase, it’s certainly more comfortable and practical. I’m still debating a pickup version, since it wouldn’t be all that practical but I just might do it because it shouldn’t be hard to do.


I could see a use for a modern micro-truck.


I’ll probably end up making it, since it will be very easy to do. Just remove the rear convertible roof, add a back window, and form the inside of the bed.


If you need an idea for something to do after the small SUV, I think we could do with a mid/late '90’s to early 00’s minivan. Something that fills the gap between the boxy, angular one we have, and the more modern one we have in vanilla Automation.

Alternatively, some form or another of Kei-car sized sedan could be interesting.

Or, possibly, something like the Chrysler 300? I know it’s an odd request, but we are missing some bigger American style sedans.

Obviously, I know your current projects list comes before suggestions, I just felt it’d be a decent time to mention some things that came to mind.


Clearly we need, or at least want, all three, but as for the not-Escudo body, will there be larger versions of it?


Be sure about flying and rocket acceleration


I second this.


Partario had a 300 in the works, but it’s unfortunately been scrapped. Might be worth asking them about a possible revival of that project. One of my planned future projects is this:

It wouldn’t be too out of place as a 2004 model, so it would suitably follow as a replacement for the vanilla minivan.

I don’t have any plans for a larger version of the Tracker, seeing as there are already a few 90s SUVs, but it might be something worth considering sometime down the line. My next projects will likely be the compact/midsize version of the Fine-S bodies, and maybe also that supercar version of it that I’ve considered. I also want to remake the Continental body, since I’m not satisfied with my modelling skills at the time that I originally made it. I won’t be replacing it, just hiding it on Steam and making a 2.0 model. The xB and kei car bodies might also be due for higher poly versions with better detailing than the current ones.


Anyone want a rally ride?


MG Metro 6R4?


Yes please.


I may get back to it, but at the moment my time is limited, so I’m focusing on completing the Pinto and Vectra variant lineups. Maybe after that.

Can’t wait to try out the Vitara. The Suzuki Samurai was the first car I ever got to drive as a kid, so I’ve always had a soft spot for small Suzuki SUVs.


It’s all good, you make great mods so take your time. :smiley: I’ll hopefully have this one ready soon enough, unless I suddenly get flooded with schoolwork.


Yes a 300C Body pleeeeeeaseeeeeeee :grinning:


Just open up 3DS Max, make a large rectangle. Then make a slightly smaller rectangle, and put it on top. You have now made a 300. You’re welcome.


No offense… but if you think it is that simple, go ahead and try to make a body for Automation. You may be surprised. :wink:


No offense… but I think you’ve missed the joke :slight_smile:


Not a jab at the modders, more a jab at the aesthetics of the Chrysler 300. For what it’s worth, I love the car, but man is it a simple shape.


Volvo 240 series, must be the simplest shape ever.


740 man.