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Thecarlover's mods - New fixtures and UE4 Scout now available!


I’m sorry for jumping to a conclusion.

Elegance through simplicity, as they say… though I love the 300’s shape more than the actual car.
The Nissan DR30 (Iron Mask) is one of my favorite cars, and she’s really simple too.


Get your turquoise windbreakers and white running shoes ready. This is coming soon.


Here’s the Tracker/Sidekick/Vitara! First post has been updated.
thecarlover90SUVTiny.zip (1.6 MB)


First impressions are pretty good, actually. It has that definite feel of little SUV without being too old-styled like the one in the base game.

If I had to nit-pick, I’d go for the most minor of points, and that’s more a personal thing that the truck bed is just a little too small, even if the cab’s pushed as far forward as it’ll go, and it’s been stretched as far back as we’re allowed. It’s not a big problem, just a very minor one I noticed when playing around with a game of “stretch the morphing zones and see what it’ll look like” in the design editor.

All in all, I like it. Not sure if it exactly fits my company, but I’m sure at some point, I’ll come up with a use for it in a challenge. Small SUV or tiny truck, I think it’d fit well enough.


I’ll certainly look into allowing more morphing for the rear. I wouldn’t want it going too far since a bed that’s entirely hanging behind the rear axle IRL could lead to a warped frame when overloaded.

I’m sure the longer five door variant will fit with most companies as an early compact SUV.


This car looks like a little puppy. And who doesn’t like little puppies? :wink:


This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to build a late 80s/early 90s crossover SUV, since its small size lends itself well to unibody construction.


Something appears to be broken with the Vitara body. Something causes the tires to blow immediately which makes the body practically unusable. Please look into this.

Here is the build in question:
AMCC Bearcat 1988.zip (94.1 KB)


Yup, getting the same error, some weird physics.


Oddly, if this body is used to make a ladder-framed truck in pickup form this does not happen, although drivability is still poor. Is it because of the short wheelbase?

I recommend that you test all your new car bodies for drivability, ride height etc. to ensure they are actually usable before you release them. I’ve seen car bodies on the workshop with a higher or lower ride height than they should have.


I did test them and I didn’t have any issues. As for ride height, there’s nothing I can do with that, it’s based on how the frame and body fit together. Bigger wheels = higher ride height.


Really? That’s weird… I tried different approaches: RWD, AWD, 4x4, ladder, monocoque, big V8 with lots of power, small L4 with less than 100hp and got the same error (on the standard variant of the body). I worked that out but still got weird suspension physics and oversteer from hell. I’m using the stable steam release.

Edit: nevermind, that’s probably something about the code of the game, there isn’t something you can change in the LUA anyways.


I fixed an issue with the body boxes (their position was slightly off) so hopefully that will solve some issues. I also increased some of the morphing limits, so bigger beds are now possible. The pickup that will be on the longer wheelbase of the five door variant will have more reasonable cargo space.

When I tested these just before upload with a 1.5L I4 and 4x4, I got a 52/48 weight distribution and almost perfect steering. Strange.


After updating the mod, I made 3 trims, the softop works nicely, the cab version suffers from undrivable oversteer and the hard-top blown its tires.

Sillyworld - Testing_1.zip (105.2 KB)


Well, I got to the root of the problem. While I had adjusted the material order properly (including body boxes and such), some of the order changed since my last tests. I’ll be reuploading it right away and hopefully the issue is now resolved.


Oh yes! It is working rather nicely! Thank you for taking the time to fix that issue :slight_smile:


A 1.5 i4…what were you thinking???

Don’t you realise it needs, at least, to be able to house a 4L V8 with turbos…or a small V12!!! :laughing: :laughing:

Sorry couldn’t resist.


Well, it does have a quite spacious engine bay that could certainly house a decent V12 if you were so inclined. Or a large turbocharged V8.


I’ve been very busy with school so far this fall, but I finally have something worth showing for the 5 door Tracker:

I’ve just got to work on the pickup variant now and will release them both at the same time. I’ll also be changing the unlock year to 1985 to offset some of the engineering time in the campaign.


Going for a triple post here, but I have some news about my mods and recent/upcoming updates.

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, some of my mods are now vanilla content for the game. In order to not cause any issues with existing models in the game, I will not be removing those from the workshop. I have hidden the files so no new users will be able to download them while those who already have them will not lose any cars using those bodies. I will however keep the standalone files posted, should someone not using the Steam version of the game need them.

With the upcoming UE4 update, mod support will change as well as all existing game progress being removed. With that in mind, once the changeover happens I will finally delete the mods that are vanilla content while those that are not will get updated for the new engine. I figure this is the best I can do to avoid breaking cars that people have worked hard on while also minimizing the duplication of bodies in-game. So if you have no use for the duplicate bodies, do unscubscribe from those mods but be aware that it will not be possible to resubscribe to them.