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Thecarlover's mods - New fixtures and UE4 Scout now available!


Out of curiosity, when/if you shrink the futuristic aerodynamic hatchback down, would it be possible to get a sedan variant from it that still keeps the wheel-covers?

Yes, I know, the 5-door micro SUV comes first, I’m just curious as to whether it’s possible to get a few more variants out of it.


I am still planning on shrinking it at some point, but I’m really not sure about adding more body styles to it. I’ve got a lot of projects I want to accomplish but just not enough time anymore. The Christmas break will be the next time I can make a lot of mods, but with UE4 looming by that point I might just stay to basic bodies and wait for the release to do any skinning or whatever else might need to be changed with the update.

My next mod after the 5 door variants will likely be a scaled up (and slightly modified) version of the 5 door and LWB pickup variants to fit in the midsize SUV/compact pickup segment.


That’s okay. Was just an idea check-in, and I’m perfectly understanding about the not wanting to add more styles to the design. To be fair, I can almost manage a sedan as it is, I just feel I need a morph zone for the bottom half of the rear window, and maybe a touch extra trunk zone. Basically, a way to turn the inverse rear window into a traditional rear window. It’s one of my favorite designs, because it’s completely off the wall and radical, but at the same time, it limits the cars I can get away with using it for, because I can’t make it look more normal.

As for the midsize SUV, that’s actually really cool. I agree, we need stuff around the size of the Jeep Liberty and such, the not-quite-full-size SUV’s that aren’t hatchback-on-stilts enough to earn the name of Crossovers.

And I’ll say it, because it doesn’t get said enough to the modding community: Thank you for what you guys do. I understand it’s a hobby, not a job, and that you’re making what you feel like making.


Believe me, I’d add a morph zone to the bottom of the window to make it look like a sedan if it was possible, I’m just limited by the design of the car. And thanks! I do enjoy making these mods, seeing all the designs based on them is all the thanks I need. Also the honour of having some of them included in the game as official content, but that’s something different.


Trying to think of a practical way to do things, and reviewing exactly what the car looks like… I think just the morph amount for the upper half of the rear window split may need to be able to come forward more, maybe up more. I think, if the rear wheels could be pushed further forward, behind the rear doors instead of at the back of the car, it’d almost work as it is.

Of course, I have no idea how practical, or even if it’s possible to do that.

As I’ve said, I love the car as it is. I think if I could slide the upper half of the rear window more toward the windshield, it’d make the back window more sedan sloped. The wheels out back are a little too far back to pull off the look completely, but… if it’s possible to move those without being a total pain in the ass, it could almost be able to pull off a hybrid design (pun fully intended) between the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight (first generation) and the more modern almost-sedan-like Chevy Volt. That’s kinda why I was hoping it’d be easy to do, because it’d tie in the extremely futuristic and awesome car with something we see almost every day, making a perfect combination of designs to give us an eco-car with attitude.

But, I also understand that what I’m asking may not be practical or even possible to do, and I’m actually comfortable with that. I don’t have the software, nor the knowledge-base to 3D model, so I’m left bouncing ideas off of the heads of everyone who can 3D model and hoping someone likes an idea enough that it can work. It’s also the big reason I keep mentioning morph variety, because if things are set up with a wide variety of adjustments to start with, it’s possible to make cars look completely different with the same body. I think the limits could use a little adjustment, although not a dramatic amount, between this one and the next, again, if it’s even practical or possible to do that.

Either way, I thank you for considering my crazy ideas, even if they’re not something possible, practical, or that you personally want to do.


I hope you’ll bring your current bodies to ue4


I’m definitely making them UE4 compatible. It’s just the ones that are now vanilla that will be removed since there won’t be any reason for duplication.

The LWB Tracker is almost complete. Just need to solve some morphing issues on the 5 door variant and to make the thumbnails.


This is now available:

The workshop mod has been updated, so it might need a couple of game launches to appear. The standalone download is still in the same place, linked in the first post.


Continental 2.0 is currently in early development.

It’ll have the same body styles, but also wagon variants this time. Definitely no ETA at the moment because of how busy I am with school, but I’m hoping it won’t take me too long to complete. It is my most complex model so far and will likely end up with roughly twice the poly count of the original while I’ve also got plans to give it a lot of morphing options.

If you’re wondering about the mirrors, those are the only part of the original to return.


That’s a cool picture. =P


Almost finished the mesh, so here’s a quick update before I head to bed:


What are some of the new morphing points that will be available? The original one was already pretty good, considering how square the body was.


Everything that was on the original will be there, but I’ll also add more options to the rear of the roof. The front notch morph will also be added to the rear, and I might add one or two more morphs to adjust the shape of the front and rear ends if possible.

Morphable wheel arches are also coming.


Still need to do some work on the body, but it’s coming along nicely.

The obvious thing is how flat the roof looks, but I also need to adjust the proportions a bit.

Then there’s all the skinning, which is nearly finished. Three morphs in the front and rear, two morphs for the windshields, rear door window morph, even a morph for that notch on the rear door.


For whatever it’s worth, I actually really like the flat roof.


It’s not being changed too much. Just enough to get that subtle curve from the real Continental:

I’ve improved my 3D modelling a lot since the first release of the Continental, so I’m making sure this one isn’t so square.


I managed to get all the morphing options I wanted, so it’s possible to have it look like this:

and also like this:

There’s a bit of overlap in the rear roof area when moving things to opposite extremes, but I think that’s a fair trade-off to have these options. The front and rear ends have 3 morphs each, and I did manage to get the whole side slab to morph outward without interfering with anything.


The Continental 2.0 is now available! First post has been updated, and here’s the standalone download:
thecarlover60LuxuryHuge.zip (2.5 MB)

With the new variants, the file becomes too big to upload, so here are the individual ute, fastback, and landau files:
thecarlover60Extras.zip (1.4 MB)

Just add the files (not the folder itself) to thecarlover60LuxuryHuge/cars/Front/Large/60LuxuryHuge


Side morphing rulez :sunglasses:


Wagons are coming along nicely…