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Thecarlover's mods - New fixtures and UE4 Scout now available!


Now thats a legit herse :wink:


I am so excited for the ute and wagon! :male_couplekiss: (Don’t read into that)


Looks nice. Although I find the large step on the hatch looks a tad weird, along with the very wide chrome trims.


So rad! I can’t wait to do a mammoth hearse with a mammoth motor and tiny brakes. Call it the Reaper.


OMG wraparound rear quarter windows <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


The step is there for morphing reasons and some similarity to classic wagons, and it can be morphed away.

As for the chrome trim… I was a little limited with the mesh without doing any major changes and couldn’t really be bothered :sweat_smile: Might be worth changing sometime down the line. The chrome pillars are intentional; the design is meant to be rather similar to these:


Wonder if it could be made to look like this one.:smiling_imp: (including ladies):imp:

Try to look past the lovely ladies, there is a car behind them, I promise.:grin:


Additional thoughts: I don’t buy into the ute hype, but with some slight modifications similar to what you did with your xB way back the wagon/ute would make for a pretty convincing early 60s SUV/Truck combo just like the Jeep Wagoneer and Gladiator (M715?), especially since there is still nothing like that available and there likely won’t be a Suburban variant of Kubboz’s C-10 when that gets released. Size and shape are already quite close but they need to be made taller with some simplification to the bodywork, as in lose the fins and less car-like bumpers.

An M715 type of thing would just be a fun little addition.


I’ve already been looking at the Grand Wagoneer, and also the IH Scout. We do need 60s/70s SUVs and trucks.




I think it was the Grand Wagoneer that had a very interesting front axle, semi independent, i would call it…


The Continental has been updated with the wagons. Ute versions will be coming eventually.


Continental’s been updated again to fix a few issues. As before, might need to launch the game a couple of times for the updated versions to appear.


hey uhh, i believe i have found a minor issue with the super duty ram, for some reason there is a version available from 1985 and it is only the single and extended bed variations


That’s the vanilla version. When switching to UE4, I’ll remove the mod and only make the variant with the bed cover available since the devs decided not to include that one.


It’s been awhile, so here’s a ute progress update. The four door variant is already finished, so I should hopefully have them up before Christmas.


Just in time for Christmas in Australia, the Continental’s been updated with two and four door ute variants. First post has the standalone link.

Edit: I’ve also got a special gift that will hopefully be ready within the next 24 hours.


Bleh, bring on the Wagon(eer)s.


Won’t be for awhile yet. My next major project is a 50s sedan/coupe/convertible/wagon. I also still to make a few scaled down models, and maybe also scaled up in the case of the Tracker.


Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s got a new sled…

…of the steel variety.

This is my Christmas surprise for the community :grin: Posts will be updated soon.