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Thecarlover's mods - New fixtures and UE4 Scout now available!


Read the rules of the forum dude:

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Sometimes you need to bend the rules a bit :wink:


Is this latest project a fastback version of the not-Continental body, or is it based on another car altogether?

Edit: it is a fastback Continental after all. The extra body styles are just what we wanted when building classic luxobarges. Of course, we could just use it for a huge upmarket muscle car instead…


It’s a Continental fastback, and it’s now up.


At first I thought you were being serious about the rules! :joy:


We need more fastback 60’s and 70’s bodies. Great job with this


That is a LARGE vehicle. It’s awesome.


I’ve updated the Continental again to solve a couple issues, hopefully for the last time.


This is my 3rd or 4th time loading up this car, and it keeps telling me it’s borked. Not sure if something broke on my end or not.


Maybe an update on the mod that resulted on the mod with a new name. So the game can’t find the mod by its old name.


I haven’t renamed the mod. Any chance you were using Steam offline for awhile? The last update was when I added the fastback variant just before Christmas. If your Steam only recently updated, you might need to relaunch the game 2-3 times for the mod to appear and resolve the issue.


Figure it’s time to post my current WIP here…

Expect coupe, convertible, sedan, wagon, van, and ute body styles.

Edit: forgot to mention that the front fenders will be morphable to allow for dual or quad headlight setups.


That’s going to be a welcome addition to the growing list of classic car bodies - I reckon it would make an excellent land yacht or hot rod!


I’ll put six lamps anyway. Hehe.


Wow, looks nice for the late 50s, I can also fit single long rectangular headlights on your car for non-American market. Anyway, what real-life car is based on your WIP?, because I may model the 1957 Chevrolet (another well-known 50s car) as a possible smaller companion design study.


It’s a mix of 1958 Chevrolet and Buick, so no need for a 1957 Chevrolet (the morphing fenders take care of that). Pretty much all American cars were the same size at the time, the difference in models was a difference in engines/features (and so price), not one of size like in the present.


How about your car’s dimensions (Object Properties)?.
However, as far as I know, even many 50s American cars were large or almost exactly the same size, but American compact cars were exists as well, such as Nash Rambler, Henry J, Hudson Jet and Willys Aero, although those cars were not successful (except Nash Rambler, where it was mutated into Rambler American in 1958 Model Year).


It’s not scaled properly yet, but I’ll be matching the wheelbase of the Chevrolet/Buick. Since it’s got parts of two cars, it’ll likely end up somewhere between the Chevy and the Buick in length.


I can see some sharp 1957 Chevy Bel-Air cues right there. Just look at them rear fins…


They’re modified versions of the 1958 Buick fins. Just flattened them out to allow proper fixture placement.