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Thecarlover's mods - New fixtures and UE4 Scout now available!


The 50s GM car is now available! As usual, check the first post for details.

Here’s the standalone download:
thecarlover50FamilyLarge.zip (2.9 MB)


I think it’s about time we get a modern minivan in the game.


The most recent minivan body unlocks in 1995, so if you try to use it in the current decade (the teens), desirability will take a massive hit. So in what year will this new body be available for the first time?


It’s a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan, but I’m planning an unlock around 2002-2004 since the design isn’t far off from other models introduced around then.


Definitely a must-have! Tried to make a early 2000’s minivan (I think it was a 2003), and found that I had no real choices in minivan design. I get that SUV’s are more popular than minivans, but we definitely need a modern minivan, and an 80’s minivan at some point down the road.

That would at least cover the bases of minivans (80’s, early 90’s, late 90’s, 2000’s) for the most part.


Almost ready…


That looks familiar…

Got it! You’re going for a Porsche Boxter look, right?


Will this new minivan body be available as a panel van, for when you just have to carry lots of cargo but no passengers? At any rate, it could even be used as the basis for a crossover SUV!

Edit: I’ve always wanted to do something with a scaled-up (or further downsized) version of the not-Tracker body, and now that it’s arrived, I can begin to explore even more possibilities!


@abg7 check the first post :wink:

The Grand Caravan is now available!

Standalone download: thecarlover00MinivanLarge.zip (512.0 KB)


Well, I can say with perfect honesty that this is precisely what I was looking for! One, it fits good-sized engines in both Longitudinal and Transverse orientations, and two, it looks great.

Plus, I like the huge array of seating options, from 4 to 8 passengers. All in all, I’ll be using it plenty for minivans in the future.


Surprise! There’s a midsize 80s SUV now available (a rescale of the Tracker). As usual, everything’s at the top.

Standalone download: thecarlover90SUVMid.zip (1.0 MB)


Both the original Tracker and the midsize version have been updated to fix some minor issues, so anyone with the standalone versions might want to redownload them.


And now for today’s second surprise: a kei sized version of the Tracker!

Standalone download: thecarlover90SUVKei.zip (1.2 MB)




So I’ve been working on a little something…


Wow, we definitely needed more classic 4x4s. Note: the original Scout 80 was introduced in 1960, so will you made it available from around 1955 or 1956? plus any other variants you have planned?, as I saw a Sportop convertible and pickup in real-life images.
I also think that is the versatile body to make from SWB SUV to Travelall 5-door SUV (similar to the 1967-1972 Suburban, but with two driver-side doors) and even pickup (both standard and crew cab).


I’m aware of all the Scout variants. The plan now is to make the sport top and pickup variants, and have all three available with a soft top. A hardtop delivery version will also be made. The LWB models won’t come right away, but they’ll eventually happen. I’m working to make this as versatile as the Defender body but for the 1960s.


Dude I really appreciate all of the work you put in, I have always liked the smaller trucks and suv’s over the full sized ones so thanks for working on the smaller ones as well.


Thanks! I’m working to fill gaps in the body choices, and a lot of that is trucks and SUVs, so somebody’s got to do them. Especially the more American stuff that slips through when the dev team is from Europe and Australasia.


I’ve always wanted at least one more classic 4x4 body; I’m sure this one will fit the needs of anyone who is tired of using the vanilla 60s SUV all the time due to the absence of alternatives!