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Thecarlover's mods - New fixtures and UE4 Scout now available!


One variant down, many more to go…


Looking really good. Keep up the good work!


Nissan Patrol!


I just updated the 90s Kei 4x4 after testing the possibility of a mid engine pickup.



The IH Scout is now available, with 14 variants! Here’s the standalone download split into two files (it’s too big to upload as one):

thecarlover60SUVMid_LWB.zip (2.2 MB)

thecarlover60SUVMid_SWB.zip (2.0 MB)


I’ve been stealthily working on a downscaled version of the Grand Caravan, and now here it is! The dimensions are based on the Mazda 5/Premacy. As usually, here’s the standalone and the first post has been updated:
thecarlover00MinivanMed.zip (514.9 KB)


Working on another remake now…

This time it will have a lot of variants.


Finished it! Here’s the standalone, first post updated as usual:
thecarlover00MPVSmall.zip (1.6 MB)


This is the same MPV as the latest one in Workshop?


It’s the xB/bB. The scaled down Grand Caravan I posted a few days ago is a couple posts earlier.


Whoops, forgot to add a post for it last night. I made a Prius II grille for UE4. As usual, first post is updated.


And another fixture mod is finished (they’re so fast to do), inspired by the rear oval indicators from the Dodge Stratus. First post updated again.


Another day, another new mod added to the first post. This one’s hidden handles from the Corvette C3, Tesla Model S, and a generic one based on the Stratus indicator.


As I’m sure some of you might have noticed, my fixture mods aren’t visible in the Steam Workshop anymore. I’ve hidden them but you should see them come up in the game’s next update :slight_smile:


Does that mean we should unsub?


If you haven’t used them, might as well. I haven’t deleted them to avoid screwing up designs, but I will do so sometime after the update. Give people time to edit their cars and all that. With mods automatically being listed as such in the UE4 version, that should be easier to organise.


So what have I been working on? Some new fixtures!

Consider this a preview of things to come. :slight_smile:

I’m also slowly updating some of my bodies that have yet to be sent to the devs; they’ve already got enough work converting 300+ of them.


Kia Niro, is that you? :smiley:


I would like to request new mirror fixtures, like these, preferably ‘camera mirrors’.



The vanilla ones suck and don’t fit the modern body-styles.



I don’t take requests, only suggestions for what I might end up doing that. That being said, the developers and some of us modders are working on having modern mirrors included soon. All the different mirrors that exist on vanilla bodies in the kee version are set to be converted. I’ve got a rearview camera already made with the Fine-S body that will be turned into a mirror fixture at some point.