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Thecarlover's mods - New fixtures and UE4 Scout now available!


A little something else in the works…


A three-spoke wheel? I’ve never seen it before at all… In the UE4 version. But these definitely look cool and would make sense for many late 80s/early 90s cars.


SAAB did several 3 spoke wheels in the 90’s.


Saab, Opel, Dodge, Land Rover…

Talking about stock rims


Plenty of cars had 'em as three-spoke hubcaps, too. Seen more than my share of mid-90’s Pontiacs rolling around on a similar design.



Damn! We are getting 90s not-amg wheels.


Lookin’ cool. How about some aftermarket wheels for a change? Here are some of my favorites:


I’m not at that skill level for wheels yet. As for the BBS wheel, pyrlix has one that should be converted for UE4 soon (last i saw it, it made a car into a quadrocopter, so it still needs some work).


Man, it is amazing what modders are capable of these days.


Since my USDM sealed beam lights are now vanilla I’ve updated the mod to replace the vanilla fixtures with new variants. No cars should be affected by the change (the vanilla ones will replace the mod ones by default) and the new variants can be found in the same family folder as the vanilla lights. First post updated with the changes.


I like the mesh covers for the headlight, but I wonder; would it be possible to do a different mesh to make it blend with a grill, like this?:


Nope, because I made the mesh pattern by setting the light cover to the grille material, so it’s not actually a modelled component. That sort of thing would need to be a whole other standalone fixture to fit over lights.


Bummer, but thanks for the reply!


I suppose, given my general outlook on SUV’s and crossovers, that the body I’m missing the most in UE4 is, well, the Scion xB one. I may not have posted anything here with it, but I’ve rather enjoyed using the micro-truck variants of it.

And, I’ll be honest, a compact truck / box SUV kinda appeals to me in a weird way.

Obviously, I understand that you’re busy, and that you probably have other projects in mind, I’m merely mentioning one of the bodies I’ve actually rather enjoyed using.


Don’t worry, all the kee bodies will be making it into UE4. Right now I’m concentrating on the design competition, but after that I’ll get back to updating my bodies and making new fixtures.


Thank you! As I said, I understand that you’re busy.


Posted a couple of new fixtures to the first post! :smiley:


Awesome men! :slight_smile:


I’ve got another UE4 mod update in the works. I was having issues with the morphing so I stuck it on the back burner for the last month or so… Well, I’m back to working on it and will hopefully have it ready sometime soon.