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Thecarlover's mods - New headlights and indicators!


Can definitely use more minivans! Especially that one, because it fit in so many different eras.


I’ve been waiting for your 00s minivan (both sizes) to be converted to UE4. But which size will be released first? I have a hunch it will be the larger one, with its longer wheelbase. At any rate, it’ll be larger than the minivan version of the Elantra/I30 body.

Edit: It’s now available in both sizes. I can’t wait to make practical minivans with either of these bodies.



Something something get you a man who can do both


First post updated with a new fixture.


First post updated with a new fixture pack.


Another update with some new headlights.


…and another headlight update.


I’m on a roll now with another new headlight. First post updated as usual.