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Themed Car Challenge Shakedown (UE4) [Voting until 25.02] - Eurocoupe


Any other angles of this? I’m curious to see the rear/side.


and the requisite ass shot…


@Knightophonix Man, that thing is NICE. I especially like the trim that connects the windows to the front and rear lights, makes the car look sleek and elegant.


Here’s a little teaser of what I’m working on. Design isn’t 100% set in stone (heck, I might even use a completely different body), but I think it’s nice enough to show off.

@pyrlix So when exactly is the submission deadline? I’m a procrastinator and don’t send in stuff until like one hour or so before deadline, so knowing the exact time and timezone would be really helpful.



DiMarino presents the Aosta 2.8, a true sports coupe for the 90s. With nearly 180 horsepower on tap from a 2.8-liter straight-six, the Aosta will make every drive an enjoyable experience. Yours for just $37,880.


Thanks to @ramthecowy for the image of the Zeta on the snow.

Some extra shoot.

Corsica Motor Company - A New Look for Sisten and Corsica

I was eagerly waiting to see what it looked like. It simply has out of this world stats according to my “Bang for the buck” calculations


So many cars… So much stuff to vote for…


Sooo glad I didn’t use my first submission; your entrant would have devastated any hope of its success! :exploding_head:


Basically this


I actually didnt think that there would actually be a group of mid-engined car in this challenge, let alone three of them.


I am currently checking the spreadsheet for mistakes and saw the following:

@Puffster @Mythrin @Luilakkie please finish your entries otherwise i have to delete them to make room for other people. They dont have names or have stats missing (or had a weird formula in them @Luilakkie )


i mean, the body was there, right era and all, so why not?


I never think that a mid-engined super car can be practical without some sort of compromise. But I guess your right, right era and right body.


Technically it could work - its a bit past the goal to make a mid-engined sports coupe, but it can work when the other stats hold it up. We see more NSX than Celica T18s - but EH. Could also be that the game has a limited choice of bodies for that category, i hoped to have a good amount of them for 1990 (The S15, the Alfa, the C-Class, the muscle car - not much should give a lot of ideas)

In the end the market (you) will choose what fits best to your requirements, needs and budget. When we start the voting I will not give any restrictions or such, you know what kind of year it was, what the average budget has been and what kind of people would buy and afford such cars.


The lacks of proper bodies makes me choose for that one.
At the end there were available small cheap 2 seaters like the MR2 or the MX-5 at the time, and my idea was a re-proposition of a AWD crazyness of the late 80’s early 90’s on a small car like those.


I was planning on entering one myself but I wasn’t happy with my stats so I went with the car I submitted…

I’m glad for the variation IMO!


DiPasta Quattroformaggi

Emozione passeggera


Cuore sportivo

No need to be rich to drive a dream car