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Themed Car Challenge Shakedown (UE4) [Voting until 25.02] - Eurocoupe


Work has been trying to kill me lately, but I’m trying to finish it as soon as possible, hopefully within 2 hrs, just have to decide between 9 different cars as the flexibility of the challenge has left me to try out too many things which all have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s 3 am now, will, deliver it before i go to bed.

Also, @Knightophonix, I have been switching back and forth between cars so some stats might be skewered/wrong, will complete them tonight, but it’s really about inches now I think.


i made a car in automation for once woah

The Turbo Coupe, by Solstice


You did a great job approximating TVR Reflex Purple. Back in 1990 it would have made it look even more like something from another planet!


other angles because the others are doing it


^there’s supposed to be a badge in the middle there. i guess it’s gone^

disclaimer : this only came to mind after i finished making everything. the “XS-S” name was not intended to challenge the Znope Zeta XS. but rather this was from my XS-P car what i made for competition category R. :stuck_out_tongue:

honest. none of this was intended


Who says fun must be costly?

ABR is proud to present to you

Sennler ES

More Photos

A proper sportscar for the price of a small hatchback with features like:

  • Double Wishbone suspension all around
  • Rear engined RWD
  • 0 to 100 in 6,8 seconds
  • 2 liter V8 with that beautiful naturally aspirated soundtrack
  • Proper lightweight at only 895 kg

Prices begin at only $ 22,220, visit your local dealership today!
(it is now 7am local time, proper photos tomorrow)


The Exclusive AAU M2087E Sport 1.6 EFI Turbo offers outstanding value at a price no competitor can match.

It’s also full of sporty promise with an advanced turbocharged and electronic fuel injection engine with over a 100hp means it can sprint to 100km/h in under ten seconds!

Yet it is just as practical and reliability for everyday use plus with class-leading insurance servicing costs it won’t break the bank making the AAU M2087E Sport 1.6 EFI Turbo a compelling package.

Released in May 1987, the Anikatian Auto Union (AAU) M2087 was available as a sedan or coupe. It fits within the AAU lineup above the compact M2083 and above the full-size AAU 3075. While not as successful as the rival semi privatised brand Maesima the wholly state-owned Anikatian Auto Union widely exported and marketed the AAU internationally although it saw its best sales locally alongside the larger M3075 where it primarily filled the role of a taxi and police vehicles as well as affordable basic transportation for those lucky enough to afford them.

The rear-wheel-drive AAU M2087 was initially available with a series of naturally aspirated 1.3-litre or 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engines with aluminium construction, twin barrel eco carburettors and a single overhead camshaft and two valves per cylinder. That was mated to a five-speed manual transmission with a four-speed automatic transmission available as an option. Power output varied with the tune as the engine was able to run on both low-quality domestic fuels and higher grades in certain markets.

The lineup consisted of the basic M2087L trim sedan and coupe equiped with a 1.3-litre engine, 5-speed manual transmission, drum brakes front and rear, no radio or power steering. These model were mostly sold domestically and within certain developing markets. The M2087X trim featured a 1.6-litre engine, the option of 4-speed automatic and radio. Export variants were designated EL and EX trims. With the EX being the only one offered in the European market, the differences also included the option for hydraulic power steering, radio and high-grade seating and comfort. Front brakes were solid discs on European models.

In 1990, all models were further developed with western partners as an effort to maintain and build on export levels to the Western countries where the obsolete carburettor system failed to meet stricter emission standards. Thus the new EFI variant of the engine was developed by installing the Bendix and ECU Renix injection and injection units.

In addition, an exclusive M2087E Sports 1.6 EFI Turbo trim with further modifications was produced in partnership with its Western market European operations to act as a halo vehicle for the brand. This model featured a low-pressure Garrett turbocharger, suspension tweaks hydraulic power steering, larger front solid disc brakes while the drum rear remained, unique 15-inch alloy wheels, and an Eaton Performance viscous limited-slip differential (LSD). Approximately 1,000-3,000 examples were produced between 1990-1995 for the European market. Generally considered to be a market failure with little to differentiate it from the more pedestrian variants.

The AAU M2087 had MacPherson strut front suspension and a live rear axle with leaf springs. Furthermore, the AAU M2087. Standard features for the M2087E included four seats, a sound system with four speakers an FM/AM radio with cassette player and front fog lights.

The AAU M2087 stayed in production until 1995 without any major changes to the exterior but technically it was further improved to meet rising emissions standards. Production ended without a direct successor due to a combination of internal and external factors such as an Asian Financial Crisis and national instability. The later 1997 AAU 3097/197 midsize sedan effectively replaced it while later the Byujeo took the role of the M2087 coupe.

While design remained traditional compared to competition and performance was subpar the design offered a compelling value proposition within its segment while maintaining a relatively a high degree of practicality and ease of maintenance has made it a popular entry-level vehicle for enthusiasts. In recent years, it is becoming a collectors’ items, with growing popularity due to the limited number of vehicles produced along with poor environmental protection meant clean examples are becoming much harder to find.


Ladies and Gentlemen, in an alternate universe where the British car industry didn’t hand away successful sports cars of any type to the rest of the world, may I present, the Peniston NG F-16 VVC16:

New for 1990, the F-16 is a showcase of the design and engineering talent present within the Peniston production facilities. A culmination of all of our historic sports car design experience, infused with the latest technologies to take us into the 1990s and beyond.

At launch the range will consist of two trim levels - EFI16, and that detailed here, the VVC16. Both feature a new version of our award winning lightweight K-family as featured in the rest of our range, with displacement increased to 1.8L litres and in the case of the VVC16, advanced dynamically controlled valve timing using our newly developed Variable Valve Command technology. This allows for previously unseen power, drivability and economy from such a small engine, without sacrificing reliability.

Both trim levels feature the same lightweight yet strong and rigid body, fitted with double wishbone suspension and advanced damping. This setup allows the car to provide a fun, safe and composed experience for all drivers in all conditions. Pair this with the VVC16’s engine, larger brake setup and larger wheels and you have a car that will even cope admirably with track use. Trust us - we’re still smiling.

Specification levels are generous for the class with both cars featuring alloy wheels, heater with variable speed fan control, electric windows, a radio/cassette player and a 5 speed manual gearbox. VVC16 pushes this further including larger alloys wheels, larger brakes fitted with ABS, variable speed controlled hydraulically assisted power steering and of course the VVC16 engine itself. Both cars also feature high flow catalytic converters to meet upcoming emissions requirements without sacrificing peformance.

We’re really quite proud of the F-16, and we feel this can bring the title of King of Affordable Sports Cars back to Britain. But don’t just take our word for it - contact your local Peniston dealer for a test drive now.

Press photo of the F-16 VVC16 leaving Car Assembly Building 1.

Some other angles:

Bonus Photos

Logos and stuff are crap because I’ve never really made a go of Peniston as the “Rover that could” style of company it’s becoming. Might make a proper run of it at some point, making enough cars now to have a history.


So, guess the judging part is approaching.

How’s it gonna happen?
Will we able to download the cars to see extended specs? Tire size and type, lap times, torque curves, body panel materials etc? Or do we have to keep it to the sheet and the ads?


Curious about that too. There’s definitely some info I’d like to see that isn’t on the sheet.


You wont be able to download the cars, you wont see anything apart from what you see in the spreadsheet and the ads really.
You are a regular buyer, 90% of the buyers don’t need infos like lap times (they dont even have the chance to test it) or tyre sizes or torque curves. The only relatively interesting is the body panel material, but you have environmental resistance, so you know how much the car resists rot.

You dont run into the next Toyota Dealership and ask for stuff like “Whats the Torque Curve on the GT86? How fast does it go around Silverstone?” You look at the data you have, you look at the ads.
The only thing you cant to is: sit inside the car and test drive it, but for that you have the stats. And hopefully brochures…




They would not show you this tho :stuck_out_tongue: Bad marketing imho


The new one actually shows that, dip included, in the gauge cluster.

Anyway, slight thread derailment. :stuck_out_tongue:


What about things like number of seats or power steering or entertainment options?

Numbers for practicality and comfort are very abstracted, and while they can help me guess at the options, I wouldn’t like to assume a car has 4 or 5 seats when in fact it has a rear bench, or no rear seats at all.

Though I don’t expect you to post all the files, so I’m not sure what the solution is. I may have to just use my judgement based on the ads and the stats. Which makes the ads that much more important (not so much visually, but in what information is conveyed).


Thats one thing i might add, makes sense to have seats and entertainment packages - but more is out of scope really.

Imagine you are a car buyer - i encountered a lot of dealerships here that wont even do test drives (because they dont trust people, or just dont have that specific car on their parking lot) - so you can only judge by sitting in inside of it and looking at raw stats.


Makes sense to me. I’m glad ABS was listed and it’s interesting that it affects the calculations as it adds depth beyond the in-game stats. Might be interesting to do the same for any other features. I’m not sure if number of seats normally affects taxes or insurance premiums, but if there were three to five features that mildly affected the stats I think it would make the challenge more interesting.

I trust you to add things in the amount and in the way you see most fitting. This is meant to be fun after all, and too much complexity would ruin the light-heartedness of this competition.


huh. it actually does… TIL

i also learned that there’s a lot of gauge variations, and a lot of aftermarket gauge clusters. mostly aesthetics though

but anyway. yeah. if you have 30 options of cars irl (on the same market, i never heard anything close to that). nobody is gonna test drive them all. heck most buyers would go look at the stats/specs first. decide which one’s interesting, and then MAYBE go see the car, and after seeing all of what they want to see. MAYBE test one or 2


Well, my own extended stats will have to do then.



i spiritually disagree with the political views of your photograph