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Themed Car Challenge Shakedown (UE4) [Voting until 25.02] - Eurocoupe


Wow, looks like this will be a really close round, gonna have to step up my ad game, there are some seriously slick ads here! Best of luck all :crossed_fingers:


Me too.


Hello Ram.

Your post made me feel ill.

Regards, Deus.



l i g n e s i x


And antiblocage. I can finally stop taking my laxatives.


Haha nice, a French ad :wink:

You made a few spelling mistakes but it’s ok :slight_smile:

Coupé - 4 places - Moteur à Injection - six cylindres en ligne (or “six en ligne” but not for an ad) - 2798 cm3 - 157 ch - 245 Nm - Transmission manuelle à cinq vitesses - ABS (freins antiblocage) - Climatisation - Lecteur cassette.


Whoever has the balls to name their car after a jet fighter should be applauded, especially when the product has a bubble canopy like its namesake.


Fair enough - my French is terribly rusty from 20 years of not doing anything with it, and beyond that I learned a totally bastardised dialiect too when I was actually learning it (Quebecois French).


osti d’criss

wasn’t bad for 20 years without practice though, still better than:
4 le siège
moteur de l'injection fioul
le ligne d'six
le 5 vitesse baton
le ABS
le air con
le tape du cassette


Having “l’air con” is not really a good thing, “con” being the vulgar version of Idiot, it means to look like an idiot


All cars are checked, almost everyone is OK - @NiuYorqCiti sent in a car for the old version - import failed.

I have to add a snarky comment now though - it is the year 1990, and you had to build cars fitting for the category of affordable Eurocoupes, with the idea of them being somewhat practical (i obv did not expect wagons so :P) but cars with 1 seat or 8-Tracks? Really? It feels like some of you just did not think. :roll_eyes:

I can understand some of you focused a lot on the stats, but stuff like an 8-Track is simply not working in Europe, and especially not in 1990, just because it improves your stats does not mean it makes sense.

What will happen next? Voting will open in 48 hours - use this phase to look over the cars in the spreadsheet and over all the ads posted.

Feel free to discuss the cars, discuss with others what you would ‘buy’ (remember you CANNOT buy your own car) or what you would not.



Do we have to be ourselves as a buyer, or the buyer you describe in the first post?

Cuz, I’d be like “screw practicality who the hell needs back seats #TfwNoGf


Disclaimer, the following text is purely personal opinions and only meant in a good way.

For something to discuss, here are my two cents on which cars i would look at from two different perspectives; visual and statswise. I’ll mention my top 5 in each and give a short commentary on why:

Cars that stand out from a visual standpoint:

  1. From a pure estethic standpoint I think the Komodo XS-S looks absolutely stunning! The combination of midnight black with the red details look properly aggressive without going overboard. The most sexy car here imo.
  2. The Znopresk Zeta XS is also a beautiful car where the lines look really good and the ad is purely breathtaking. The front and rear looks really cohesive an well thought out, my only concern is the color reminds me of tomato soup, otherwise a contender vs the Komodo.
  3. I also like the BAM Bavaria CT, it looks so well put together and the two-tone paint really suits the car. It has that sleeper look with enough sporty details to almost give it away but not quite. It hits that balance and looks so good doing it
  4. The Socaut Erato V6ts is really cool, it looks like it’s dying to pull a prank on someone and then run away. It’s a car that in my opinion appeals to the younger crowd.
  5. For me the Mitsushita Crista 2000 G looks great from front, properly sporty, but the choice of rims/diameter puts me off combined with the rear looking too placid, like a bored american sedan. Still, I like it more than I dislike it by a good margin.

From a statistical standpoint:

  1. The BM type 3 fascinates me, maybe especially since there is no ad for this car. The combination of great 0-100 time, four seats, great drivability and comfort and proper cargo space combined with a reasonable price makes me want to try it out even if i haven’t seen a picture of it yet. And just look at that fuel economy with those stats!
  2. The Znopresk Zeta. It is impossible to avoid talking about this car when looking at stats. AWD, great driveability, sportiness, comfort and safety at that price seems really interesting. Coupled with great looks it is one give a test drive.
  3. Vesuvio Brina 2L LS, another car without an ad, this looks to be in the middle of the pack pricewise. But the combination of great drivability and safety with a cargo space of almost twice that of the second best makes me curios. Can I have something sporty with plenty of space for my stuff at the same time?
  4. FIL Davleniye GT is in no way a car I would want to buy with only 1 seat and a V16(?)engine, but I would at least want to give it a test drive before I decide on a car that is a bit more reasonable. I mean, 0-100 in 4,8 seconds, 28,8m braking distance and the highest sportiness in the competition does sound fun
  5. Komodo XS-S, not only does it looks good, but it has stats to back up the assumptions made when you see it as well. Sportiness, driveability, security and prestige ar all pretty good, if not as good as the Znopresk.


Extra Angles


Had a tiny mistake, i was rechecking stuff. The FIL has a Cassette, not a 8 Track. Sorry! (Had it mixed with his Design Competition Car, looks same and both have the same name (grrrr, not against he rules but grrrrrrr)


I wonder, millennials will not know the difference between 8-Track and Cassette ! Heck, they don’t even know what those things are !


Adding on from @Puffster’s post/idea

Car’s that peaked my interest

  • Mitsushita Crista: Not sure it fulfills the whole “fun, illustrated” marketing slogan but it’s in the lower end of the 5 year ownership cost, which is nice for such a clean if docile looking car
  • Eris Aeoulus: Expensive longer term, but decently powerful and looks absolutely gorgeous from the back.
  • Znopresk Zeta XS: Looks alone sell it, and it’s cheap for such a car. Plus, AWD, me likey.
  • Solstice Turbo Coupe: Shame we didn’t get to see more angles but it’s high on reliability and sportiness
  • Peniston F-16: Great period-correct ad, and it has TURBO EFI written on the side, which makes it about 500x more appealing


for me, the most aesthetically pleasing is by far the Znopresk Zeta. it’s that attention to detail and cohesiveness that just make it work so damned beautifully.

the least pleasing is easily the FM Highway. just so empty looking.

also, Ram and Troll are both clinically insane.


I’ve succeeded, my bit of last gasp 80s hangover styling has achieved the desired effect with at least one person.