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Themed Car Challenge Shakedown (UE4) [Voting until 25.02] - Eurocoupe


The car I thought to be a wildcard actually won, ok :smile: Yes, I definitely can’t wait to see the video, it will be… interesting :slight_smile:




Wow. A pre-democracy Anikatian car reminiscent of the E30, but with much cruder underpinnings, won… But only just. I suspect it was due to having two more seats than the Zeta and costing a lot less.

And the TCC reboot could not have been any better in any way!


Well, this was quite unexpected, I had totally written my entry off after looking at the competition. I thought it’d be a fun wildcard entry, but I never imagined it would actually stand a chance against, let alone beat out the mighty Zeta!

Anyway, big thanks for all the votes and to @pyrlix for hosting the TCC. Shall be amusing to see how this mismatched trio compares in the video reviews.


I couldn’t agree more with Rk38, this was totaly unexpected. I’d never thought that anyone stand a chance against the Zeta !


Note to myself: Not listening too much to the guidelines next time. xD

Also, not really a surprise, at the end of the day the AAU is still a design that required some effort, is cohesive and generally good looking (despite the effort taken to make it look like a shitbox), plus one of, if not THE cheapest car of the bunch. In a category of affordable sports coupe.


Congrats Rk38 on a well deserved win, I actually voted for your car to get 3 points (Cheap purchase price, RWD and stylish yet conservative looks) so I’m happy my first choice won! :grin:

Also a big shout out to the person who gave me a point!!! Thanks heaps :star_struck: