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This car is too old to import?


I tried to import one of my older models. I don’t think it had any mods, that would make it incompatible with v.4.21. Is there a hard age limit? or is it because it’s from a prior version? Meaning, can I not import any vehicles made before this version?


You should be able to import cars made in the UE4.17.2 version, so the big update released before the recent one. There is an import issue in the current version at the moment though, could be that (the car importing, but never showing up)


This is from back in August. I’m getting an error message, like if it had incompatible mods, but it doesn’t have any mods.


And it was not based on a mod body that now is vanilla either?


It’s a vanilla body. It’s the 1940s sedan, loosely based on the Beetle; can’t recall if it’s the 2.1m or the 2.6m.
CSR80-UndercoverHardwareman - Chapman 1500 Estate.car (27.4 KB)


I gotta ask you on Discord about something mate. Discord: SteamSawYT#2547