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Titleguy finally owns a car (2010 Mazda Mazdaspeed3)


I was gonna save this post for when I actually pick the car up and register it, etc. but I’m way too impatient for that. Here’s the photo of the car in the craigslist advert - I’ll delve into more details once I finally acquire said vehicle.


Is that a Mazdaspeed/MPS?


:eyes: :speak_no_evil:


Ayyyyy congrats man on your first car, and I will say that was a pretty nice choice!


As an example of the last-ever Mazdaspeed/MPS 3 (the new 3 Turbo is more of a cruiser than a back-road warrior) and one of the last few sport compacts sold in the US market before they gained too much weight and power to allow their drivers to fully exploit their performance envelopes outside a racetrack, I expect you to enjoy every mile with it. I still prefer the cleaner look of the pre-facelift original design, though, but at least it kept its punchy engine.

The MS3/MPS3 is not the only sport compact from the Noughties to be available for around $10k used right now, give or take a few grand, as the following article so eloquently shows:

It’s sad that the perfect storm of circumstances that allowed carmakers to develop stuff like the MS3 and its ilk will never happen again due to current regulations being much stricter than they were even ten years ago, let alone fifteen or even twenty, but it was fun while it lasted.


A solid choice in almost all respects


A fellow Speed3 owner I see. Solid choice. They are beasts. And practical ones at that. A bit of advice. Don’t accelerate more than very slightly in 6th gear. The stock HPFP isn’t very strong, and it can cause it to lean out. The one in mine was replaced and I still avoid it for good measure.


I will never get bored of the fact that unless you read it and just hear it, this car claims to have a dizzy turbo.

Quality car.


Howdy! I’ve officially taken delivery of the car - getting it registered next week so I can drive it up to school. Here’s some more pictures, I have to give it a proper clean but otherwise this is what you’re gonna get.

I must admit that it’s an example that looks a lot better from further away than upon close inspection - there’s some damage that I didn’t really take into much consideration previously that’s only now beginning to cross my radar.

The rear bumper is pretty tattered…

…And the front bumper has a crack in the plastic part.

I drove it from Brooklyn back home to Suffolk County, which - including traffic, and discounting a stop at my grandparent’s in Queens - was about an hour and 15 minutes, in which the car performed admirably (albeit with my more-conservative-than-normal-because-mom-was-in-the-passenger-seat driving). There’s a weird thumping sound that emanates from the rear left every time we go over a sharp bump, but for whatever reason it doesn’t really make a sound over speedbumps or changes in the asphalt’s quality. The car also vibrates a bit at highway speeds although I suspect that’s just Long Island roads on a stiff suspension set up - the tires also look like they may need a replacement soon.

When I have the chance I’ll show more progress photos on cleanup or any issues that arise.


A little bummed it had some cracks and scratches, but I believe so some alcohol & elbow grease can get the little scuffs on the back bumper off. Idk about the cracks, but they seem barely noticeable. About the thumping sound then I don’t have an answer for that. I mean my mom’s van’s breaks are very whistley, but those are two different things, and considering that since I have been to NYC the Long Island roads on stiff suspension could most likely be why is vibrates a bit. My mom’s van does it too on the Floridian highways sometimes so it doesn’t seem to uncommon. All-n-all it seems to be a very nice first car. A fun car with economical tendencies.


Might need a couple suspensiony bits in the back, and an alignment. Then, scratches can be dealt with later, if it performs and drives like new! Awesome cum turbo manual hot hatch sex car choice


Very fun car to have, nice choice!


Could be worse. Mine has deep scratches in the hood from where a tow truck backed into it.

And yeah, the stiff suspension does make it so rattles are much more noticeable. Although I’d suggest inspecting your sway bar links. Mine had a rattle going over bumps or making sharp left turns that ended up being my front left link. I went ahead and did both to be safe.


We’ve got some good news and bad news. Good news first! I finally gave the car a well-needed deep clean from the ground up primarily using Chrisfix’ tutorial. Additionally, I believe to have located the source of the sound - it’s the foam padding under the rear trunk that houses the tire, etc.

Now for the bad news! The DMV is backed up by 6 weeks and I can’t get my car registered so I won’t be able to take it up to university. For now it’ll be chilling in the garage and I’m taking a 2005 Honda Pilot to school, but I’ll miss this car a lot until then.


Damn dude that sucks that the DMV is backed up but lets hope that once you finally get it registered you can take it to an empty parking lot and show everyone what it can do


@titleguy1 Get into the AAA, become a member, get your DMV work done. I have not set foot into the DMV in the last 15 years.


We tried this, but because of whatever regulations New York has put into place we can’t get new plates for the 3. AAA only does registration renewals, and for this car I’m getting an all new registration. I also only have 1 day for this transaction to happen so even if they did provide plates I don’t think they would come in time for the 250 drive to my school.