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TNP has written a song


Continuing the discussion from True or False: Forum game:

This is a signal of my intent to make good on my promise. However, the details of the promise were a little vague, maybe because @partario wasn’t expecting somebody to take up the dare. So I’m making it a topic in itself: feel free to post here if you have written a song. I don’t think we should be strict about a) what kind of song it is b) how finished it is c) whether you’re posting lyrics, audio, whether you supplied the vocals yourself (even better if you have of course), as long as it doesn’t contravene the rules of the forum i.e. nothing obscenely offensive or hateful etc. etc.

So before I post something, I want to see if people are interested in anything in particular, because while I’ve written quite a bit of stuff of varying genres, both with vocals and without…


Nice! I didn’t really expect this to go further than another ‘false’ in the endless pool of TNP’s.

If you don’t have a recording, sure, lyrics will do. I don’t really have any preferences topically, so feel free to post any kind of piece you feel like sharing. (unless you have one about a lovely horse :stuck_out_tongue:)

Since this thread is already here, I’ll share a little sample of what I’ve done. I write a lot of stuff all the time, but rarely finish any. I find making tunes easier than writing lyrics. This one’s a short instrumental demo of a longer piece (it’s not really a recording, but a sloppy-sounding rendering done with Guitar Pro 5)



Wait, Stroppy McHorseguy writes songs too?


This is quite old but IMMA TELL YA ANYWAY.


Oh yeeeeah this is doing better than I expected. It looks like I’ll have to adhere to a minimal standard or else embarrass myself *hides really shitty recording he was considering uploading*

@07CobaltGirl I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I spent the majority of my early life in music… mainly piano plus a couple of other things. It was by far and away my strongest subject in school. Everybody thought I was going to pursue a life as a musician… so when I announced I was going to med school nobody saw it coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My classical education hasn’t limited me to that though, as I said I listen to (and therefore also write) a loooot of stuff.

@partario A song about a horse huh? I happen to have one right here. The recording is so terrible I am not going to share it (I can play, but my singing leaves a lot to be desired). Actually I might record it again down the track, once I get my piano tuned, or if I visit my brother and use his gear… he’s the professional musician.

So for now, these are the lyrics. Think modern, energetic…uh… garage rock meets musical. Yeah, that should do it. Also naturally please donut steel, it’s guaranteed original and stuff and I wrote this back in 2012, as the datestamp on my hard drive copy indicates.

Reckless Young Colt

Reckless young colt,
Why don’t you stop,
For just a heartbeat or seven?
Hasty of hoof,
Raw and uncouth,
Just as erratic as ever,

There’s such a thing as walking but you hop,
And you skip and you jump,

If you keep on running like that you’re gonna get hurt, and who’d be to blame but you and you alone,
(But you don’t care, do you?)
I don’t know you burn like that, but may that fire inside you warm your home away from home,
(Where all the wild things roam,)
I don’t have a million eyes to watch you all the time,
So I rope you and hope you stay in line,
Secretly I only wish your legs would find their stride,

And run, run away, far, far away,

Hold your horses,
Round the corners,
Else you might slip, trip and slide,
Now you must learn,
Life’s twists and turns,
You’re in for one hell of a ride,

Coz you’ve the heart of a million men it’s hard to gauge your talent,
But when you prance with that gleam in your eye, you seem like the heir apparent,
If you put your all into it you could race with a pace infernal,
The world is your oyster, so grab that mother-of-a-pearl,

Reckless young colt,
Don’t ever stop,
You’ll always be precious to me,
But I couldn’t keep,
You on a leash,
So may you forever run free.



NICE songs :smiley:

Sadly I don’t have the musical talent … :confused:

@strop, would love to hear if it really sounds like what I imagine it :smiley:


I have just recently started messing around in FL Studio, and I’ve posted my first few songs on Soundcloud.


Believe it or not, this song was actually influenced by Killing Joke of all bands… :stuck_out_tongue:


Does covers counts?

I sorta wrote the orchestra part :rolling_eyes:


Yeah covers do count. Also necro this thread because it’s also going to contain the Automation Karaoke Club (lol, I hope).

Basically @koolkei dared me to follow him recording vocals to a popular track, and I don’t turn down dares, so here we are. And I’m going to show you all how ballsy I am by broadcasting it here (but the clip in youtube is unlisted, don’t you dare redistribute it!)

…ok here goes.

Really don’t play it unless you want to find out just how shit my singing is. :joy:


lol m8. that’s actually not too bad.
i think a solid 7/10 for you there :slight_smile:
gotta ask though is that your normal voice or did you sing at a constantly high note?
or are my voice actually just that low in comparison…

so anyway. @strop we both did it. i think we can both have the privilege to dare someone else next :wink:

who do you have in your mind?

okay then. MY list of possibe suspects:
maybe even
@Killrob if he got the time somewhen?



Not me lol


As discussed in PMs, I think we’ve picked @KLinardo to be our next candidate :wink: Also because he totally bitchslapped me with that subtle diss :joy:

Also yeah my voice isn’t that deep. I’m an okay tenor, I’m not comfortable going much lower than that. But I also have a tendency to do very high vocals, if anything you should hear my falsetto. That’s my good range.


yup. every chorus. :joy:
also yeah. while i was in that 4-5months of choir. i was classified as… bass or baritone. i forgot.

so it’s actually kinda hard to find a song that sounds good when i sing it because i need a song that has a relatively lower note. well "GOOD"


That wasn’t my falsetto. That’s my head voice, which is shit. My falsetto goes easily an octave higher than that and it’s actually pretty on point, unlike my head voice, which I can’t do because I don’t normally use it.

Falsetto would be when I’m covering something like Mika- Love Tonight, or half of Muse, like the vocal licks in Madness and the final chorus.

If you want something bass, you could always look up the massive list of Sir Leonard Cohen’s performances (may he Rest In Peace, having died just this week).


i music on occasion

nowt fancy




chicken ba-bawwwwwwk-bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk :chicken:



Oh no! My sensibilities!

You’re really barking up the wrong tree.


I’ll find the right tree eventually :triumph:


I dare you to cover a Rush song.

I fucking double dare you mothafucka to take on Geddy Lee! :smiling_imp: