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TNP has written a song



we both did one. now it’s someone else’s turn


you can go fuck yourself :joy:


Man nobody here got any game, guess it’s just koolkei and I :joy:

  1. I have a persistent cold
  2. literally don’t have a mic that is half decent
  3. I can’t be arsed
  4. I’d be too embarrassed
  5. fuck you


I might post some cover, if only…

  • I’ll have enough time (between other as extremely necessary things to do)
  • there will be nobody nearby to hear :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I won’t forget
  • I’ll find the right song
  • any microphone I have will turn out to be decent enough

Sooo… there is SOME possibility… But not very big :stuck_out_tongue:


Fine, I’m in.

BUT. I will do a song of my own creation, therefore it might take some time.


ok you do one and I’ll do one!


Just saw this, i gotta plan…


We’ll help with the song choice.
And we’ll help gou remember.

Now im tempted to do something again. But i know that’s just further self humiliation


Would anyone be up for covering Synthesizer by Electric Six?

I would, but I don’t want, and Will not sing.


Now that’s just a hypocrisy. Do iy i say. DO IT!!!


Non. Nein. Iie.

That means some stuff I’m not willing to do.


I would but I have no equipment to record…unless I can use an app of some type



Also no I definitely can’t cover that Rush song my vocal range is too stunted and poorly controlled and I will cause the apocalypse that’s how bad it would be.


I heard the call, and I shall answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Back in 2004 I recorded something with me on vocals… quite cringy, but for a first (and last) try it was not that bad. A one week / long weekend challenge I put on myself back then: make a little song all by yourself and bring it to completion within the set time frame. I was successful in that, although my fingers were shredded and my voice on its way out after my bedroom recording session… (that sounded wrong).

Anyway, enjoy :slight_smile: I did make some more serious (much better) stuff too, but NOT with me on cringe-vocals. Also, sorry for the stupid lyrics :stuck_out_tongue: I was 22 back then! Pretty tight riffing though, I have to give myself that.

Cheers guys!


there’s plenty of app for your phone, but you need to put a pillow super close to you and your mic, a phone mic usually don’t have much fancy stuff built onto them. except maybe if it’s an apple phone. i dunno about those


Honestly better than I expected. GG.


i also have an ep for download, too.


You know what the music actually reminds me of… have you ever played the Punk-o-matic? It’s probably because the drum kit uses some punk beats in it along with the riffs that have harmonic distortion in them. And your Teutonic tones lend themselves to that genre quite convincingly.

Next up on Automation Karaoke… Killrob covers Rammstein (come on @pyrlix, go convince the man!)


Oh yes, I’d really like to hear Killrob covering some Rammstein song :smile:

@koolkei I think that it’s quite the opposite - AFAIK iPhones don’t have very advanced microphones, in contrary to some higher-end Lumias and Android phones (but I might be wrong about iPhones too). For example my good old HTC M7 has 2 dual membrane microphones (some fancy, advanced stuff for better recording :stuck_out_tongue:) and IIRC some Nokias even record sound in stereo. And some smartphones even have 3 microphones.