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TNP has written a song


oh really?

well i did say i didn’t know about iPhone’s mic.
but i know that android phone at least, if it’s not the super cheap ones, are usually quite decent hardware wise. but dunno about software like the noise gate / noise cancellation and other features


Well, it’s nice to see that i’ve ended up in a community that shares at least two of my intrests :wink: as i occasionally do music too. One of the songs

I play guitar and bass, and the drums are programmed in easydrummer.

Me, on soundcloud


Okay I kind of give in.

I’ll do something. It won’t be singing though, and it won’t be done anytime soon.

@strop @koolkei happy?


nope. you need to actually SING :stuck_out_tongue:


okay then byebye to this I’m out






We all know your secrets :slight_smile:


I can’t tell which notes you’re actually attempting to sing, but your voice quality is nice way better than mine, anyway



I know quite literally nothing about music


then that’s quite the good attempt, +1


@gridghost that’s some nice stuff you have there :smile:


@gridghost Yo that’s some cool shit man. Thumbs up!


Whoops. I messed a lot, it’s not great.


@Killrob, @ramthecowy, @strop, Thanx you guys :slight_smile: Hopefully i get hold of a decent singer and a good drummer to make the songs complete in a near future… I dsicovered that my voice is nowhere near the shape i want it to be :wink:


I feel you on that, I’d love to be friends with a proper rock vocalist!


Not bad! Well I guess do something soon… I have already started building some engines for it :wink:


My first full-length came out today :wink: a mixture of electronic ambient and some other experiments too.

Also @gridghost you have some awesome riffs!


Thanx, @Pleb. I’ll have a listen to your album now :slight_smile: even if i’m mostly into metal, i like to widen my horizon from time to time…


Believe it or not I also mostly listen to metal, but I didn’t even own a guitar (until today ;)) so I made what I could with what I had, I still enjoy listening to it though haha. There is one song on the album that has some black metal influences :wink:


Nice, which one did you get?

I purchased a cheap Squier Tele myself in November, now I can’t wait to put that to good use and contribute to this thread.


It’s a Vintage SG, got it really cheap and it sounds great! Wrote some stuff with it already, one of which is this