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TNP has written a song


Not to risk derailing this thread but I have my eyes set on a nice cheap Squier Strat… but I’m starting to doubt whether I’ll end up with one in my hands…


ebay, my man.


Money is not the issue… in short, I change country every ~2.5 years. With an electric guitar and all the gizmos for it, things become infinitely harder. It’s the logistics that worry me.


ah, i see


New things by me


I’ve come out of retirement to revive this topic and shamelessly promote my solo work and my band :sweat_smile:


Not normally the kind of stuff I listen to (metalhead :metal:), but I like this. It sounds like great music for soundtracks and whatnot :grinning:.

…Some progressive metal type stuff I’ve been working on here and there to keep this thread going :wink:.


my only good song


Funnily enough I normally listen to prog and that kind of thing too hahah, and I’m really liking Obsidian, awesome tone!


Thanks! Someday I’ll get back to recording more stuff.