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To all fixture modders wanting their models in UE4 Automation:


At the moment, until we get a proper modding workflow sorted out, I will have to import the meshes myself and set them all up to work with the UE4 system.

I’ll need the source 3DS-Max and/or .FBX files so I can get them in properly.
please email me at: hamish@camshaftsoftware.com w/either the files in the attachments, or a link to download the files preferably somewhere reputable and easy to access, ie: dropbox, mega.

It’s not elegant, and its not easy, but it’s what we have at the moment until we get a proper modding tool chain set up :slight_smile:

If you’re uneasy about sending me your files: thats understandable, just hold off until we get a proper system in place.
Until then, this is what we’ve got :slight_smile:


Only fixtures?


I guess bodies might pass too from what I’ve seen on discord, however imo we’re in need for proper fixtures.