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Top Gear Challenge (Active again) (Round 1 Ended)


1988 was right in the era where Storm Automotive was being sensible with car designs.

The Storm Star was an example of someone having a bit of a laugh. While the engine’s base platform is 3 years old and was used in the Xenon, the Star overhauls the turbocharged beast with new technology. So what purpose was there in choosing a 3.4 liter V8 and fitting it to a ‘modern’ somewhat-sporty two-door droptop? Well, someone had it in mind to make a five-seater go quick, and decided a two-door convertible could be a family car if it wasn’t entirely a bore to drive.

So, naturally, it’d be chosen for this challenge by someone who had plans for a few other possible cars, but this one just happened to be jammed in one of the service elevators anyway, so it just made sense to use it. Apparently, someone just left it there when the elevator stopped working. Been sitting ever since.


Here is my entry:

The 1985 F-Wagon Traveller! The staple of any large family farm, or offroad excursion. For only $14500, usually available cheaper as Army Surplus.

Powered by a 4l Iron block Push rod Turbo V8 making 201 hp@5400.

0-60 in 7.5 seconds, a blistering top speed of 121 mph. And a frugal 13 mpg (UK).

Edited and added more images


I’ll see if I can get something together for this tonite that’s also lore friendly.


arrrh I just realized the price was BEFORE factory tooling ect. B*&%#Y H*=L my entry is going to be very low spec’d lol.


it’s ok, mine was a design i had used before, so at least one person is with ya (yes ine is under 20K after factory specs lol)


##1963 El Govnor LX
This is Your entry-level premium sedan, America.
Take a good look.

It’s got fully-adjustable seats with a little extra padding, and will sit 5 adults comfortably.
It has a big, bold, chrome grill to show your boss you got class.

###Yet, refrains from over usage of chrome, as you don’t need to be flashy to be classy.

Yes, the American Eagle Automotive badge is on the hood, sure to give you that edge in your neighborhood.
We even have champagne gold as the standard color.
Power steering, so you don’t have to work while you cruise.

###And that purr…
That’s the purr of a 273ci Small Block V8, ready to move you at the touch of your toe.

…But that power is nothing, without something to put it to use…
So we equipped the LX model with 205mm tires all around…
…and a soft suspension to soak up all the rough road.

So cruise in style, the style of the wealthy, with the El Govnor LX
Only $17,600* at your local American Eagle Automotive dealer.

*price (as of build 151211) includes 10% Markup from the factory, but price does not include any fees, taxes, or shipping costs.

(yes it’s a “cheep” premium car under-powered with a small block V8 and crap for breaks (even though they are disks!) But it somewhat surprisingly scored high in Family Sport Premium, and Family Utility Premium among others.

AEA / RPG [1948-1952 Delux Generation 1 release for UE4]

Wow. That is truly a stunning vehicle.


I will be quite difficult make a series of challenges where all this car can perform well, without give an advantage to newer cars…mmmh…
Some statistics: the less powerful car have 100HP, the most powerful one 885HP; over 75% have a crossplane V8; from 2L to 9.6L displacement, some convertibles, some SUV but most car are sedans or wagon. Only one car have 40 valves, 80% are natural aspirated cars…from 1953 to 2016…wow, it’ll be tough…


30 mins before deadline. class ended late and i just got home. hope i can send it on time.


You have 14 hours, at the time i’m writing this it’is 11:46 GMT
And…i’m no so strict :wink:


wait… 14 hours???
i made a mistake on the hour limit, but

is it’s still 13/4 at your place?


No, it’s 14/04 but you have all this day to submit.
I live in Italy (GMT+2) but i’ve used Greenwich Time to make easier to convert in your local time.
Like i’ve just say, don’t warry i’m the king of latecomer so…


so uhh… challenge officially closed now?


1998 Mive F1 Minivan


Yes, ROUND ONE CLOSED, i’ll start revieiwing cars ASAP, stay tuned


Woo! :smiley:


I’m working on the reviews of the cars (18 contestant), it will be a long work. ETA next week (“when ready” quote)

Waiting that time you can compare your car to other’s ones with this spreadsheet

Yes, i know, it’s a bit confusing…there are so many numbers, but you have the filters :wink:



:grin: Sorry to be a pain but my company is Bell and the model name is Lexarion


Yeah sorry to be a pain too, it’s “Berlose” not “Belrose”


I’m sorry to everyone, but i’m a human (for the most part) and i often make mistake, if you find an error, send me a PM or reply here, i’ll change immediatly. (I’ve manually copied every number)
Also, some names are missing, if you want to include it, just tell me somehow.