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Track Widths Are Too Wide In Some Bodies


So I’ve noticed that there are a couple easy factors in this game thta could make everything much more realistic.

How viable would it be to make the track width much smaller on some bodies? Such as the 10s pickup truck body and the 10s midsize body?

For instance: Most fullsize American pickup trucks have upwards of 275mm width tires, with not much flaring on the fenders. In Automation with the Suburban truck body, you can barely fit 205s.

Same with the 10s midsize - I think it shrunk since the update, because it used to fit 245s comfortably. Now, barely 195s.


I’ve had an issue similar to this with that boxy 80s executive body (Corvette’s) where I can’t have as high an offset as I should. I can never make my rims fit the flares. When I’m on my computer I’ll get a picture.


Issue is that if you want that, then you are saying at the same time (because of the technical limitations of Automation) that you want smaller engine bays :slight_smile: pick your poison.


I would probably choose smaller engine bays, to be honest — the truck has plenty of room, as does the midsize I believe :slight_smile: I feel like the tires are just way too narrow as it is.


Considering some people think we destroyed their lives by reducing engine bay size and now hate the game, you probably are in the minority in that regard :smile:


Fair enough lol! I suppose that we’ll have to live with 195mm width tires with a 5.6L V8 in our pickup trucks then :grimacing:


To be honest, I would rather be able to fit both realistic engine sizes and tire widths than see the engines not clip in the chassis a bit at max size. Even when the real sized engines the body is based on do fit, they often come with a huge ET penalty. If I had to pick one though, smaller engine bays are easier to work with than limited tires.


I agree. Having a truck body where in real life, it has a 6.2L V8 and 275 width tires with almost no fender flares, and then in game the same body can barely fit 195mm width tires. It may be me being complainey, but I felt I’d say something.

I feel like its kind of a case of “engine bays are too small, and tracks are also too small.” Would it be possible to enlarge both of these without having to change the bodies themselves? Then it could be the best of both worlds. :slight_smile:


I hope so, for realism’s sake.


I kind of understand the wider audience’s appeal to get the biggest engine in each body. They throw money at the dev team (I hope) and want build that 12000cc 3000HP pick up truck.

Maybe one of the skilled modders in the community can make an alternative additional version with a smaller engine bay that would fit realistic engines and have wide tires without flaring the fenders?


Couldn’t this be variable? Say a slider on the chassis page that adjusts the depth of the frame?

I know that in my car that due to the large engine bay, the wishbones stick out far and force the wheels to have high ET. It would also open up the potential for deep dish wheels that aren’t crazy wide.

Rim size. if you drop it an inch you’ll get a lot of play. A modern Ford Ranger uses 18 inch 265/60 at most.