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TrackEdit 0.16 (Jan 06, 2021)


I dont have an exe and nothing happens when I click the jar files either. I have installed java as well.


Do you see this in your directory?

Also, did you extract it?


I did extract it but i have this


That’s because you download the wrong file, the source link.

Try this

Make sure to download the Track edit zip, not the source.


Ah ok I just clicked on the one working link in the op and i went to that. Will download that one once I get home.


This works like a charm! Thanks dev, I’ve got two tracks under my belt, and it couldn’t have been made easier!


@BitTwiddler hey there, dev. (you’re a champ) I noticed something in TrackEdit that confused me. Maybe I’m the stupid one here, but what I see makes no sense, so a clarification would be nice.

Notice how the little animation doesn’t match up to what is in the yellow prompt box doohickey?


this is still compatible with the current build of automation right? i might want to get a shot.


Yes it is :slight_smile:


right… how do i github???

i downloaded the .zip and… no .exe or .jar???




It works but be aware, if you make tracks that have tight corners then the editor starts screwing everything up. Also happens if you have a lot of segments in your track.


yeah… i really didn’t know how to github :stuck_out_tongue:

@ramthecowy just how many is ‘a lot’ in your experience? and how tight of a turn… because that’s exactly what i’m trying to make… a slow, high incline, and plenty of curves, mountain pass.



Seems complicated to make a track :pensive:


This one should be okay. It has to do with the scale of the track. I just chose a twisty section and it read 12km so the scale means that even the tightest corner is not too small for the car (this is what bugs it out). I think it will work.


You should see the other tools! Even worse!

The Fictional Track Request Thread


@TheRoadrunner It seems more complicated than it really is. Once you’ve done a couple of tracks, you learn the quirks of the editor (and the game), and it gets a whole lot easier to make tracks. Believe it or not, the first couple of tracks I made were done with a text editor and a template file. There was no graphical editor to be had. Now THAT was complicated!


Yeah, I had it handed to me on a silver platter :stuck_out_tongue:


@ramthecowy OK so what am I doing wrong here? I downloaded from[quote=“Vri404, post:71, topic:4523”]
That’s because you download the wrong file, the source link.
Try this https://github.com/Chase-san/Automation-Track-Editor/releases
Make sure to download the Track edit zip, not the source.

and the files show as this

However when I select run track edit application nothing happens? I have tried to run as admin and still nothing where have I gone wrong guys? I just really want to learn how to do this.


Make sure you have java installed as a desktop app, not just the browser plugin.

Your icon should look like this if everything is installed correctly: