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Trackpaduser's mods


We are going to need some HUGE ASS WINGS


Yeah, I might make a whaletail wing specifically for this body (but useable on others) at some point.

Should also help hide engines that are so big they clip through.


I am guessing the regular 934 or 935/76 tail is going to be just fine.


Contrary to my usual distaste of cars with the engine in the wrong place… I rather like this body. It has very clean lines; unlike the typical googly eyed 911. Great job modeling her!

I was able to build a fairly mild handling lightweight sports car in 1975 with a 96hp 2L I4 or a 156hp 2.8L V6 depending on the model. I also made a twin-turbo variant of the 2.8L with 201hp and, most surprisingly; unaltered handling characteristics after a slight firming up of the suspension.

Thank you.


Who will be the first to beat the Moby Dick in power and performance? :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, having a real 930 tea tray wing there would really be nice for this one.


After discovering my student license was still able to activate the 3DS max, I decided to put some work on this body I started making a while back.

And before you ask, yes it is more or less a hacked up version of my earlier defender, but it unlocks in 1945 this time.


I have completed the wagon variant

Here is the beta version of it.
LRSeries.zip (396.0 KB)
Just extract inside your GameData folder.

Since I have finals next week, I won’t be able to work much on the other variants, but hopefully this should be enough for now. I’ll release it on the workshop when all the variants are finished.

Before anyone asks, the planned variants are exactly the same as with the Defender that is already in the game.


Gen 1 Land Rover, anyone?
Looks really, really good. Be sure to take breaks. [There’s no rush!]



Tell me if you see issues or have suggestions.


When I first clicked that, I read it as “boxy offender”. I was offended.


I am currently reworking my 80s midsized sedan.

While it looked decent in kee, it had a few issues that popped up with the new UE4 mechanics, especially the bumpers that didn’t look very good when their colored was changed. It also had a few minor geometry issues that annoyed me, like the very flat windshied as well as a complete lack of taper at the front.

I am also planning on creating more variants for it, namely a convertible, a cargovan and a fastback.

I will also create a sport version with different bumpers, similar to those on the Monte Carlo SS.

And once all of that is done, I’ll make a larger rescale version of it, so we have a good base for 1980s landbarges.




Hey Trackpaduser, I have some suggestions.

  1. Wheelbase inconsistencies - the 80s mid-size’s wheelbase thumbnail said 2.73 m (105.2 in), however, when I pointed the mouse at Front Longitudinal, it said 2676 mm (105.3 in) according to the text, so you may extend the body around the front windshield, to make it have real 2743 mm (108 in) wheelbase.
  2. Hatchback tailgate for both 2 and 4-door fastback variants as an alternative to the wagon (hints Salon, similar to the Simca 1307 or Volkswagen Passat/Dasher).


Wheelbase is probably going to stay as is, since it’s fairly close to the wheelbase of a few other mid-sized US made sedans like the Ford Fairmont and the A-Body Century.

I’ll see if I can get that to work with the current morphs.


That body already came in a wide variety of body styles, but lately I’ve been left wanting more - and they are just what I need! A remake of it for UE4 will be needed to really bring out the best in it, though.