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Trackpaduser's mods


My current project. Still needs a bit on work, especially on the rear end, but I am slowly getting there.

I will probably make a canvas top version of it, as well as a scaled down Kei-Car sized version.

Any similarities with a real car are purely a coincidence.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

And with the bonnet seam lines being where they are… and the rounded cabin… a dream is coming true!

Will the entire front be extrudable if, say, instead of a not-Mazda we wanted to create a not-Toyota? :smiley: (although the not-Toyota does have a 13cm longer wheelbase than the not-Mazda…)


Only similar Toyota I can think of that was kind of a competitor to the Mazda has the engine at the wrong place.

Which car are you talking about?

But yeah, I will try to add a bone to make the front longer.


Maybe he means the Honda S2000? That, logically, would make much more sense.


Sort of. I was, at a stretch, referring to the Supra, but in reality, they’re very different cars. Jack’s right, morphing it into an S2000 makes more sense (esp with a wheelbase of 2400mm).


I think we are witnessing quite the modding force to be reckoned with! Pumping out some top notch content, keep it up!

I can’t wait for the next release, we have needed some new production sports coupes for a while now.


TRACK DAY BRO. :smiley:


You don’t think you could make different generations of this car, could you? It doesn’t have to be based off anything, just use whatever comes to mind.


I have a more technical question.

For some reason, the car lets me have a wider tire at the back (245 vs 205) even though both wheel flares have their outer-most point at the exact same coordinates. In fact, the back tires poked out from under the arches at max width.

I tried exporting it w/o mirrors to see if it worked the way it was supposed to and it did, only letting me fit 205s on all four corners.

This means that for some reason the rear tires use the width of the mirrors to gauge their width limit.

So, I was wondering what actually limits the width of the tires you can fit.


Can’t wait to build my LMP-styled tera-car. Thanks for the effort.


On the topic of mirrors, they look a little off. I know it’s probably not going to be a 100% perfect replica, but they seem to be too far out and not high enough. As you can see in this picture of my car, they don’t normal sit that far out when adjusted and they can’t eve go that far(atleast the manual ones).


I totally agree and I have already adressed that issue.

In the pic I posted IIRC the mirrors were 3/4 under the lower part of the window, which means that IRL they would be completely useless.


I just want to say, thank you Trackpaduser for the Group C prototype…I just wish this was brought in earlier but, maybe there will be another Group C challenge in the future.

Again, thank you for that, and all the work you have been doing.

There was one request I had in mind but I don’t know if I should mention it here or at all. So, I’ll wait for a reply in the meantime.

That said, again thank you Trackpaduser


If you have a request you can post it here I don’t mind.

Or you can just send me a PM if you don’t want to post it publicly.


any update in regard to the not-s2000?



The mesh is pretty much done. Started doing the morphs yesterday.

But there are some weird things happening with the tire width limits that I would like to fix before releasing the model. Sent a PM to Andrew but he hasn’t answered yet.

After this I’ll have to hack together a soft-top version of it, but that shouldn’t be too long.


Awesome! I’m excited to see the release


[Now with a Group C Prototype]

[quote=“trackpaduser”]If you have a request you can post it here I don’t mind.

Or you can just send me a PM if you don’t want to post it publicly.[/quote]

Glad you replied and well, that one request was, if i isn’t too much a problem, a front engined Group C/GTP body, although to my know how for now, the only case was the Ford Mustang GTP that ran in 1983-1984.

Race record wise, it was a failure but I can’t help but admire it both as a concept, to say nothing of how it was put together (apart from the engines that were high strung to the point that this was it’s achilles heel more so than it’s layout), and well, it is something else.

Here is a picture of it although there’s quite a few photos online that could probably be found with ease with an image search session.

And well…that is about it for now.


You may be shocked to know that Nissan appears to be planning to come back to LMP-1 racing with an FF prototype :stuck_out_tongue:


Well actually, given I do follow some current endurance racing (namely USCR and WEC), yeah, I actually have been hearing about this car for a while. It’s quite radical, part of me would be dismissive but it seems like something so audacious, I am very curious and eager to see how it’ll fair.

It’ll at least give some more flavor to LMP-1 H.

I can’t be alone in how it seems so obvious when you have both LMP-1H and then LMP-1L, it’s more or less saying 'Yes Privateers, we’re fully aware that if you haven’t been in the last 15+ years Audi, Peugeot, Toyota, Porsche and soon Nissan, we know your chances of winning are less favorable to being Yamcha in Dragon Ball against anyone past Raddiz.

Rambling aside, it’s a crazy machine (then again so was/is the delta wing), can’t wait to see how it’ll fair.