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Trackpaduser's mods


Just made a bunch of aerodynamic hood latches. Links are in the OP.


hood latches looking good


[quote=“Microwave”]Hi, after using your newest car (the Land Rover copy) I’ve got a couple of things to ask you.

  1. Would it be possible to release a version with a roof that is more flat? I really want to make a Mercedes G-Wagen type car and I feel the roof kind of ruins it.[/quote]

I am not going to release a version with a flatter roof.

What I will do though is add a bone to make that roof flatter (or taller).

I messed around with the SWB Wagon a little and I believe I was able to make something decent.

The top of the door isn’t super great, and I might change it so the top part of the window moves down or up as you morph, but the roof itself looks fairly good for now.

Now what’s left to do is hack that roof on top of the LWB variants.

As for the brush guard, it might be possible to make something as a grille, I’ll see if I can do anything w/o it looking like utter shit.


Thanks! :smiley:


For some reason I can’t find the boxy offroader. I have re-stalled the mod multiple times. All your other ones are working fine.


Just updated the boxy offroader. I added a bone to change the height of the roof.

I reuploaded it. Now to install it just extract directly in your mesh folder.


I just restarted my PC and still nothing, same with all of the new cars in the most recent mod pack. I’ll just wait until the steam update.


Where exactly are you installing it? It should be in


it should then add files to cars\front\large and cars\front\small



Where exactly are you installing it? It should be in


it should then add files to cars\front\large and cars\front\small[/quote]

They are all in where they are supposed to be. All of the other mods are working fine except the newer ones. I’ll see what happens when the Steam update comes out.


One thing has actually occurred to me, that I’d like to ask you about Mr. Trackpaduser that is more sensible than my earlier request for a truck. I wanted to know if you could modify your existing Porsche 962(“Group C Prototype”) body and devolve it back to a slightly curvier and more rounded late 60’s version. Like the Porsche 917K imagenesygraficos.com/fondos … frt-rt.jpg

Felgen did make a “Ferrari 330 P4” body that could have filled this niche, but, ultimately, it was kind of squished(Car wasn’t long enough, nor wide enough.), burdened with an undersized engine bay, and you couldn’t really do a whole lot with it.

Overall, I feel like the Group C body you made gets the wheelbase and general proportions for this type of car 100% spot-on. I just would like to see a more curved and svelte 60’s version available. Mostly all that needs to be done is the body needs to be rounded off and less angular, though I do acknowledge that is probably easier said that done.


I don’t think it would be worth it to try to modify my current body. It would probably be easier to just make a new one from scratch.

Although it is low on my priority list, because, to paraphrase what Daffyflyer said, we need more boring car bodies.

I would therefore like to present you this magnificent piece of American engineering from the 80’s.

Only one variant is available for now, but I plan on making a large bunch of variants for it.

Link is in the OP.


Thanks Trackpaduser, this body looks excellent!!!


Finally, it is time for a Monte Carlo remake.


Excellent work and it had some nice morphing possibilities too!

Now we can recreate the great US highway cruisers, but instead I constructed a (interpretation) of the IMHO awful under powered US shitbox :smiley: better known as the '82 Seville :unamused:

Whether you like them or not, it’s nice to see you can create such cars as well!


Seems like it was a good thing not to put any trims on the sides.

Although, IMHO you should make the back end slightly less at an angle.

But appart from that it looks awesome[size=50]ly ugly[/size]


The most boring saloon… in the world.


It will be very nice to have a vent fixture with like the “plastic base + chrome strip” you have used in this car.


Now a true HR31 can be built! Awesome!


This is that little splash of 'murica we all needed!


I just updated the 80’s sedan.

I Added a coupe variant and made some tweaks to the bone limits.