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Trackpaduser's mods


'He said it would’ve been rude to bump his thread to show off the revised cars.

So I’m doing just that.



Handle your excitement gentlemen, for the first door handle mod pack.

Files should be in the OP soon.


[quote=“trackpaduser”]Handle your excitement gentlemen

You know I can’t.


You guys should just go ahead and include it in the next big update, that’s QUALITY right there.


Thanks :smiley:

I might release an update though, adding some carbon fiber variants.

After looking at random door handles during my commute, I might also make the recess of the modern handle slightly wider.

Also, is anyone having performance issues? Let’s say that they aren’t low poly.


Excellent work here, Track! :smiley:


@AlternateSteve Don’t quote pics please, especially if they are two posts over yours, it clutters the thread for no reason.

Since we are missing many classic American designs, I decided to start making some.

I present you the first one, a 50s pickup truck.

The mesh is pretty much done, I mainly need to setup the morphs and add a few variants. Will probably include both a van and a “carryall”, similar to the earlier versions of the Chevy Suburban.

I don’t know when exactly it will be released as I have a bunch of schoolwork to do during the next few weeks, but it should hopefully be finished before the end of the month.


Your new pickup body with my non-ford deluxe grille…


I am excited for this! When its done don’t forget to put in the workshop :smiley:


Finally got around to finishing the pickup and uploading it to the workshop.

steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f … =484739623

I’ll post the files here when I am done with Van and the Wagon/“SUV”


Bumping my thread to inform you that the 50s truck is now complete with 3 variants, it should update automatically if you were already subscribed to it.


Soo…What about those of us that still have stand-alone?

It seems like nobody is uploading mods for stand-alone anymore. :confused:


[quote=“CNSpots1”]Soo…What about those of us that still have stand-alone?

It seems like nobody is uploading mods for stand-alone anymore. :confused:[/quote]

It would be a lot more convenient to simply make the swap to the Steam version. :wink:


To add to what Felgen said.

Using steam is just better for everyone.

It gives you access to open betas.

It has less issues when it comes to updating.

It is much better when it comes to mod users, since you don’t need to find where the mods go and install them properly.

It is much better for mod makers, since I can update my stuff w/o causing issues due to not everyone getting said update.

And many, many others.


Alright, here is my first mod in quite a while.

An 80s boxy compact car.

The first variant is a 3 door fastback, since the project started as an AE86. But I will definitively add more variants to it.

I am uploading it now for feedback, and I’ll add the other variants afterwards.



I approve. Will you add a full compact line-up to it or just something like a Notchback Coupe?


Full lineup.

The front end fits very well with most Japanese 80s compact cars, so I’ll try to make a bunch of stuff out of it.

A sedan and notchback coupe are in the plans for sure. There might also be things like hatchbacks, wagons, a 5 door fastback, and maybe even a convertible and a UTE.




Looks kind of like a Scirocco MKII. :slight_smile:


I had a nightmare flashback to an Alfa Romeo Arna :astonished:
the horror!!!