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Trafikjournalen (Looking for cars to review again)


Trying to recreate the magazine that arranged the 24h clunker run, since I like writing and have been a nut for years when it comes to read all automobile related litterature…

Trafikjournalen is one of Swedens leading automobile magazines. We have been testing cars since 1948, cars that have been brand new, cars that have been a couple of years old to help buyers looking for an used car, nostalgic articles about really old cars - you name it, we have tested it. Here we will put up the best of our old issues in no specific order, as well as some new articles exclusive for the Trafikjournalen web.


Born: 1986
Writing for Trafikjournalen since: 2008
First car: 1977 IP Commuter Astro wagon
Current cars: 1953 IP Lily hot rod, 1978 IP Pandora 1300S (the wreck that was used in the 24h Clunker run), 1984 IP-Kingston Vagant Starglider, 1986 IP Brigadeer Uti-Lite 2800 Pro 4x4, 2000 IP-Kingston Lifestyler AWD Turbo (borrowed from wife after much begging)
Other: The IP enthusiast that is never allowed to write a review on an IP since it would never be fair, the anti-hero that is the victim for all practical jokes at the editorial office and that has to do all the boring stuff that nobody else wants to do.

Born: 1976
Writing for Trafikjournalen since: 1997
First car: 1969 Volvo 144
Current cars: 1984 Contendiente Enemigo S, 2018 Contendiente Ataque (ordered and will arrive later this year), 2004 Nohda Bop! (borrowed from wife after not as much begging)
Other: Our motorsports writer, currently planning for the Automation Sunday cup.

Writing for Trafikjournalen since: 1972
First car: 1954 Epoch Model 20/B
Current cars: 1930 Ford Model A Tudor, 1946 Deer and Hunt Fallow, 1947 Volvo PV444, 1950 SARA Fourgonnette Légère, 1954 Epoch Model 20/B (yes, THAT one), 1955 SARA 38S Turini, 1959 IP Royalist, 1971 TSR Kansai GTS roadster, 1990 Erin Lomaron, 2016 Erin Merna tourer
Other: The vintage car expert among our staff, may be retired now but is still freelancing once in a while. Chief editor between 1992 and his retirement in 2012.

Born: 1998
Writing for Trafikjournalen since: 2018
First car: Riced out 1996 Farox Cielo Wagon
Current car: Riced out 1996 Farox Cielo Wagon
Other: Our rookie here that we are naive enough to believe does know what’s hot at not in the automotive tuning universe at the moment (after all, we are grumpy old men that still believes that rear window louvers and white letter tyres makes you king of the street)

Born: 1932
Dead: 2018
Writing for Trafikjournalen: 1969-1985
Other: Road test editor 1973-85

Number 19 - 1999.compressed.zip (621.9 KB)
(Monolith Viaggio as second hand buy, test drive of Farox Aerio and Olympus Capricorn X25S, comparo between Birmingham Apostrophy and Cordia Aspero. Thanks to @Awildgermanappears, @DukeOFhazards, @conan, @On3CherryShake and @undercoverhardwarema! )

Number 8:
Review: Bogliq Bazooka 5.0 Deluxe
Used car review: 1969 Kyung-Yeong Ssanvan
Thanks to @HighOctaneLove, @Aruna

Number 11:
Review: JESA Bianchi Nuova 300 TC2000
Thanks to @Mythrin

Number 2:
Test drive: JESA Bianchi Gecko I.e. Turbo
Thanks to @Mythrin

Number 7:
Comparision test: IP Colibri Turbo vs. Holborn Albion GTI
Thanks to @agj38

Number 2:
Classic cars on a budget, part 1 : 1952 PAZ 200.
Thanks to @Mad_Cat

Number 1:
Review: Seikatsu GrandMaster
Thanks to @Tzuyu_main

Number 19:
REPORTS FROM THE 1994 New York international auto show:
First look: Seikatsu CAT4 200Q
First look: IP Colibri 1600DX
First look: Farox Endevia
Thanks to @Tzuyu_main, @On3CherryShake

Number 22:
Review: Mahanti Bachata
Thanks to @Dorifto_Dorito

Spreadsheet and records


Looking for cars to review for the first magazine that will be put up here, from 1999.

What I need:
Two 1999 compact executive sedans (think BMW 3-series size) for a comparo. - DONE!
One 1999 station wagon in the same class (I prefer if it’s a different brand and model than any of the two sedans) - DONE!
One 1999 larger executive sedan (think rather 5-series this time) - DONE!
One early to mid 90s MPV for an used car test. - DONE!

I will tell you when I have recieved the cars I needed. But if I get “too many” cars before that, don’t worry if your car won’t be published, when making future issues I will look for cars that’s already in my database before asking for new ones so they have a chance of being reviewed anyway.


I can give you a top spec Farox Aerio to review as your 1999 larger executive sedan.


Sounds great!


I can get it to you in a coupe hours, it won’t be a brand new model since the generation which was on sale in 1999 was new in 1997, but it’s still a good car :smiley:


SOMEBODY SAY MINIVAN? It’s no Calvinator Superwagon but slightly cheaper. Can’t do Diesel unfortunately.


At least one can give full throttle without getting a faceful of airbag then, I guess.


If you want an e36 ish m3, I have one on replicas, I included the .car file. I’m at work right now, so i can’t access it myself


I think that I prefer Automation universe cars ove replicas of real ones but thanks anyway. :slight_smile:


I’ll make one compact executive sedan for you.


Done with the writing of the MPV and the larger sedan reviews, still looking for the 1999 compact executive station wagon and the other 1999 compact executive sedan though to finish this issue… :slight_smile:


i have got a compact sedan ready ill send it


Nice, then I can do the comparo too…only the wagon missing but if nobody has one it’s no big deal, I can leave that one out in worst case…


I can do a wagon. I’m just trying to fine tune it to be ‘executive’ enough. Is there a naming convention you had in mind?


No, that’s not necessary, it’s only a few cars for this time so I can keep track on them.


Incidentally I also have this one, with all the fun bits: 2.7L Straight Six Turbodiesel, AWD, 5-speed automatic, Air suspension etc. But as you can tell it’s still Kee only as of today.


It’s coming along! Can’t wait to see the first issue :smile:


Number 19 / 1999 is now online. Just keep in mind that:

  1. This is in no way professional work. It’s done just for fun so it probably lacks a lot in quality compared to a regular car magazine.

  2. When doing this, I try to enter the role as an automotive journalist from when the actual magazine was written. Because of that, it is not necessarily my own point of view on the car that’s written in the rag. If I complain, I complain on what they would have done back then, and to get some sort of realism I don’t want to make this a magazine that is only praising every car like it was the best one ever made.


It’s very good article.
What cars you need for next number?
For example 1 one year old used car that is wagon or sedan or what?


I don’t know when I’ll start on the next issue yet and I don’t know which cars to test and how old it will be…I’ll put up a request here when I have decided that.